Illinois Public Libraries

This page contains a list of public libraries in Illinois. If you do not see a listing for your local branch library there is a possibility that it might be part of a larger library system. It also might be listed under a different name.

These listings do not include government libraries or libraries at schools or universities. If you would like to add or update a library or if you would like to request some changes to our listings please let us know by using the contact us link at the bottom of this page.

AbingdonJohn Mosser Public Library District106 West Meek Street61410(309) 462-3129
AddisonAddison Public Library2 Friendship Plaza60101(630) 543-3617
AlbanyAlbany Public Library District302 South Main Street61230(309) 887-4193
AlbionAlbion Public Library6 North Fourth Street62806(618) 445-3314
AledoMercer Carnegie Public Library District200 North College Avenue61231(309) 582-2032
AlexisAlexis Branch Library102 West Broadway(309) 482-6109
AlgonquinAlgonquin Area Public Library District2600 Harnish Drive60102(847) 458-6060
AlgonquinEastgate Branch115 Eastgate(847) 658-4343
AlsipAlsip-Merrionette Park Library District11960 South Pulaski Road60803(708) 371-5666
AltamontAltamont Public Library121 West Washington Avenue62411(618) 483-5457
Alto PassAlto Pass Branch Library25 N. Elm St.(618) 893-4920
AltonAlton Square Branch Library210 Alton Square(618) 463-1276
AltonHayner Public Library District326 Belle Street62002(618) 462-0677
AltonThe Hayner Public Library District326 Belle Street(618) 462-0651
AltonYouth Library401 State Street(618) 462-0652
AltonaRansom Memorial Public Library110 East Main Street61414(309) 484-6193
AmboyPankhurst Memorial Library3 South Jefferson Avenue61310(815) 857-3925
AndalusiaAndalusia Township Library503 Second Street West61232(309) 798-2542
AnnaStinson Memorial Public Library District409 South Main Street62906(618) 833-2521
AnnawanAnnawan-Alba Township Library320 West Front Street61234(309) 935-6483
AntiochAntioch Public Library District757 Main Street60002(847) 395-0874
ArcolaArcola Public Library District407 East Main Street61910(217) 268-4477
ArgentaArgenta Public Library100 East Water Street62501(217) 795-2144
Arlington HeightsArlington Heights Memorial Library500 North Dunton Avenue60004(847) 392-0100
ArthurArthur Public Library District225 South Walnut Street61911(217) 543-2037
AshlandAshland Public Library125 W. Editor(217) 476-3417
AshlandPrairie Skies Public Library District125 West Editor Street62612(217) 476-3417
AshleyAshley Public Library District70 North Second Street62808(618) 485-2295
AshtonMills Petrie Memorial Library And Gymnasium704 North First Street61006(815) 453-2213
AssumptionAssumption Public Library District205 North Oak Street62510(217) 226-3915
AstoriaAstoria Public Library District220 West Broadway61501(309) 329-2423
AthensAthens Municipal Library410 East Hargrave Street62613(217) 636-8047
AtkinsonAtkinson Public Library District119 West Main Street61235(309) 936-7606
AtlantaAtlanta Public Library District100 Race Street61723(217) 648-2112
AtwoodAtwood-Hammond Public Library District123 North Main Street61913(217) 578-2727
AuburnAuburn Public Library338 West Jefferson Street62615(217) 438-6211
AugustaGreater West Central Public Library District202 North Center Street62311(217) 392-2211
AugustaGreater West Central Public Library District202 Center St(217) 392-2211
AuroraAurora Public Library1 East Benton Street60505(630) 264-4100
AuroraEola Road Branch555 S. Eola Road(620) 264-3400
AuroraWest Branch233 S. Constitution Drive(630) 264-3600
AvonVillage Of Avon Public Library105 South Main Street61415(309) 465-3933
BarringtonBarrington Public Library District505 North Northwest Highway60010(847) 382-1300
BarryBarry Public Library880 Bainbridge Street62312(217) 335-2149
BartlettBartlett Public Library District800 South Bartlett Road60103(630) 837-2855
BartonvilleAlpha Park Public Library District3527 South Airport Road61607(309) 697-3822
BataviaBatavia Public Library District10 South Batavia Avenue60510(630) 879-1393
BeardstownBeardstown Houston Memorial Public Library13 Boulevard Road62618(217) 323-4204
Bedford ParkBedford Park Public Library District7816 West 65th Place60501(708) 458-6826
BeecherBeecher Public Library District660 Penfield Street60401(708) 946-9090
Beecher CityBeecher City Branch Library205 S. Sweazy St.
BellevilleBelleville Public Library121 East Washington Street62220(618) 234-0441
BellevilleWest Branch3414 West Main Street(618) 233-4366
BellwoodBellwood Public Library600 Bohland Avenue60104(708) 547-7393
BelvidereIda Public Library320 North State Street61008(815) 544-3838
BementBement Public Library District349 South Macon Street61813(217) 678-7101
BenldFrank Bertetti Benld Public Library308 East Central Avenue62009(217) 835-4045
BensenvilleBensenville Community Public Library District200 South Church Road60106(630) 766-4642
BentonBenton Public Library District502 South Main Street62812(618) 438-7511
BerkeleyBerkeley Public Library1637 North Taft Avenue60163(708) 544-6017
BerwynBerwyn Public Library2701 South Harlem Avenue60402(708) 795-8000
BethaltoBethalto Public Library District321 South Prairie Street62010(618) 377-8141
BethanyMarrowbone Public Library District216 West Main Street61914(217) 665-3014
BiggsvilleHenderson County Public Library District110 Hill Crest Drive61418(309) 627-2450
BlandinsvilleBlandinsville-Hire Library District130 South Main Street61420(309) 652-3166
BloomingdaleBloomingdale Public Library101 Fairfield Way60108(630) 529-3120
BloomingtonBloomington Public Library205 East Olive Street61701(309) 828-6091
Blue IslandBlue Island Public Library2433 York Street60406(708) 388-1078
Blue MoundBlue Mound Memorial Library District213 North Saint Marie Street62513(217) 692-2774
BluffsBluffs Public Library110 North Bluff Street62621(217) 754-3804
BolingbrookFountaindale Public Library District300 West Briarcliff Road60440(630) 759-2102
BourbonnaisBourbonnais Public Library District250 West John Casey Road60914(815) 933-1727
BowenBowen Branch116 Fifth St(217) 842-5573
BradfordBradford Public Library District111 South Peoria Street61421(309) 897-8400
BradleyBradley Public Library District296 North Fulton Avenue60915(815) 932-6245
BraidwoodFossil Ridge Public Library District386 West Kennedy Road60408(815) 458-2187
BreeseBreese Public Library530 North Third Street62230(618) 526-7361
BridgeviewBridgeview Public Library7840 West 79th Street60455(708) 458-2880
BrightonBrighton Memorial Public Library110 North Main Street62012(618) 372-8450
BrimfieldBrimfield Public Library District111 South Galena Street61517(309) 446-9575
BrimfieldBrimfield Public Library District111 S. Galena Street(309) 446-9575
BroadviewBroadview Public Library District2226 South 16th Avenue60155(708) 345-1325
BrookfieldBrookfield Public Library3609 Grand Boulevard60513(708) 485-6917
BrusselsSouth County Public Library District106 West Main Street62013(618) 883-2522
BudaMason Memorial Public Library104 West Main Street61314(309) 895-7701
Bunker HillBunker Hill Public Library District220 East Warren Street62014(618) 585-4736
BurbankPrairie Trails Public Library District8449 South Moody Avenue60459(708) 430-3688
BureauLeepertown Township Public Library201 East Nebraska Street61315(815) 659-3283
BushnellBushnell Public Library District455 North Dean Street61422(309) 772-2060
ByronByron Public Library District109 North Franklin Street61010(815) 234-5107
CahokiaCahokia Public Library District140 Cahokia Park Drive62206(618) 332-1491
CairoCairo Public Library1609 Washington Avenue62914(618) 734-1840
Calumet CityCalumet City Public Library660 Manistee Avenue60409(708) 862-6220
Calumet ParkCalumet Park Public Library1500 West 127th Street60827(708) 385-5768
CambridgeCambridge Public Library District212 West Center Street61238(309) 937-2233
