Maine Public Libraries

This page contains a list of public libraries in Maine. If you do not see a listing for your local branch library there is a possibility that it might be part of a larger library system. It also might be listed under a different name.

These listings do not include government libraries or libraries at schools or universities. If you would like to add or update a library or if you would like to request some changes to our listings please let us know by using the contact us link at the bottom of this page.

ActonActon Public Library35 H Road-Route 10904001(207) 636-2781
AddisonMayhew Library Assn290 Water Street04606
AlbionAlbion Public Library18 Main Street04910(207) 437-2220
AlbionAlbion Public Library18 Main Street(207) 437-2616
AlfredParsons Memorial Library27 Saco Road04002(207) 324-2001
AllagashAllagash Public Library894 Allagash Road(207) 398-4454
AllagashFaye Oleary Hafford Library1063 Allagash Road04774(207) 398-4454
AndoverAndover Public Library46 Church Street04216(207) 392-4841
AppletonMilldred Stevens Williams Memorial Library2957 Sennebec Road04862(207) 785-5656
AshlandAshland Community Library57 Exchange Street04732(207) 435-6532
AuburnAuburn Public Library49 Spring Street04210(207) 333-6640
AugustaLithgow Public Library45 Winthrop Street04330(207) 626-2415
BaileyvilleWoodland Public Library169 Main Street04694(207) 427-3235
BangorBangor Public Library145 Harlow Street04401(207) 947-8336
Bar HarborJesup Memorial Library34 Mount Desert Street04609(207) 288-4245
Bar MillsBerry Memorial Library93 Main Street04004(207) 929-5484
BathPatten Free Library33 Summer Street04530(207) 443-5141
BelfastBelfast Free Library106 High Street04915(207) 338-3884
BelgradeBelgrade Public Library1 Center Drive04917(207) 495-3508
BernardBass Harbor Memorial Library89 Main Street04612(207) 244-3798
BernardTremont - Bass Harbor Memorial Library(207) 244-3798
BerwickBerwick Public Library103 Old Pine Hill Road North03901(207) 698-5737
BethelBethel Library Assn5 Broad Street04217(207) 824-2520
BiddefordMcarthur Public Library270 Main Street04005(207) 284-4181
BinghamBingham Union Library297 Main Street04920(207) 672-3002
Blue HillBlue Hill Library5 Parker Point Road(207) 374-5515
Blue HillBlue Hill Public Library5 Parker Point Road04614(207) 374-5515
Boothbay HarborBoothbay Harbor Memorial Library4 Oak Street04538(207) 633-3112
BowdoinhamBowdoinham Public Library13a School Street04008(207) 666-8405
BradfordJohn B. Curtis Free Public Library435 Main Rd04410(207) 327-2923
BremenBremen Public Library204 Waldoboro Rd04551(207) 529-5572
BrewerBrewer Public Library100 South Main Street04412(207) 989-7943
BridgtonBridgton Public Library1 Church Street04009(207) 647-2472
BrooklinFriend Memorial Public Library1 Reach Road04616(207) 359-2276
BrooksvilleBrooksville Free Public Library1 Town House Road04617(207) 326-4560
BrownfieldBrownfield Public Library216 Main Street04010(207) 935-3003
BrownfieldBrownfield Public Library(207) 935-3003
BrownvilleBrownville Public Library27 Church Street04414
BrunswickCurtis Memorial Library23 Pleasant Street04011(207) 725-5242
Bryant PondWhitman Memorial Library28 South Main Street04219(207) 665-2505
BuckfieldZadoc Long Free Library5 Turner Street04220(207) 336-2171
BucksportBuck Memorial Library47 Main Street04416(207) 469-2650
