Missouri Colleges & Universities

Higher education in the state of Missouri is unique given the fact that there are more private universities in the state than there are public universities. Located in Missouri there are 23 private universities, while there are only 13 public universities.The University of Missouri System is a collegiate system that acts as a central form of administration for four public universities in the state. Included in the System are the University of Missouri, the University of Missouri - Kansas City, Missouri University of Science and Technology and University of Missouri - St. Louis. There are nine other state-operated institutions in Missouri.

The University of Missouri is the largest university in the state, and is considered a high research school. The University of Missouri, which is commonly called Mizzou, is the flagship campus of the University of Missouri System. It was founded in the mid-19th century and was the first public institute of higher education located west of Mississippi River. There are more than 20 different colleges within the university, but one of the most well known colleges at Mizzou is the Missouri School of Journalism. Today Mizzou educates some of the best journalists in the world, and it is largely because of the fact that it has been doing it for a very long time. The Missouri School of Journalism was founded in 1908. This makes it the oldest functioning school of journalism in the world. The school teaches students a particular method of reporting, known as the Missouri Method. It forces students to not only study journalism in the classroom but to also go out and practice it on a daily basis. Notable alumni from the school of journalism include Jim Lehrer, Elizabeth Vargas and Sheryl Crow.

One of the most well known private universities in the state is Saint Louis University, which is located in St. Louis. This school was founded in 1818 as a Jesuit institution of higher education. It is a fairly large private school, with more than 13,000 students enrolled in its academic programs. Students from across this country attend this school, and it is not uncommon for all 50 states to be represented in its enrollment. It is a university that has been known to produce prominent business leaders, academic professionals, politicians, artists and sports stars. It is recognized across the country as an esteemed institution where a student will get a great education.