Camp PointCamp Point Public Library District206 East State Street62320(217) 593-7021
CanaryvilleCanaryville Branch642 W. 43rd Street60609(312) 747-0644
CantonParlin-Ingersoll Public Library205 West Chestnut Street61520(309) 647-0328
CarbondaleCarbondale Public Library405 West Main Street(618) 457-0354
CarbondaleCarbondale Public Library405 West Main Street62901(618) 457-0354
CarlinvilleCarlinville Public Library510 North Broad Street62626(217) 854-3505
CarlockCarlock Public Library District202 East Washington Street61725(309) 376-5651
CarlockWhite Oak Township Public Library District202 E. Washington(309) 376-5651
CarlyleCase-Halstead Public Library571 Franklin Street62231(618) 594-5210
CarmiCarmi Public Library103 Slocumb Street62821(618) 382-5277
Carol StreamCarol Stream Public Library616 Hiawatha Drive60188(630) 653-0755
Carrier MillsCarrier Mills-Stonefort Public Library District109 Oak Street62917(618) 994-2011
CarrolltonCarrollton Public Library509 South Main Street62016(217) 942-6715
CartervilleAnne West Lindsey Carterville District Library And Nature Pa117 South Division Street62918(618) 985-3298
CartervilleCarterville Public Library117 S. Division Street(618) 985-3298
CarthageCarthage Public Library District500 Wabash Avenue62321(217) 357-3232
CaryCary Area Public Library District1606 Three Oaks Road60013(847) 639-4210
CaseyCasey Township Library307 East Main Street62420(217) 932-2105
CaseyvilleCaseyville Public Library District419 South Second Street62232(618) 345-5848
CatlinCatlin Public Library District101 Mapleleaf Drive61817(217) 427-2550
CentraliaAllen Mccarthy Branch Library1500 Case(618) 533-9625
CentraliaCentralia Regional Library District515 East Broadway Avenue62801(618) 532-5222
CentrevilleCentreville Public Library701 South 47th Street62207(618) 271-2040
Cerro GordoHope Welty Public Library District100 South Madison Street61818(217) 763-5001
ChadwickChadwick Public Library District110 Main Street61014(815) 684-5215
ChampaignChampaign Public Library200 West Green Street61820(217) 403-2050
ChampaignDouglass Branch Library504 E. Grove St.(217) 403-2090
ChannahonThree Rivers Public Library District25207 West Channon Drive60410(815) 467-6200
CharlestonCharleston Carnegie Public Library712 Sixth Street61920(217) 345-4913
ChathamChatham Area Public Library District600 East Spruce Street62629(217) 483-2713
ChatsworthChatsworth Township Library432 East Locust Street60921(815) 635-3004
ChenoaChenoa Public Library District211 South Division Street61726(815) 945-4253
Cherry ValleyCherry Valley Public Library District755 East State Street61016(815) 332-5161
ChesterChester Public Library733 State Street62233(618) 826-3711
ChicagoAlbany Park Branch5150 N. Kimball Avenue(312) 744-1933
ChicagoAltgeld Branch950 E. 132nd Place(312) 747-5952
ChicagoArcher Heights Branch5055 S. Archer Avenue(312) 747-9241
ChicagoAustin Branch5615 W. Race Avenue(312) 746-5038
ChicagoAustin-Irving Branch6100 W. Irving Park Road(312) 744-6222
ChicagoAvalon Branch8828 S. Stony Island(312) 747-5234
ChicagoBack Of The Yards Branch4650 S. Damen Avenue(312) 747-8367
ChicagoBessie Coleman Branch731 E. 63rd Street(312) 747-7760
ChicagoBeverly Branch2121 W. 95th Street(312) 747-9673
ChicagoBezazian Branch1226 W. Ainslie Street(312) 744-0019
ChicagoBlackstone Branch4904 S. Lake Park Avenue(312) 747-0511
ChicagoBrainerd Branch1350 W. 89th Street(312) 747-6291
ChicagoBrighton Park Branch4314 Archer Avenue(312) 747-0666
ChicagoBucktown-Wicker Park Branch1701 N. Milwaukee Ave.(312) 744-6022
ChicagoBudlong Woods Branch5630 N. Lincoln Avenue(312) 742-9590
ChicagoChicago Bee Branch3647 S. State Street60609(312) 747-6872
ChicagoChicago Lawn Branch6120 S. Kedzie Avenue60629(312) 747-0639
ChicagoChicago Public Library400 South State Street60605(312) 747-4999
ChicagoChinatown Branch2353 S. Wentworth Avenue(312) 747-8013
ChicagoClearing Branch6423 W. 63rd Place(312) 747-5657
ChicagoDouglass Branch3353 W. 13th Street(312) 747-3725
ChicagoDunning Branch7455 W. Cornelia Avenue60634(312) 743-0480
ChicagoEckhart Park Branch1371 W. Chicago Avenue(312) 746-6069
ChicagoEdgebrook Branch5331 W. Devon Avenue(312) 744-8313
ChicagoEdgewater Branch1210 W. Elmdale Avenue(312) 744-0718
ChicagoGage Park Branch2807 W. 55th Street(312) 747-0032
ChicagoGalewood-Mont Clare Branch6969 W. Grand Avenue(312) 746-5032
ChicagoGarfield Ridge Branch6348 Archer Avenue(312) 747-6094
ChicagoGreater Grand Crossing Branch1000 East 73rd Street60619(312) 745-1608
ChicagoHall Branch4801 S. Michigan Avenue(312) 747-2541
ChicagoHarold Washington Library Center(Main Library)400 S. State Street(312) 747-4999
ChicagoHegewisch Branch3048 E. 130th Street(312) 747-0046
ChicagoHumboldt Park1605 N. Troy Street60647(312) 744-2244
ChicagoIndependence Branch3548 W. Irving Park Road(312) 744-0900
ChicagoJefferson Park Branch5363 W. Lawrence Avenue(312) 744-1998
ChicagoJeffery Manor Branch2401 East 100th Street(312) 747-6479
ChicagoJohn Merlo Branch644 W. Belmont Avenue(312) 744-1139
ChicagoKelly Branch6151 S. Normal Boulvard(312) 747-8418
ChicagoLegler Branch (Marshall Square)115 S. Pulaski Road(312) 746-7730
ChicagoLincoln Belmont Branch1659 W. Melrose Avenue(312) 744-0166
ChicagoLincoln Park Branch1150 W. Fullerton Avenue(312) 744-1926
ChicagoLittle Village Branch2311 S. Kedzie60623
ChicagoLogan Square Branch3255 W. Altgeld Street(312) 744-5295
ChicagoMabel Manning Branch6 S. Hoyne Avenue(312) 746-6800
ChicagoMartin Luther King, Jr. Branch3436 S. King Drive(312) 747-7543
ChicagoMayfair Branch4400 W. Lawrence Avenue(312) 744-1254
ChicagoMckinley Park Branch1915 W. 35th Street(312) 747-6082
ChicagoMidwest Branch2335 W. Chicago Avenue(312) 744-7788
ChicagoMount Greenwood Branch11010 S. Kedzie Avenue(312) 747-2805
ChicagoNear North Branch310 W. Division Street(312) 744-0991
ChicagoNorth Austin Branch5724 W. North Avenue(312) 746-4233
ChicagoNorth Pulaski Branch4300 W. North Avenue(312) 744-9573
ChicagoNorthtown Branch6435 N. California(312) 744-2292
ChicagoOriole Park Branch5201 N. Oketo Avenue(312) 744-1965
ChicagoPortage-Cragin Branch5108 W. Belmont Avenue(312) 744-0152
ChicagoPullman Branch11001 S. Indiana Avenue(312) 747-2033
ChicagoRichard J. Daley Branch3400 S. Halsted Street(312) 747-8990
ChicagoRichard M. Daley-W Humboldt Branch1605 N. Troy Street(312) 744-2244
ChicagoRoden Branch6083 Northwest Hwy. 60631(312) 744-1478
ChicagoRogers Park Branch6907 N. Clark Street(312) 744-0156
ChicagoRoosevelt Branch1101 W. Taylor Street(312) 746-5656
ChicagoRudy Lozano Branch1805 S. Loomis Street(312) 746-4329
ChicagoScottsdale Branch4101 W. 79th Street(312) 747-0193
ChicagoSherman Park Branch5440 S. Racine Avenue(312) 747-0477
ChicagoSouth Chicago Branch9055 S. Houston Avenue(312) 747-8065
ChicagoSouth Shore Branch2505 E. 73rd Street(312) 747-5281
ChicagoSulzer Regional4455 N. Lincoln Avenue(312) 744-7616
ChicagoThurgood Marshall Branch7506 S. Racine Avenue(312) 747-5927
ChicagoToman Branch4005 W. 27th Street(312) 747-8114
ChicagoTuley Park Branch501 E. 90th Place(312) 747-7608
ChicagoUptown Branch929 W. Buena Avenue(312) 744-8400
ChicagoVodak East Side Branch10542 S. Ewing Avenue(312) 747-5500
ChicagoWalker Branch11071 S. Hoyne Avenue(312) 747-1920
ChicagoWater Works Branch163 E. Pearson Street60611(312) 742-8811
ChicagoWest Addison Branch7536 W. Addison Street(312) 746-4704
ChicagoWest Belmont Branch3104 N. Narragansett Avenue(312) 746-5142
ChicagoWest Chicago Avenue Branch4856 W. Chicago Ave.(312) 743-0260
ChicagoWest Englewood Branch1745 W. 63rd Street(312) 747-3481
ChicagoWest Lawn Branch4020 W. 63rd Street(312) 747-7381
ChicagoWest Pullman Branch830 W. 119th Street(312) 747-1425
ChicagoWest Town Branch1625 W. Chicago Avenue60622(312) 743-0450
ChicagoWhitney M. Young, Jr. Branch7901 S. King Drive(312) 747-0039
ChicagoWoodson Regional Library9525 S. Halsted Street(312) 747-6900
