Idaho Colleges & Universities

The State of Idaho has several different independent colleges and universities within its borders. Idaho has three state research universities, the largest of which being Boise State University. In addition to the state universities, there are five state colleges that students can attend. Some of the state colleges in Idaho include North Idaho College, Lewis-Clark State College and Eastern Idaho Technical College. There are also about a dozen private educational institutions in the state, including Brown Mackie College, College of Idaho, Broadview University and George Fox University.

Boise State University is the state's largest research institution, located in Boise. With an enrollment of about 23,000 students, Boise State is often a popular choice of residents who live in this state. This is largely because of its size and the fact that the university offers more than 200 educational programs for undergraduate students and more than 100 educational programs for its graduate students. The university has been conferring bachelor's degrees, master's degrees and doctoral degrees since 1965, but it was founded in 1932 as a religious educational institution. It became a public university in 1934.

Boise State University draws most of its students from the state of Idaho, with more than 85 percent of students being residents of the state. Most students, despite coming from Idaho, will live in the campus dorms. About 60 percent of the housing available is through co-ed dormitories, but there are a few university apartments for students to live in as well if they so choose.

Notable alumni that graduated from Boise State University include many businesspeople, such as Jim Cathey, the Vice President of Qualcomm, Inc. Butch Otter, the Governor of Idaho, also attended school at Boise State and graduated in 1964. Professional golfer Graham DeLaet graduated in 2004 and the former Bronco now competes on the PGA Tour.

While Boise State University is the largest educational institution in the state of Idaho, the other educational options are also great choices for people who live in Idaho or those who travel to Idaho to go to school there. In addition to the colleges and universities that are available there, the state of Idaho also has an online-learning institution. This educational institution is called the Idaho-Electronic Campus, and it provides students with online learning opportunities to help them grow within their careers or their choice of trade. It is a valuable resource to the residents of the state.