Massachusetts Colleges & Universities

When people think of college in Massachusetts, one campus usually comes to mind: Harvard University. Known as one of the best universities in the country, Harvard has become a symbol for the Ivy League and a representation for the best kind of education in America. Founded in 1636, Harvard is easily the oldest university in Massachusetts - in fact it is the only college that was operating before the American Revolution in Massachusetts. Harvard University is located in Cambridge, which is just outside of Boston. The university is a private research institution which is known for many of its academic programs, including its School of Divinity and its medical school, among many others. Notable graduates include 75 Nobel Laureates, 8 United States presidents and 62 billionaires.

While Harvard is often the first thought in people's minds when it comes to higher education in this state, there are many other institutions for higher education that are located here. There are more than 100 colleges and universities in the state, ranging from large public research universities to small liberal arts schools. In fact, a landscaping college in Massachusetts has less than 20 students enrolled in it.

Most universities and colleges in Massachusetts are in or just outside of Boston, the main epi-center of the state. This makes Boston a wonderful place for young people to come and study, as it is teeming with life, educational opportunities and interesting activities. Many public universities in Massachusetts are governed by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education, which seeks to further educational opportunities in the state as well as improve the quality of public higher education for the residents of Massachusetts.

Another prominent university in Massachusetts is Boston University. Boston University, which is sometimes referred to as BU, is a private research university located in the city. The university has no specific religious affiliation, but it often works with the United Methodist Church. With more than 30,000 students enrolled, Boston University is one of the largest private universities in the entire country. BU is known for its medical school, and has other strong academic programs including business management programs, education programs and dental programs. One of its most famous alumni is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who graduated from the school in 1955 before becoming the leader of the modern-day Civil Rights Movement. It also boasts 7 Nobel Prize winners and 22 Pulitzer Prize winners as alumni.