ChicagoWrightwood-Ashburn Branch8530 S. Kedzie Avenue(321) 747-2696
Chicago HeightsChicago Heights Public Library25 West Fifteenth Street60411(708) 754-0323
Chicago RidgeChicago Ridge Public Library10400 South Oxford Avenue60415(708) 423-7753
ChillicotheChillicothe Public Library District430 North Bradley Avenue61523(309) 274-2719
ChrismanChrisman Public Library108 North Illinois Street61924(217) 269-3011
ChristopherChristopher Public Library202 East Market Street62822(618) 724-7534
CiceroCicero Public Library5225 West Cermak Road60804(708) 652-8084
CiceroCicero Public Library South Branch5444 W. 34th Street(708) 863-8440
CiscoWillow Branch Township Library330 North Eldon Street61830(217) 669-2312
Cissna ParkCissna Park Community Library District511 North Second Street60924(815) 457-2452
Clarendon HillsClarendon Hills Public Library7 North Prospect Avenue60514(630) 323-8188
ClaytonClayton Public Library District211 East Main Street62324(217) 894-6519
CliftonCentral Citizens Library District1134 East 3100 North Road60927(815) 694-2800
CliftonClifton Public Library150 East Fourth Avenue60927(815) 694-2069
ClintonVespasian Warner Public Library District310 North Quincy Street61727(217) 935-5174
Coal CityCoal City Public Library District85 North Garfield Street60416(815) 634-4552
Coal ValleyRobert R. Jones Public Library District900 First Street61240(309) 799-3047
CobdenCobden Branch Library100 S. Front St.(618) 893-4637
ColchesterColchester District Library203 Macomb Street62326(309) 776-4861
ColfaxMartin Township Public Library132 West Main Street61728(309) 723-2541
CollinsvilleCollinsville Memorial Public Library408 West Main St.(618) 344-1112
CollinsvilleMississippi Valley Public Library District408 West Main Street62234(618) 344-1112
ColonaColona District Public Library911 First Street61241(309) 792-0548
ColumbiaColumbia Public Library106 North Metter Avenue62236(618) 281-4237
CordovaCordova District Library402 Main Avenue61242(309) 654-2330
CornellAmity Township Public Library604 East Main Street61319(815) 358-2231
CortlandCortland Community Library63 South Somonauk Road60112(815) 756-7274
CoultervilleCoulterville Public Library103 South Fourth Street62237(618) 758-3013
CowdenDry Point Township Librarypo box 27562422(217) 783-2616
Crest HillCrest Hill Branch Library1298 Theodore Street(815) 725-0234
CrestonCreston-Dement Public Library District107 South Main Street60113(815) 384-3111
CrestwoodCrestwood Public Library District4955 West 135th Street60445(708) 371-4090
CreteCrete Public Library District1177 North Main Street60417(708) 672-8017
Creve CoeurCreve Coeur Public Library District311 North Highland Street61610(309) 699-7921
Crystal LakeCrystal Lake Public Library126 Paddock Street60014(815) 459-1687
CubaSpoon River Library District201 South Third Street61427(309) 785-5496
CutlerCutler Public Library409 South Main Street62238(618) 497-2961
DahlgrenDahlgren Public Librarypo box 23762828(618) 736-2652
DanversDanvers Township Library105 South West Street61732(309) 963-4269
DanvilleDanville Public Library319 North Vermilion Street61832(217) 477-5220
DarienIndian Prairie Public Library District401 Plainfield Road60561(630) 887-8760
DecaturDecatur Public Library130 North Franklin Street62523(217) 424-2900
Deer CreekDeer Creek District Library205 East First Avenue61733(309) 447-6724
DeerfieldDeerfield Public Library920 Waukegan Road60015(847) 945-3311
DekalbDekalb Public Library309 Oak Street60115(815) 756-9568
DelandGoose Creek Township Carnegie Library130 North Highway Avenue61839(217) 664-3572
DelavanAyer Public Library District208 Locust Street61734(309) 244-8236
DepueSelby Township Library District101 Depot Street61322(815) 447-2660
Des PlainesDes Plaines Public Library1501 Ellinwood Street60016(847) 827-5551
DivernonDivernon Township Library221 South Second Street62530(217) 628-3813
DivernonDivernon Township Library221 South Second(217) 628-3813
DixonDixon Public Library221 South Hennepin Avenue61021(815) 284-7261
DoltonDolton Public Library District14037 Lincoln Avenue60419(708) 849-2385
DongolaDongola Public Library District114 North East Front Street62926(618) 827-3622
Downers GroveDowners Grove Public Library1050 Curtiss Street60515(630) 960-1200
Du QuoinDu Quoin Public Library28 South Washington St.(618) 542-5045
DunlapDunlap Public Library District302 South First Street61525(309) 243-5716
DupoDaugherty Public Library District220 South Fifth Street62239(618) 286-4444
DuquoinDuquoin Public Library28 South Washington Street62832(618) 542-5045
DwightPrairie Creek Public Library District501 Carriage House Lane60420(815) 584-3061
EarlvilleEarl Township Public Library205 Winthrop Street(815) 246-9543
EarlvilleEarlville Public Library District205 Winthrop Street60518(815) 246-9543
East AltonEast Alton Public Library District250 Washington Avenue62024(618) 259-0787
East DubuqueEast Dubuque District Library350 Wall Street61025(815) 747-3052
East DundeeDundee Township Public Library District555 Barrington Avenue60118(847) 428-3661
East MolineEast Moline Public Library740 Sixteenth Avenue61244(309) 755-9614
East PeoriaFondulac Public Library District140 East Washington Street61611(309) 699-3917
East PeoriaSpring Bay Branch411 Illinois Street(309) 822-0444
East St LouisEast St. Louis Public Library5300 State Street62203(618) 397-0991
EdwardsvilleEdwardsville Public Library112 South Kansas Street62025(618) 692-7556
EffinghamHelen Matthes Library100 East Market Avenue62401(217) 342-2464
El PasoEl Paso Public Library149 West First Street61738(309) 527-4360
ElburnTown And Country Public Library District320 East North Street60119(630) 365-2244
EldoradoEldorado Memorial Public Library District1001 Grant Street62930(618) 273-7922
ElginGail Borden Public Library District270 North Grove Avenue60120(847) 742-2411
ElizabethElizabeth Township Library210 East Myrtle Street61028(815) 858-2212
Elk Grove VillageElk Grove Village Public Library1001 Wellington Avenue60007(847) 439-0447
ElkhartElkhart Public Library District121 East Bohan Street62634(217) 947-2313
ElkvilleRick Warren Memorial Public Library District114 South Fourth Street62932(618) 568-1843
ElmhurstElmhurst Public Library125 South Prospect Avenue60126(630) 279-8696
ElmwoodMorrison Mary Wiley Library206 West Main Street61529(309) 742-2431
Elmwood ParkElmwood Park Public Library1 Conti Parkway60707(708) 453-7645
EnfieldEnfield Reading Center111 E. Main St.(618) 963-2787
ErieErie Public Library District802 8th Avenue61250(309) 659-2707
EurekaEureka Public Library District202 South Main Street61530(309) 467-2922
EvanstonEvanston Public Library1703 Orrington Avenue60201(847) 448-8600
EvanstonNorth Branch2026 Central Street(847) 866-0330
EvanstonSouth Branch949 Chicago Avenue(847) 866-0333
EvansvilleCentral Public Library District701 Oak Street A62242(618) 853-4081
EvansvilleEvansville Public Library602 Public Street62242(618) 853-4067
Evergreen ParkEvergreen Park Public Library9400 South Troy Avenue60805(708) 422-8522
FairburyDominy Memorial Library201 South Third Street61739(815) 692-3231
FairfieldFairfield Public Library300 South East Second Street62837(618) 842-4516
FairmountVance Township Library107 South Main Street61841(217) 733-2164
FairviewValley District Library515 Carter Street61432(309) 778-2240
Fairview HeightsFairview Heights Public Library10017 Bunkum Road62208(618) 489-2070
Farmer CityFarmer City Public Library109 East Green Street61842(309) 928-9532
FarmersvilleFarmersville-Waggoner Public Library District210 South Cleveland Street62533(217) 227-3711
FarmingtonFarmington Area Library District266 East Fort Street61531(309) 245-2175
Flat RockSusie Wesley Memorial Library105 South Main St.(618) 584-3636
FloraFlora Public Library216 North Main Street62839(618) 662-6553
FlossmoorFlossmoor Public Library1000 Sterling Avenue60422(708) 798-3600
