Montana Colleges & Universities

As just more than 1 million people live sprawled across the state of Montana, it is not surprising that there are less choices for higher education in this western state. There are two major public university systems in Montana consisting of eight campuses total, three community colleges and seven tribal colleges. Students in Montana have their choice of three private universities as well, all of which have religious affiliations.

The Montana State University System was created in 1994 and encompasses four different campuses. It stands out as a unique college system due to the fact that the universities within this system are all specialized institutions that award higher degrees or technical degrees. For instance, Montana State University - Billings and Montana State University Northern are universities that strictly offer master's degree programs. Montana State University - Bozeman is a doctoral university while Montana State University College of Technology is considered to be a technical school.

The University of Montana System is the other major public college system located in the state. Its flagship campus is the University of Montana - Missoula, which is a research university that is located in Missoula, Montana. Also a part of the system is the University of Montana - Western which is a university that offers bachelor's degree programs to its students. The two other schools that are a part of this system are Montana Tech of the University of Montana which is located in Butte and grants master's degrees, and the University of Montana - Helena College of Technology, which is another technical college.

There are three community colleges in the state of Montana that provide students with an opportunity to earn a two-year degree or earn an education that will start them on a trade career path. In addition to the three community colleges, there are seven tribal colleges that are located on American Indian reservations within the state. These colleges are designed to provide those who are living on the reservations an opportunity to have a good education without having to travel far.

The state of Montana, with its great plains and wide open spaces, has produced many important alumni throughout the course of history. Montana State University, for example, has produced several film producers and directors, a few artists, and even NFL players. Several Montana governors also attended Montana State University before going on to lead the state.