BuxtonWest Buxton Public Library34 River Road (Route 112)04093(207) 727-5898
CalaisCalais Free Library9 Union Street04619(207) 454-2758
CamdenCamden Public Library55 Main Street04843(207) 236-3440
CanaanCanaan Public Library288 Main Street04924(207) 474-6397
Cape ElizabethCape Elizabeth - Thomas Memorial Library6 Scott Dyer Road(207) 799-1720
Cape ElizabethThomas Memorial Library6 Scott Dyer Rd.04107(207) 799-1720
Cape PorpoiseCape Porpoise Library173 Main Street04014(207) 967-5668
CaribouCaribou Public Library30 High Street04736(207) 493-4214
CarmelSimpson Memorial Library8 Plymouth Rd04419(207) 848-7145
CarrabassettCarrabassett Valley Public Library1234 Carrabassett Drive04947(207) 235-2211
CascoCasco Public Library5 Leach Hill Road04015(207) 627-4541
CastineWitherle Memorial Library41 School Street04421(207) 326-4375
CharlestonCharleston Public Library13 Atkinson Road04422(207) 285-3680
ChebeagueCumberland - Chebeague Island Library25 South Road, Rr 1(207) 846-4351
Chebeague IslandChebeague Island Library247 South Road, Unit 304017(207) 846-4351
CherryfieldCherryfield Public Library35 Main Street04622(207) 546-4228
China VillageAlbert Church Brown Memorial Library37 Main Street04926(207) 787-3155
Cliff IslandCliff Island Library119 Sunset Avenue04019(207) 766-5188
ClintonBrown Memorial Library - Clinton53 Railroad Street04927(207) 426-8686
ClintonClinton - Brown Memorial Library14 Railroad Street(207) 426-8686
CooperCooper Free Public Library(207) 454-7383
CorinnaStewart Free Library8 Levi Stewart Drive04928(207) 278-2454
CorinthAtkins Memorial Library360 Main Street04427(207) 285-7226
CornishBonney Memorial Library36 Main Street04020(207) 625-8083
Cranberry IslesGreat Cranberry Library13 Main Road04625(207) 244-7358
CumberlandPrince Memorial Library266 Main Street04021(207) 829-2215
CushingCushing Public Library39 Cross Road04563(207) 354-8860
CutlerLouise Clements Library2655 Cutler Road04626(207) 259-3693
DamariscottaSkidompha Public Library184 Main Street04543(207) 563-5513
DanforthDanforth Public Library46 Central Street04424(207) 448-2055
Deer IsleChase Emerson Memorial Library17 Main Street04627(207) 348-2899
DenmarkDenmark Public Library121 East Main Street04022(207) 452-2200
DennysvilleLincoln Memorial Library - Dennysville17 King Street04628(207) 726-4750
DetroitAnna Field Fernald Library35 South Main Street04929(207) 257-4488
DexterAbbott Memorial Library1 Church Street04930(207) 924-7292
DixfieldLudden Memorial Library42 Main Street04224(207) 562-8838
Dover-FoxcroftThompson Free Library186 East Main St.04426(207) 564-3350
DresdenBridge Academy Public Library44 Middle Road04342(207) 737-8810
E. WaterboroWaterboro Public Library187 Main St.04030(207) 247-3363
East BaldwinBrown Memorial Library - Baldwin2 Norton Place04024(207) 787-3155
East Blue HillEast Blue Hill Public Library9 Curtis Cove Road04629(207) 374-5577
East MachiasEast Machias - Sturdivant Public Library(207) 255-0070
East MachiasSturdivant Public Library514 Main Street04630(207) 255-0070
East MillinocketEast Millinocket Public Library53 Main Street04430(207) 746-3554
East SebagoSebago - Spaulding Memorial Library(207) 787-2321
East VassalboroVassalboro Public Library930 Bog Road04935(207) 923-3233
EastportPeavey Memorial Library26 Water Street04631(207) 853-4021