Ford HeightsFord Heights Public Library District800 East 14th Street(708) 757-0551
Forest ParkForest Park Public Library7555 Jackson Boulevard60130(708) 366-7171
ForrestForrest Public Library District301 West James Street61741(815) 657-8805
ForrestonForreston Public Library204 First Avenue61030(815) 938-2624
ForsythForsyth Public Library268 South Elwood Street62535(217) 877-8174
Fox LakeFox Lake Public Library District255 East Grand Avenue60020(847) 587-0198
Fox River GroveFox River Grove Memorial Library407 Lincoln Avenue60021(847) 639-2274
FrankfortFrankfort Public Library District21119 South Pfeiffer Road60423(815) 469-2423
Franklin GroveFranklin Grove Public Library112 South Elm Street61031(815) 456-2823
Franklin GroveWinifred Knox Memorial Library112 S. Elm St.(815) 456-2823
Franklin ParkFranklin Park Public Library District10311 Grand Avenue60131(847) 455-6016
FreeburgFreeburg Area Library District407 South Belleville Street62243(618) 539-5454
FreeportFreeport Public Library100 East Douglas Street61032(815) 233-3000
FultonSchmaling Memorial Public Library District501 Tenth Avenue61252(815) 589-2045
GalatiaGalatia Public Library District217 South Main Cross Street62935(618) 268-9200
GalenaGalena Public Library District601 South Bench Street61036(815) 777-0200
GalesburgGalesburg Public Library40 East Simmons Street61401(309) 343-6118
GalvaGalva Public Library District120 Northwest Third Avenue61434(309) 932-2180
GeneseoGeneseo Public Library District218 South State Street61254(309) 944-6452
GenevaGeneva Public Library District127 James Street60134(630) 232-0780
GenoaGenoa Public Library District232 West Main Street60135(815) 784-2627
GeorgetownGeorgetown Public Library102 West West Street61846(217) 662-2164
GermantownGermantown Public Library District403 Munster Street62245(618) 523-4820
Gibson CityMoyer District Library307 North Sangamon Avenue60936(217) 784-5343
GillespieGillespie Public Library201 West Chestnut Street62033(217) 839-3614
GilmanGilman-Danforth District Library715 North Maple Street60938(815) 265-7522
GilsonGilson Branch1261 Harding Street(309) 876-2300
GirardGirard Township Library201 West Madison Street62640(217) 627-2414
Glen CarbonGlen Carbon Centennial Library198 South Main Street62034(618) 288-1212
Glen EllynGlen Ellyn Public Library400 Duane Street60137(630) 469-0879
GlencoeGlencoe Public Library320 Park Avenue60022(847) 835-5056
Glendale HeightsGlenside Public Library District25 East Fullerton Avenue60139(630) 260-1550
GlenviewGlenview Public Library1930 Glenview Road60025(847) 729-7500
GlenwoodGlenwood-Lynwood Public Library District320 East Glenwood Lansing Road60425(708) 758-0090
GolcondaGolconda Public Library126 West Main Street62938(618) 683-6531
GoldenGolden Branch309 Quincy(217) 696-2428
Grand TowerGrand Tower Public Library111 Walnut Street62942(618) 565-2181
Granite CityGranite City Branch2145 Johnson Road
Granite CitySix Mile Regional Library District2001 Delmar Avenue62040(618) 452-6238
Grant ParkGrant Park Public Library107 West Taylor Street60940(815) 465-6047
GranvilleGranville Branch Library212 S. Mccoy Street(815) 339-2480
GrayslakeGrayslake Area Public Library District100 Library Lane60030(847) 223-5313
GrayvilleGrayville Carnegie Public Library110 West Mill Street62844(618) 375-7121
GreenfieldGreenfield Public Library515 Chestnut Street62044(217) 368-2613
GreenupGreenup Township Public Library101 North Franklin Street62428(217) 923-3616
GreenvilleGreenville Public Library414 West Main Street62246(618) 664-3115
GridleyGridley Public Library District320 Center Street61744(309) 747-2284
GriggsvilleGriggsville Public Library119 South Corey Street62340(217) 833-2633
GurneeWarren-Newport Public Library District224 North Oplaine Road60031(847) 244-5150
HamiltonHamilton Public Library861 Broadway62341(217) 847-2219
HammondHammond Branch1st Don Ryan Street(217) 262-3323
HampshireElla Johnson Memorial Public Library District109 South State Street60140(847) 683-4490
HanoverHanover Township Library204 Jefferson Street61041(815) 591-3517
Hanover ParkHanover Park Branch Library1570 Irving Park Road(630) 372-7800
Hanover ParkPoplar Creek Hanover Park4300 Audrey Lane(630) 372-0052
HarrisburgHarrisburg Public Library District2 West Walnut Street(618) 253-7455
HarrisburgHarrisburg Public Library District2 West Walnut Street62946(618) 253-7455
HartfordHartford Public Library District143 West Hawthorne Street62048(618) 254-9394
HarvardHarvard Diggins Library900 East Mckinley Street60033(815) 943-4671
HarveyHarvey Public Library District15441 Turlington Avenue60426(708) 331-0757
Harwood HeightsEisenhower Public Library District4613 North Oketo Avenue60706(708) 867-7828
HavanaHavana Public Library District201 West Adams Street62644(309) 543-4701
Hazel CrestGrande Prairie Public Library District3479 West 183rd Street60429(708) 798-5563
HeckerHecker Public Library151 West Monroe Street62248(618) 473-3022
HennepinHennepin Headquarters214 N. Fourth Street(815) 925-7020
HennepinPutnam County Public Library District214 North Fourth Street61327(815) 925-7020
HenryHenry Public Library702 Front Street61537(309) 364-2516
HerrickHerrick Township Public Library303 North Broadway Street62431(618) 428-5223
HerrinHerrin City Library120 North 13th Street62948(618) 942-6109
HeyworthHeyworth Public Library District119 East Main Street61745(309) 473-2313
HighlandLouis Latzer Memorial Public Library1001 Ninth Street62249(618) 654-5066
Highland ParkHighland Park Public Library494 Laurel Avenue60035(847) 432-0216
HighwoodHighwood Public Library102 Highwood Avenue60040(847) 432-5404
HillsboroHillsboro Public Library214 School Street62049(217) 532-3055
HillsdaleMoore Memorial Library District509 Main Street61257(309) 658-2666
HillsideHillside Public Library405 North Hillside Avenue60162(708) 449-7510
HinckleyHinckley Public Library District100 North Maple Street60520(815) 286-3220
HinsdaleHinsdale Public Library20 East Maple Street60521(630) 986-1976
HodgkinsHodgkins Public Library District6500 Wenz Avenue60525(708) 579-1844
HoffmanHoffman Area Branch Library100 N. Broadway(618) 495-9955
Hoffman EstatesHoffman Estates Branch Library1550 Hassell Road(847) 885-3511
HomerHomer Community Library500 East Second Street61849(217) 896-2121
Homer GlenHomer Township Public Library District14320 West 151st Street60491(708) 301-7908
HometownHometown Public Library4331 Southwest Highway60456(708) 636-0997
HomewoodHomewood Public Library District17917 Dixie Highway60430(708) 798-0121
HoopestonHoopeston Public Library District110 North Fourth Street60942(217) 283-6711
Hopkins ParkPembroke Public Library District13795 East Central Street60944(815) 944-8609
HudsonHudson Area Public Library District104 Pearl Street61748(309) 726-1103
HullKinderhook Township Public Library District665 Southwest Lee Evans Drive62343(217) 432-1030
HuntleyHuntley Area Public Library District11000 Ruth Road60142(847) 669-5386
HutsonvilleHutsonville Public Library104 South Main,(618) 563-9603
IlliopolisIlliopolis-Niantic Public Library District401 Sixth And Mary Street62539(217) 486-5561
IrvingtonIrvington Branch Library500 Superior(618) 249-8243
ItascaItasca Community Library500 West Irving Park Road60143(630) 773-1699
JacksonvilleJacksonville Public Library201 West College Avenue62650(217) 243-5435
JerseyvilleJerseyville Public Library105 North Liberty Street62052(618) 498-9514
JohnsburgJohnsburg Public Library District3000 North Johnsburg Road60051(815) 344-0077
Johnston CityJohnston City Public Library506 Washington Avenue62951(618) 983-6359
JolietBlack Road Branch3395 W. Black Road(815) 740-2660
JolietJoliet Public Library150 North Ottawa Street60432(815) 740-2660
JolietJpl West Outlet1244 Louis Joliet Mall(815) 439-7279
JonesboroJonesboro Public Library412 South Main Street62952(618) 833-8121
JusticeJustice Public Library District7641 South Oak Grove Avenue60458(708) 496-1790
