Georgia Colleges & Universities

Georgia is a state that organizes its higher education opportunities for its students under two main college systems. The University System of Georgia oversees the public universities that are located within the state, and ultimately has jurisdiction over 34 separate universities. The Technical College System of Georgia is responsible for the technical and trade schools within the state, many of them allowing students to pursue two-year degrees and obtain technical training that is necessary for certain careers. There are 27 technical schools in the Technical College System of Georgia.

Students who live in Georgia or wish to attend school there are often pleased to know that there are also 15 private liberal arts colleges that operate within the state as well as 24 private colleges and universities. Some of these private institutions are specialty schools such as art schools, while others are religious institutions. Examples of these schools include Emory University and Emmanuel College.

The University of Georgia is the largest university in the state, boasting an enrollment of more than 34,000 students. It is located in Athens, Georgia, and is known as one of the top universities in the United States. It has the special designation of being a "Public Ivy," meaning that it is an elite college but also a public university. Not only is the University of Georgia, which is known as UGA, the largest college in the state but it is also the oldest. It was founded in 1785. Along with 3 other colleges in the United States, it claims to be the oldest public university in the country. The University of Georgia is a land grant, sea grant and space grant research institution and is known for producing a large amount of research from top professors.

As the largest and oldest university in the state, the University of Georgia has produced a fair amount of notable alumni. Some famous people who graduated from this university include NFL players Boss and Champ Bailey, fashion designer Emilio Pucci, AFLAC CEO Dan Amos, Build-a-Bear Founder Maxine Clark and several Georgia governors.

Given the wide variety of educational institutions available in Georgia, students are able to pursue the type of career they want at an educational institution they feel comfortable at. There are many different choices from small liberal arts colleges, to specialized private institutions to large research universities where they can pursue just about any educational path.