Arkansas Colleges & Universities

The University of Arkansas (UA) is by far the largest university system in the state with around 25,000 students enrolled at its various campuses throughout the state. The main campus in Fayetteville has an enrollment of just under 20,000.

Other large school systems in the state include Arkansas State University (ASU) with over 15,000 students and the University of Central Arkansas with an enrollment of just under 15,000.

The Walton Family Charitable Support Foundation has been a strong supporter of education in Arkansas. The foundation donated $300 million to the University of Arkansas in 2005 as part of a campaign that raised $1 billion for the university.

The first Walmart Discount City store was opened in Rogers, Arkansas by Sam Walton and eventually grew to become the largest retailer in the world. Higher eduction in Arkansas has been a strong beneficiary of the success of Wal-Mart Stores and its roots in Arkansas.

There are many famous people that attended a university in Arkansas. Among them are Jerry Jones (Owner of Dallas Cowboys), Rob Walton (Chairman of Wal-Mart), Joe and Scott Ford (founder and CEO of Alltel), and Steve Atwater (Pro Bowl DE).

The Arkansas Department of Higher Education (ADHE) provides funding recommendations for all the public universities and colleges in the state. The ADHE also allocates lottery funds and state revenue that is earmarked for financial aid.