KanevilleKaneville Public Library District2 South 101 Harter Road60144(630) 557-2441
KankakeeKankakee Public Library201 East Merchant Street60901(815) 939-4564
KankakeeLimestone Township Library2701 West Tower Road60901(815) 939-1696
KansasKansas Community Memorial Library107 North Front Street61933(217) 948-5484
KansasKansas Community Memorial Library107 N. Front St.(217) 948-5484
KewaneeKewanee Public Library District102 South Tremont Street61443(309) 852-4505
KinmundyKinmundy Public Library111 South Monroe Street62854(618) 547-3250
KirklandKirkland Public Library513 West Main Street60146(815) 522-6260
KirkwoodKirkwood Branch Library134 South Kirk(309) 768-2173
KnoxvilleKnoxville Public Library200 East Main Street61448(309) 289-2113
La SalleLasalle Public Library305 Marquette Street61301(815) 223-2341
LaconLacon Public Library District205 Sixth Street61540(309) 246-2855
LaddLadd Public Library District125 North Main Street61329(815) 894-3254
LaddLadd Public Library District125 N. Main St.(815) 894-3254
LafayetteIra C. Reed Public Library302 Commercial Street61449(309) 995-3042
LagrangeLagrange Public Library10 West Cossitt Avenue60525(708) 352-0576
Lagrange ParkLagrange Park Public Library District555 North La Grange Road60526(708) 352-0100
LaharpeLaharpe Carnegie Public Library District209 East Main Street61450(217) 659-7729
Lake BluffLake Bluff Public Library123 East Scranton Avenue60044(847) 234-2540
Lake ForestLake Forest Library360 East Deerpath Road60045(847) 234-0636
Lake VillaLake Villa Public Library District1001 East Grand Avenue60046(847) 356-7711
Lake ZurichEla Area Public Library District275 Mohawk Trail60047(847) 438-3433
LamoilleLamoille-Clarion Public Library District81 Main Street61330(815) 638-2356
LanarkLanark Public Library110 West Carroll Street61046(815) 493-2166
LanarkLanark Public Library110 W Carroll St(815) 493-2166
LansingLansing Public Library2750 Indiana Avenue60438(708) 474-2447
LawrencevilleLawrence Public Library District814 Twelfth Street62439(618) 943-3016
Leaf RiverBertolet Memorial Library District705 Main Street61047(815) 738-2742
LebanonLebanon Public Library314 West Saint Louis Street62254(618) 537-4504
LemontLemont Public Library District50 East Wend Street60439(630) 257-6541
LenaLena Community District Library300 West Mason Street61048(815) 369-3180
LewistownLewistown Carnegie Public Library District321 West Lincoln Avenue61542(309) 547-2860
LexingtonLexington Public Library District207 South Cedar Street61753(309) 365-7801
LibertyvilleCook Memorial Public Library District413 North Milwaukee Avenue60048(847) 362-2330
LincolnLincoln Public Library725 Pekin St.(217) 732-8878
LincolnLincoln Public Library District725 Pekin Street62656(217) 732-8878
LincolnshireVernon Area Public Library District300 Olde Half Day Road60069(847) 634-3650
LincolnshireVernon Area Public Library District300 Olde Half Day Road(847) 634-3650
LincolnwoodLincolnwood Public Library District4000 West Pratt Avenue60712(847) 677-5277
LisleLisle Library District777 Front Street60532(630) 971-1675
LitchfieldLitchfield Carnegie Public Library400 North State Street62056(217) 324-3866
LittletonLittleton Branch110 Center St(309) 257-2202
LockportLockport Branch Library121 East Eighth Street60441(815) 838-0755
LockportWhite Oak Library District121 East Eighth Street60441(815) 838-0755
LodaA. Herr Smith E.E. Smith Library105 East Adams60948(217) 386-2783
LoganLogan Reading Center6342 Main Street(618) 435-4234
LombardHelen M. Plum Memorial Library110 West Maple Street60148(630) 627-0316
LostantLostant Community Library102 West Third Street61334(815) 368-3530
Loves ParkNorth Suburban Public Library District6340 North Second Street61111(815) 633-4247
LovingtonLovington Public Library District110 West State Street61937(217) 873-4468
LyonsLyons Public Library4209 Joliet Avenue60534(708) 447-3577
MackinawMackinaw District Public Library117 South Main Street61755(309) 359-8022
MacombMacomb Public Library District235 South Lafayette Street61455(309) 833-2714
MaconSouth Macon Public Library District451 West Glenn Street62544(217) 764-3356
MadisonMadison Public Library1700 Fifth Street62060(618) 876-8448
MagnoliaMagnolia Branch114 N. Chicago Street(815) 869-3038
MahometMahomet Public Library District512 East Main Street61853(217) 586-2611
MaltaMalta Township Public Library203 East Adams60150(815) 825-2525
ManhattanManhattan Public Library District240 Whitson Street60442(815) 478-3987
ManitoForman Valley Public Library District404 1-2 South Harrison Street61546(309) 968-6093
ManitoManito Public Library District404 1-2 S. Harrison(309) 968-6093
MansfieldBlue Ridge Township Public Library101 West Oliver Street61854(217) 489-9033
MantenoManteno Public Library District50 West Division Street60950(815) 468-3323
Maple ParkMaple Park Public Library District302 Willow Street60151(815) 827-3362
MaquonMaquon Public Library District210 Main Street61458(309) 875-3573
MarengoMarengo Public Library District200 South State Street60152(815) 568-8236
MarionCrab Orchard Public Library District20012 Crab Orchard Road62959(618) 982-2141
MarionMarion Carnegie Library206 South Market Street62959(618) 993-5935
MarissaMarissa Area Public Library District212 North Main Street62257(618) 295-2825
MarkhamBradford Anderson Oglesby Public Library16640 South Kedzie Avenue60428(708) 331-0130
MaroaMaroa Public Library District305 East Garfield Street61756(217) 794-5111
Marquette HeightsMarquette Heights Public Library715 Lincoln Road61554(309) 382-3778
MarseillesMarseilles Public Library155 East Bluff Street61341(815) 795-4437
MarshallMarshall Public Library612 Archer Avenue62441(217) 826-2535
MarshallMarshall Public Library612 Archer Avenue(217) 826-2535
MartinsvilleMartinsville Public Library District120 East Cumberland Street62442(217) 382-4113
MaryvilleMaryville Community Library District8 Schiber Court62062(618) 288-3801
MascoutahMascoutah Public Library3 West Church Street62258(618) 566-2562
Mason CityMason City Public Library District820 West Chestnut Street62664(217) 482-3799
MathervilleMatherville Branch1376 252nd Street(309) 754-8244
MattesonMatteson Public Library801 South School Avenue60443(708) 748-4431
MattoonMattoon Public Library1600 Charleston Avenue61938(217) 234-2621
MaywoodMaywood Public Library District121 South Fifth Avenue60153(708) 343-1847
MccookMccook Public Library District8419 West 50th Street60525(708) 442-1242
MchenryMchenry Nunda Public Library District813 West Il Route 12060051(815) 385-6303
MchenryMchenry Public Library District809 North Front Street60050(815) 385-0036
McleanMount Hope-Funks Grove Townships Public Library District111 South Hamilton Street61754(309) 874-2291
McleansboroMccoy Memorial Library118 South Washington Street62859(618) 643-2125
McnabbMcnabb Branch Library322. W. Main(815) 882-2378
Melrose ParkMelrose Park Public Library801 North Broadway Street60160(708) 343-3391
MelvinMelvin Public Library102 South Center Street60952(217) 388-2421
MendonFour Star Public Library District132 West South Street62351(217) 936-2131
MendotaGraves-Hume Public Library District1401 West Main Street61342(815) 538-5142
MeredosiaM-C River Valley Public Library District304 Main Street62665(217) 584-1571
MetamoraGermantown Hills Branch101 Warrior Way(309) 383-2263
MetamoraIllinois Prairie District Public Library208 East Partridge Street61548(309) 367-4594
MetropolisMetropolis Public Library317 Metropolis Street62960(618) 524-4312
MidlothianMidlothian Public Library14701 South Kenton Avenue60445(708) 535-2027
MilanCoyne Center Branch11310 16th Street(309) 787-1512
MilfordMilford District Library2 South Grant Avenue60953(815) 889-4722
MilledgevilleWysox Township Public Library18 West Fifth Street61051(815) 225-7572
MillstadtMillstadt Library115 West Laurel Street62260(618) 476-1887
