Kentucky Colleges & Universities

In order to attend one of the colleges or universities in Kentucky, a student must take both the ACT or SAT standardized tests. The state of Kentucky requires its junior high school students to take the ACT while they are in school, ensuring that everyone can at least apply to college. There are 8 public universities in the state of Kentucky, the largest of which are the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville. In addition to the public universities, there are 16 community colleges and technical schools in the state. Kentucky is also home to more than 30 private higher education institutions.

The University of Kentucky is the largest public institution in the state, and it is one of two land-grant universities in Kentucky. It was originally started as an agricultural college and it was formed in 1865. The University of Kentucky, in addition to being the school with the highest enrollment, can also boast the fact that it is the research institution with the highest ranking in the state of Kentucky. Some of the most notable alumni from the University of Kentucky include politicians from all shapes and sizes, such as Governors, Congressmen and Congresswomen and Senators.

Also located in Kentucky is Berea College, which was the first higher educational institution in the South to offer a campus that was not segregated. It was also a co-educational institution, so men and women of all races could attend school there. This small school is considered a liberal arts working college. This means that tuition is free for every student who attends this school, making it a very notable college across the country, but all students who attend classes there must participate in a work-study program. Students must work at least 10 hours each week in a campus job. There are more than 130 departments where students work.

The oldest university in Kentucky is Transylvania University, which was founded in 1780. In addition to being the oldest university in the state, it is also one of the oldest universities in the country. It was the 16th college to be formed in the United States. Transylvania University is a private institution that is based out of Lexington, Kentucky. Transylvania University has earned a reputation for producing politician and statesmen in the United States, as two United States Vice Presidents and two United States Supreme Court Justices graduated from the school. It also has produced 50 U.S. Senators and 101 U.S. Representatives.