North Dakota Colleges & Universities

With a population of just under 700,000 people across the entire state, one might expect North Dakota to have a limited number of educational institutions within its borders. However, that is not the case. The state currently has 21 different colleges and universities, 11 of them being public universities, 7 private colleges and a handful of community colleges. The oldest university in the state is actually older than the state itself, reinforcing the fact that North Dakota has long been a hub for higher education in the United States.

Jamestown College was founded in North Dakota in 1883, and it would be six more years before North Dakota became a state in the union. It is a small college located in Jamestown, North Dakota, and just more than 1,000 students attend school there. It is a private university that is unique given the fact that it has always been a coeducational institution for higher learning, which was unusual for the time it was founded. The college is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church, and in recent decades it has earned notoriety across the country as one of the top universities in the region.

The largest university in the state is North Dakota State University, which is located in Fargo. It was first founded as an agricultural college and land-grant institution in the late 19th century. North Dakota State University is a public university that is still well known for its agricultural programs, but it also offers more than 100 other different degree programs for the students to choose from. Some of its more notable programs include emergency management, behavioral statistics and health communications. The school has produced many different prominent figures in today's world, including several NFL players, prominent businessmen such as former CEO of Walgreens David Bernauer and former North Dakota Governor Arthur A. Link.

Another notable university in North Dakota is the University of North Dakota, which is located in Grand Forks. It is the flagship campus for the public system in North Dakota and currently has about 14,000 students enrolled in it. The University of North Dakota is a space-grant institution and has many prominent academic programs, including engineering research, aerospace, nutrition and environmental protection. Its most notable athletic team is its hockey team, which has won seven national championship titles. The school is known for producing some of the top entrepreneurs and business people of our day, including CEO of Buffalo Wild Wings Sally J. Smith.