MineralMineral-Gold Public Library District120 East Main Street61344(309) 288-3971
MinierH.A. Peine District Library202 North Main Street61759(309) 392-3220
MinonkFilger Public Library261 East Fifth Street61760(309) 432-2929
MinookaMinooka Branch109 N Wabena St(815) 467-1600
MokenaMokena Community Public Library District11327 West 195th Street60448(708) 479-9663
MolineMoline Public Library3210 41st Street61265(309) 762-6883
MolineSoutheast Library504 - 17th Street(309) 762-6883
MomenceEdward Chipman Public Library126 North Locust Street60954(815) 472-2581
MonmouthWarren County Public Library District62 Public Square61462(309) 734-3166
MonticelloAllerton Public Library201 N. State Street(217) 762-4676
MonticelloMonticello Township Library201 North State Street61856(217) 762-4676
MorrisMorris Area Public Library District604 Liberty Street60450(815) 942-6880
MorrisonOdell Public Library307 South Madison Street61270(815) 772-7323
MorrisonvilleKitchell Memorial Library300 South East 5th Street62546(217) 526-4553
MortonMorton Public Library District315 West Pershing Street61550(309) 263-2200
Morton GroveMorton Grove Public Library6140 Lincoln Avenue60053(847) 965-4220
Mound CityMound City Public Library224 High Street62963(618) 748-9427
MoundsMounds Public Library418 First Street62964(618) 745-6610
Mount CarmelMount Carmel Public Library727 North Mulberry Street62863(618) 263-3531
Mount CarrollMount Carroll Township Public Library208 North Main Street61053(815) 244-1751
Mount MorrisMount Morris Public Library105 South Mckendrie Avenue61054(815) 734-4927
Mount OliveMount Olive Public Library100 North Plum Street62069(217) 999-7311
Mount ProspectMount Prospect Public Library10 South Emerson Street60056(847) 253-5675
Mount PulaskiMount Pulaski Public Library District320 North Washington Street62548(217) 792-5919
Mount SterlingBrown County Public Library District143 West Main Street62353(217) 773-2013
Mount VernonC.E. Brehm Memorial Public Library District101 South Seventh Street62864(618) 242-6322
Mount ZionMount Zion Public Library District115 West Main Street62549(217) 864-3622
MoweaquaMoweaqua Public Library District600 North Putnam Street62550(217) 768-4700
MoweaquaMoweaqua Public Library District122 North Main St(217) 768-4700
MundeleinFremont Public Library District1170 North Midlothian Road60060(847) 566-8702
MurphysboroSallie Logan Public Library1808 Walnut Street62966(618) 684-3271
Naperville95th Street Library (Nsl)3015 Cedar Glade Dr.(630) 961-4100
NapervilleNaper Boulevard Library2035 S. Naper Blvd.(630) 961-4100
NapervilleNaperville Public Library200 West Jefferson Avenue60540(630) 961-4100
NapervilleNichols Library200 W. Jefferson Ave.(630) 961-4100
NashvilleNashville Public Library219 East Elm Street62263(618) 327-3827
NauvooNauvoo Public Library1270 Mulholland Street62354(217) 453-2707
NeogaNeoga Public Library District550 Chestnut Avenue62447(217) 895-3944
NeponsetNeponset Public Library201 West Commerical Street61345(309) 594-2204
New AthensNew Athens District Library201 North Van Buren Street62264(618) 475-3255
New BadenNew Baden Public Library210 North First Street62265(618) 588-4554
New BerlinWest Sangamon Public Library District103 East Illinois Street62670(217) 488-7733
New LenoxNew Lenox Public Library District120 Veterans Parkway60451(815) 485-2605
New WindsorNew Windsor Public Library District412 Main Street61465(309) 667-2515
NewarkCharles B. Phillips Public Library District6 North Jackson Street60541(815) 695-5851
NewmanNewman Regional Library District108 West Yates Street61942(217) 837-2412
NewtonNewton Public Library District100 South Van Buren Street62448(618) 783-8141
NilesNiles Public Library District6960 Oakton Street60714(847) 663-1234
NokomisNokomis Public Library22 South Cedar Street62075(217) 563-2734
NormalNormal Public Library206 West College Avenue61761(309) 452-1757
Norris CityNorris City Memorial Public Library District603 South Division Street62869(618) 378-3713
North AuroraMessenger Public Library Of North Aurora113 Oak Street60542(630) 896-0240
North ChicagoNorth Chicago Public Library2100 Argonne Drive60064(847) 689-0125
North RiversideNorth Riverside Public Library District2400 South Des Plaines Avenue60546(708) 447-0869
NorthbrookNorthbrook Public Library1201 Cedar Lane60062(847) 272-6224
NorthfieldNorthfield Branch1785 Orchard Lane(847) 446-5990
NorthlakeNorthlake Public Library District231 North Wolf Road60164(708) 562-2301
Oak BrookOak Brook Public Library600 Oak Brook Road60523(630) 368-7700
Oak ForestAcorn Public Library District15624 South Central Avenue60452(708) 687-3700
Oak LawnOak Lawn Public Library9427 South Raymond Avenue60453(708) 422-4990
Oak ParkDole Branch Library255 Augusta(708) 386-9032
Oak ParkMaze Branch Library845 South Gunderson(708) 386-4751
Oak ParkOak Park Public Library834 Lake Street60301(708) 383-8200
OakwoodOakwood Public Library District110 East Finley Street61858(217) 354-4777
OblongOblong Public Library110 East Main Street(618) 592-3001
OdellOdell Public Library District301 East Richard Street60460(815) 998-2012
OfallonOfallon Public Library120 Civic Plaza62269(618) 632-3783
OgdenOgden Rose Public Library103 West Main Street61859(217) 582-2411
OglesbyOglesby Public Library District111 South Woodland Avenue61348(815) 883-3619
OhioOhio Public Library District112 North Main Street61349(815) 376-5422
Olive BranchDodge Memorial Public Library District22440 Railroad Street62969(618) 776-5115
OlmstedOlmsted Public Library160 North Front Street62970(618) 742-8296
OlneyOlney Public Library400 West Main Street62450(618) 392-3711
OnargaOnarga Community Public Library District209 West Seminary Avenue60955(815) 268-7626
OneidaGreig Memorial Library110 South Joy Street61467(309) 483-3482
OneidaOneida Greig Memorial Library110 S. Joy Street(309) 483-3482
OreanaOreana Public Library100 South Route 4862554(217) 468-2340
OregonOregon Public Library District300 Jefferson Street61061(815) 732-2724
OrionWestern District Library1111 Fourth Street61273(309) 526-8375
Orland ParkOrland Park Public Library14921 South Ravinia Avenue60462(708) 428-5100
OswegoOswego Public Library District32 West Jefferson Street60543(630) 554-3150
OttawaReddick Public Library District1010 Canal Street61350(815) 434-0509
PalatinePalatine Public Library District700 North North Court60067(847) 358-5881
PalatineRand Road Branch1585 Rand Road(847) 202-1194
PalestinePalestine Public Library District116 South Main Street62451(618) 586-5317
Palos HeightsPalos Heights Public Library12501 South 71st Avenue60463(708) 448-1473
Palos HillsGreen Hills Public Library District8611 West 103rd Street60465(708) 598-8446
Palos ParkPalos Park Public Library12330 South Forest Glen Boulevard60464(708) 448-1530
PanaCarnegie-Schuyler Library303 East Second Street62557(217) 562-2326
ParisParis Carnegie Public Library207 South Main Street61944(217) 463-3950
Park ForestPark Forest Public Library400 Lakewood Boulevard60466(708) 748-3731
Park RidgePark Ridge Public Library20 South Prospect Avenue60068(847) 825-3123
PatokaPatoka Public Library210 West Bond Street62875(618) 432-5019
Paw PawPaw Paw Public Library District362 Chicago Road61353(815) 627-9396
PawneePawnee Public Library613 Douglas Street62558(217) 625-7716
PaxtonPaxton Carnegie Library254 South Market Street60957(217) 379-3431
Pearl CityPearl City Public Library District221 South Main Street61062(815) 443-2832
PecatonicaPecatonica Public Library District400 West Eleventh Street61063(815) 239-2616
PekinPekin Public Library301 South Fourth Street61554(309) 347-7111
PeoriaLakeview Branch Library1137 W. Lake Ave.(309) 497-2200
PeoriaLincoln Branch Library1312 W. Lincoln Ave(309) 497-2600
PeoriaMcclure Branch Library315 W. Mcclure Ave.(309) 497-2700
PeoriaPeoria Public Library107 Northeast Monroe Street61602(309) 497-2000
