District of Columbia Public Libraries

This page contains a list of public libraries in District of Columbia. If you do not see a listing for your local branch library there is a possibility that it might be part of a larger library system. It also might be listed under a different name.

These listings do not include government libraries or libraries at schools or universities. If you would like to add or update a library or if you would like to request some changes to our listings please let us know by using the contact us link at the bottom of this page.

WashingtonAnacostia Neighborhood Library1800 Good Hope Road, Se20020(202) 698-1190
WashingtonCapitol View Neighborhood Library5001 Central Avenue, Se20019(202) 645-0755
WashingtonChevy Chase Neighborhood Library5625 Connecticut Avenue, Nw20015(202) 282-0021
WashingtonCleveland Park Neighborhood Library3310 Connecticut Avenue, Nw20008(202) 282-3080
WashingtonDeanwood Neighborhood Library4215 Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue, Ne20019(202) 724-8526
WashingtonDistrict Of Columbia Public Library901 G Street, N.W. (Room 400)20001(202) 727-1101
WashingtonDorothy I. Height-Benning Neighborhood Library3935 Benning Road, Ne20019(202) 724-4787
WashingtonFrancis A. Gregory Interim Library3660 Alabama Avenue, Se20020(202) 645-4297
WashingtonGeorgetown Neighborhood Library3260 R Street, Nw20007(202) 282-0220
WashingtonJuanita E. Thornton - Shepherd Park7420 Georgia Avenue, Nw20012(202) 541-6100
WashingtonLamond-Riggs Neighborhood Library5401 South Dakota Avenue, Ne20011(202) 541-6255
WashingtonMartin Luther King Jr. Memorial901 G Street, Nw20001(202) 727-1111
WashingtonMt. Pleasant Interim Library3160 16th Street, Nw20010(202) 671-0200
WashingtonNortheast Neighborhood Library330 7th Street, Ne20002(202) 698-3320
WashingtonPalisades Neighborhood Library4901 V Street, Nw20001(202) 282-3139
WashingtonParklands-Turner Neighborhood Library1700 Alabama Avenue, Se20007(202) 698-1103
WashingtonPetworth Neighborhood Library4200 Kansas Avenue, Nw20011(202) 541-6300
WashingtonSoutheast Neighborhood Library403 7th Street, Se20003(202) 698-3374
WashingtonSouthwest Neighborhood Library900 Wesley Place, Sw20024(202) 724-4752
WashingtonTakoma Park Neighborhood Library416 Cedar Street, Nw20012(202) 576-7252
WashingtonTenley-Friendship Neighborhood Library4450 Wisconsin Avenue, Nw20016(202) 282-3090
WashingtonWashington Highlands Interim Library115 Atlantic Street, Sw20032(202) 645-5880
WashingtonWatha T. Daniel-Shaw Neighborhood Library1630 7th St. N.W.20001(202) 727-1288
WashingtonWest End Neighborhood Library1101 24th Street, Nw20001(202) 724-8707
WashingtonWoodridge Neighborhood Library1801 Hamlin Street, Ne20018(202) 541-6226