PeoriaRiverwest Library312 S. Merriman(309) 497-2080
PeoriaSouth Side Library2605 W. Krause Ave.(309) 497-2300
Peoria HeightsPeoria Heights Public Library816 East Glen Avenue61616(309) 682-5578
PeotonePeotone Public Library District515 North First Street60468(708) 258-3436
PercyPercy Reading Center307 West Pine(618) 497-8414
PeruPeru Public Library1409 Eleventh Street61354(815) 223-0229
PetersburgPetersburg Public Library220 South Sixth Street62675(217) 632-2807
PhiloPhilo Public Library District115 East Washington Street61864(217) 684-2896
PinckneyvillePinckneyville Public Library312 South Walnut Street62274(618) 357-2410
Piper CityPiper City Public Library District39 West Main Street60959(815) 686-9234
PittsburgPittsburg Branch Library302 W. Avery St.(618) 997-8111
PittsfieldPittsfield Public Library205 North Memorial Street62363(217) 285-2200
PlainfieldPlainfield Public Library District15025 South Illinois Street60544(815) 436-6639
PlanoPlano Community Library District15 West North Street60545(630) 552-2009
Pleasant PlainsPleasant Plains Branch555 Buckeye Rd(217) 626-1553
PlymouthPlymouth Branch103 Main(309) 458-6616
PoloPolo Public Library District302 West Mason Street61064(815) 946-2713
PontiacPontiac Public Library211 East Madison Street61764(815) 844-7229
Port ByronRiver Valley District Library214 South Main Street61275(309) 523-3440
PrincetonMatson Public Library15 Park Avenue West(815) 875-1331
PrincetonPrinceton Public Library698 East Peru Street61356(815) 875-1331
PrincevilleLillie M. Evans Library District207 North Walnut Avenue61559(309) 385-4540
ProphetstownHenry C. Adams Memorial Library209 West Third Street61277(815) 537-5462
Prospect HeightsProspect Heights Public Library District12 North Elm Street60070(847) 259-3500
PutnamPutnam (Condit) Branch105 W. Center Street(815) 437-2811
QuincyQuincy Public Library526 Jersey Street62301(217) 223-1309
QuincyYork Street Branch639 York Street(217) 592-3679
RamseyRamsey Public Library401 South Superior Street62080(618) 423-2019
RantoulRantoul Public Library106 West Flessner Avenue61866(217) 893-3955
RaymondDoyle Public Library District109 South Obannon Street62560(217) 229-4471
Red BudRed Bud Public Library925 South Main Street62278(618) 282-2255
RichmondNippersink Public Library District5418 Hill Road60071(815) 678-4014
Richton ParkRichton Park Public Library District4045 Sauk Trail60471(708) 481-5333
Ridge FarmElwood Township Carnegie Library104 North State Street61870(217) 247-2820
River ForestRiver Forest Public Library735 Lathrop Avenue60305(708) 366-5205
River GroveRiver Grove Public Library District8638 West Grand Avenue60171(708) 453-4484
RiverdaleRiverdale Public Library District208 West 144th Street60827(708) 841-3311
RiversideRiverside Public Library1 Burling Road60546(708) 442-6366
RivertonRiverton Village Library1200 East Riverton Road62561(217) 629-6353
RoanokeRoanoke Branch123 East Broad Street(309) 923-7686
RobbinsWilliam Leonard Public Library District13820 Central Park Avenue60472(708) 597-2760
RobinsonRobinson Public Library District606 North Jefferson Street62454(618) 544-2917
RochelleFlagg-Rochelle Public Library District619 Fourth Avenue61068(815) 562-3431
RochesterRochester Public Library District1 Community Drive62563(217) 498-8454
Rock FallsRock Falls Public Library District1007 Seventh Avenue61071(815) 626-3958
Rock IslandRock Island 30-31 Branch3059 30th Street(309) 732-7369
Rock IslandRock Island Public Library401 Nineteenth Street61201(309) 732-7323
Rock IslandRock Island Southwest Branch9010 Ridgewood Road(309) 732-7338
RockfordLewis Lemon Branch1988 West Jefferson Street(815) 962-4767
RockfordMontague Branch1238 South Winnebago Street(815) 965-1912
RockfordNortheast Branch320 North Alpine Road(815) 226-1533
RockfordRock River Branch3128 11th Street(815) 398-7514
RockfordRockford Public Library215 North Wyman Street61101(815) 965-7606
RockfordRockton Centre Branch3114 North Rockton Avenue(815) 963-5617
RocktonTalcott Free Library District101 East Main Street61072(815) 624-7511
Rolling MeadowsBiblioteca Del Centro2268 Algonquin Road(847) 506-2060
Rolling MeadowsRolling Meadows Library3110 Martin Lane60008(847) 259-6050
RomeovilleRomeoville Branch Library201 West Normantown Road(815) 886-2030
RoodhouseRoodhouse Public Library220 West Franklin Street62082(217) 589-5123
RoscoeNorth Suburban Library-Roscoe5562 Cayton Circle(815) 623-6266
RoselleRoselle Public Library District40 South Park Street60172(630) 529-1641
RosevilleRoseville Branch Library145 West Penn(309) 426-2336
RosiclareRosiclare Memorial Public Librarypo box 1062982(618) 285-6213
Round LakeRound Lake Area Public Library District906 Hart Road60073(847) 546-7060
RoxanaRoxana Public Library District200 North Central Avenue62084(618) 254-6713
RoyaltonRoyalton Public Library District305 South Dean Street62983(618) 984-4463
RushvilleRushville Public Library104 North Monroe Street62681(217) 322-3030
Saint CharlesSaint Charles Public Library District60174(630) 584-0076
Saint ElmoSt. Elmo Public Library District311 West Cumberland Road62458(618) 829-5544
Saint JosephSt. Joseph Township-Swearingen Memorial Library201 North Third Street61873(217) 469-2159
SalemBryan-Bennett Library217 West Main Street62881(618) 548-7784
SandovalSandoval Branch Library101 N. Broadway(618) 247-3873
SandwichSandwich Public Library District925 S. Main St.60548(815) 786-8308
Sauk VillageNancy L. Mcconathy Public Library District21737 Jeffrey Avenue60411(708) 757-4771
SavannaSavanna Public Library District326 Third Street61074(815) 273-3714
SaybrookCheneys Grove Township Library204 South State Street61770(309) 475-6131
SchaumburgSchaumburg Township District Library130 South Roselle Road60193(847) 985-4000
Schiller ParkSchiller Park Public Library4200 Old River Road60176(847) 678-0433
SeatonSeaton Public Library District201 Maple Street61476(309) 586-5341
SenecaSeneca Public Library District210 North Main Street61360(815) 357-6566
SesserSesser Public Library303 West Franklin Street62884(618) 625-6566
ShabbonaFlewellin Memorial Library108 West Comanche60550(815) 824-2079
ShawneetownShawneetown Public Library320 North Lincoln Boulevard62984(618) 269-3761
SheffieldSheffield Public Library136 East Cook Street61361(815) 454-2628
ShelbyvilleShelbyville Public Library154 North Broadway Street62565(217) 774-4432
SheldonSheldon Public Library District125 North Fifth Street60966(815) 429-3521
SheridanRobert W. Rowe Public Library District120 East Si Johnson Avenue60551(815) 496-2031
ShermanSherman Public Library District2100 East Andrew Road62684(217) 496-2496
SherrardSherrard Public Library District200 Fifth Avenue61281(309) 593-2178
ShorewoodShorewood-Troy Public Library District650 Deerwood Drive60404(815) 725-1715
SidellSidell District Library101 East Market Street61876(217) 288-9031
SidneySidney Community Library221 South David Street61877(217) 688-2332
SilvisSilvis Public Library105 Eighth Street61282(309) 755-3393
SkokieSkokie Public Library5215 Oakton Street60077(847) 673-7774
SmithtonSmithton Public Library District109 South Main Street62285(618) 233-8057
SomonaukSomonauk Public Library District115 East Dekalb Street60552(815) 498-2440
South BeloitSouth Beloit Public Library630 Blackhawk Boulevard61080(815) 389-2495
South HollandSouth Holland Public Library16250 Wausau Avenue60473(708) 331-5262
South PekinSouth Pekin Library208 Main Street61564(309) 348-2446
SpartaSparta Public Library211 West Broadway62286(618) 443-5014
Spring ValleyRichard A. Mautino Memorial Library215 East Cleveland Street61362(815) 663-4741
SpringfieldLincoln Library326 South Seventh Street62701(217) 753-4900
St. CharlesSt. Charles Public Library District1 South Sixth Ave.(630) 584-0076
StandardStandard Branch128 First Street(815) 339-2471
StanfordAllin Township Library116 West Main Street61774(309) 379-4631
StauntonStaunton Public Library306 West Main Street62088(618) 635-3852
SteelevilleSteeleville Area Public Library District625 South Sparta Street62288(618) 965-9732
StegerSteger-South Chicago Heights Public Library District54 East 31st Street60475(708) 755-5040
SterlingSterling Public Library102 West Third Street61081(815) 625-1370
StickneyStickney-Forest View Public Library District6800 West 43rd Street60402(708) 749-1050
Stillman ValleyJulia Hull District Library100 Library Lane61084(815) 645-8611
StocktonStockton Township Public Library140 West Benton Avenue61085(815) 947-2030
StoningtonStonington Township Public Library500 East North Street62567(217) 325-3512
StreamwoodPoplar Creek Public Library District1405 South Park Avenue60107(630) 837-6800
StreatorStreator Public Library130 South Park Street61364(815) 672-2729
Sugar GroveSugar Grove Public Library District54 Snow Street60554(630) 466-4686
SullivanElizabeth Titus Memorial Library2 West Water Street61951(217) 728-7221
SummitSummit Public Library District6233 South Archer Road60501(708) 458-1545
SycamoreSycamore Public Library103 East State Street60178(815) 895-2500
TaylorvilleTaylorville Public Library121 West Vine Street62568(217) 824-4736
ThomsonYork Township Public Library1005 West Main Street61285(815) 259-2480
ThorntonThornton Public Library115 East Margaret Street60476(708) 877-2579
TildenTilden Public Library540 Pine Street62292(618) 587-2401
Tinley ParkTinley Park Public Library7851 Timber Drive60477(708) 532-0160
TiskilwaTiskilwa Public Library119 East Main Street61368(815) 646-4511
ToledoSumpter Township Library408 Courthouse Square62468(217) 849-2072
TolonoTolono Public Library District111 East Main Street61880(217) 485-5558
TolucaToluca Public Library District102 North Main Street61369(815) 452-2211
ToulonToulon Public Library District306 West Jefferson Street61483(309) 286-5791
TowandaTowanda District Library301 South Taylor Street61776(309) 728-2176
TremontTremont District Library215 South Sampson Street61568(309) 925-5432
TrentonTrenton Public Library118 East Indiana Street62293(618) 224-7662
TrentonTrenton Public Library118 East Indiana Street(618) 224-7662
TroyTri-Township Public Library District209 South Main Street62294(618) 667-2133
TuscolaTuscola Public Library112 East Sale Street61953(217) 253-3812
University ParkUniversity Park Public Library District1100 Blackhawk Drive60466(708) 534-2580
UrbanaUrbana Free Library210 West Green Street61801(217) 367-4057
UticaUtica Public Library Districtpo box 36761373(815) 667-4509
ValmeyerValmeyer Public Library District300 South Cedar Bluff Drive62295(618) 935-2626
VandaliaEvans Public Library District215 South Fifth Street62471(618) 283-2824
VeniceVenice Public Library325 Broadway Avenue62090(618) 877-1330
VermilionPotomac Public Library110 East State Street61865(217) 987-6457
VermontVermont Public Librarypo box 19961484(309) 784-6291
Vernon HillsEvergreen Interim Library290 Evergreen Dr.(847) 362-2330
VersaillesVersailles Branch Library112 West 2nd Street(217) 225-3102
VictoriaVictoria Public Library District227 East Main Street61485(309) 879-2295
ViennaVienna Carnegie Public Library401 Poplar Street62995(618) 658-5051
Villa GroveCamargo Township District Library14 North Main Street61956(217) 832-5211
Villa ParkVilla Park Public Library305 South Ardmore Avenue60181(630) 834-1164
ViolaViola Public Library District1705 Fourteenth Street61486(309) 596-2620
VirdenGrand Prairie Of The West Public Library District142 West Jackson Street62690(217) 965-3015
VirginiaVirginia Memorial Public Library100 North Main Street62691(217) 452-3846
WalnutWalnut Public Library District101 Heaton61376(815) 379-2159
WarrenWarren Township Public Library210 Burnett Avenue61087(815) 745-2076
WarrensburgBarclay Public Library District220 South Main Street62573(217) 672-3621
WarrenvilleWarrenville Public Library District28w751 Stafford Place60555(630) 393-1171
WarsawWarsaw Public Library1025 Webster Street62379(217) 256-3417
WashburnWashburn Branch102 West Magnolia(309) 248-7429
WashingtonSunnyland Branch1 Sunnyland Plaza(309) 745-3023
WashingtonWashington District Library380 North Wilmor Road61571(309) 444-2241
Washington ParkWashington Park Public Library5103 Bunkum Road 262204(618) 271-5103
WaterlooMorrison-Talbott Library215 Park Street62298(618) 939-6232
WatermanClinton Township Public Library110 South Elm Street60556(815) 264-3339
WatsekaWatseka Public Library201 South 4th Street60970(815) 432-4544
WaucondaWauconda Area Public Library District801 North Main Street60084(847) 526-6225
WaukeganWaukegan Public Library128 North County Street60085(847) 623-2041
WaverlyWaverly Public Library291 North Pearl Street62692(217) 435-2051
Wayne CityWayne City Public Library103 East Mill Street62895(618) 895-2661
WaynesvilleWaynesville Township Library303 East Second Street61778(217) 949-5111
WeldonWeldon Public Library District505 Maple Street61882(217) 736-2215
WenonaBond Public Library208 South Chestnut Street61377(815) 853-4665
West ChicagoWest Chicago Public Library District118 West Washington Street60185(630) 231-1552
West FrankfortWest Frankfort Public Library402 East Poplar Street62896(618) 932-3313
West SalemWest Salem Public Library112 West South Street62476(618) 456-8970
West UnionWest Union District Library209 West Union Street62477(217) 279-3556
WestchesterWestchester Public Library10700 Canterbury Street60154(708) 562-3573
Western SpringsThomas Ford Memorial Library800 Chestnut Street60558(708) 246-0520
WestmontWestmont Public Library428 North Cass Avenue60559(630) 969-5625
WestvilleWestville Public Library District233 South State Street61883(217) 267-3170
WheatonWheaton Public Library225 North Cross Street60187(630) 668-1374
WheelingIndian Trails Public Library District355 South Schoenbeck Road60090(847) 459-4100
White HallWhite Hall Township Library119 East Sherman Street62092(217) 374-6014
WilliamsfieldWilliamsfield Public Library District111 West Gale Street61489(309) 639-2630
WilliamsvilleWilliamsville Public Library141 West Main Street62693(217) 566-3520
WillisvilleWillisville Village Library803 Broadway Street62997(618) 497-2422
WilmetteWilmette Public Library District1242 Wilmette Avenue60091(847) 256-5025
WilmingtonWilmington Public Library District201 South Kankakee Street60481(815) 476-2834
WinchesterWinchester Public Library215 North Main Street62694(217) 742-3150
WindsorWindsor Storm Memorial Public Library District102 South Maple Street61957(217) 459-2498
WinfieldWinfield Public Library60190(630) 653-7599
WinnebagoWinnebago Public Library District210 North Elida Street61088(815) 335-7050
WinnetkaWinnetka-Northfield Public Library District768 Oak Street60093(847) 446-7220
WittWitt Township Memorial Library18 North Second Street62094(217) 594-7333
Wolf LakeWolf Lake Branch Library4720 State Rt. 3 North(618) 833-4923
Wood DaleWood Dale Public Library District520 North Wood Dale Road60191(630) 766-6762
Wood RiverWood River Public Library326 East Ferguson Avenue62095(618) 254-4832
WoodhullClover Public Library District440 North Division Street61490(309) 334-2680
WoodridgeWoodridge Public Library3 Plaza Drive60517(630) 964-7899
WoodstockWoodstock Public Library414 West Judd Street60098(815) 338-0542
WordenWorden Public Library District111 East Wall Street62097(618) 459-7171
WorthWorth Public Library District6917 West 111th Street60482(708) 448-2855
WyanetRaymond A. Sapp Memorial Township Library103 East Main Street61379(815) 699-2342
WyomingWyoming Public Library District119 North Seventh Street61491(309) 695-2241
Yates CitySalem Township Public Library District115 West Main Street61572(309) 358-1678
YorkvilleYorkville Public Library902 Game Farm Road60560(630) 553-4354
ZeiglerZeigler Public Library102 East Maryland Street62999(618) 596-2041
ZionZion-Benton Public Library District2400 Gabriel Avenue60099(847) 872-4680