EliotWilliam Fogg Public Library116 Old Road03903(207) 439-9437
EllsworthEllsworth Public Library20 State Street04605(207) 667-6363
EnfieldCole Memorial Library789 Hammett Road04493(207) 732-4270
FairfieldLawrence Public Library33 Lawrence Avenue04937(207) 453-6867
FalmouthFalmouth Memorial Library5 Lunt Road04105(207) 781-2351
FarmingtonFarmington Public Library117 Academy Street04938(207) 778-4312
FayetteUnderwood Memorial Library2006 Main Street04349(207) 685-3778
Fort FairfieldFort Fairfield Public Library339 Main Street04742(207) 472-3880
Fort KentFort Kent Public Library1 Monument Square04743(207) 834-3048
FrankfortFrankfort - Pierce Reading Room Library(207) 000-0000
FrankfortWaldo Peirce Reading Room11a Main Road South04438(207) 223-4438
FreeportFreeport Community Library10 Library Drive04032(207) 865-3307
FrenchboroFrenchboro Public Library04635(207) 334-2924
FriendshipFriendship Public Library3 Main Street04547(207) 832-5332
FryeburgFryeburg Public Library515 Main Street04037(207) 935-2731
GardinerGardiner Public Library152 Water Street04345(207) 582-3312
GarlandGarland - Lyndon Oak Memorial Library(207) 000-0000
GarlandLyndon Oak Memorial Library5 Dexter Road04939
GeorgetownLaura E. Richards Library863 Five Islands Road04548(207) 371-9995
GlenburnGlenburn Library991 Hudson Road04401(207) 942-9897
GorhamBaxter Memorial Library71 South Street04038(207) 839-5031
GorhamNorth Gorham Public Library2 Standish Neck Road04038(207) 892-2575
GorhamSouth Windham Public Library857 Gray Road04038
GrayGray Public Library5 Hancock Street04039(207) 657-4110
GreeneJulia Adams Morse Memorial Library105 Main Street04236(207) 946-5544
GreenvilleShaw Public Library - Greenville9 Lily Bay Road04441(207) 695-3579
GuilfordGuilford Memorial Library4 Library Street04443(207) 876-4547
HallowellHubbard Free Library115 Second Street04347(207) 622-6582
HampdenEdythe Dyer Community Library269 Main Road North04444(207) 862-3550
HarpswellCundys Harbor Library935 Cundys Harbor Road04079(207) 725-1461
HarringtonGallison Memorial Library1292 Main Street04643(207) 483-4547
HarringtonHarrington - Gallison Memorial Library(207) 483-4547
HarrisonBolsters Mills Village Library659 Bolsters Mills Road04040(207) 583-6421
HarrisonHarrison Village Library4 Front Street04040(207) 583-2970
HartlandHartland Public Library16 Mill Street04943(207) 938-4702
HiramSoldiers Memorial Library85 Main Street04041(207) 625-4650
HollisHollis Center Public Library14 Little Falls Road04042(207) 929-3911
HollisSalmon Falls Library322 Old Alfred Road04042(207) 929-3990
HopeHope Library443 Camden Road04847(207) 763-3548
HoultonCary Library-Houlton107 Main Street04730(207) 532-1302
HowlandThomas Free Library8 Main Street04448
Island FallsKatahdin Public Library20 Library Street04747
Isle Au HautIsle Au Haut - Revere Memorial Library(207) 000-0000
Isle-Au-HautRevere Memorial Library8 Main Street04645
IslesboroAlice L. Pendleton Library309 Main Road04848(207) 734-2218
IslesfordCranberry Isles - Islesford Library(207) 244-9565
IslesfordIslesford Library10 Mosswood Road04646(207) 244-9565
JackmanJackman Public Library604 Main Street04945(207) 668-2110
JeffersonJefferson Public Library48 Washington Road04348(207) 549-7491
JonesportJonesport - Peabody Memorial Library(207) 000-0000
JonesportPeabody Memorial Library162 Main Street04649(207) 497-3003
KenduskeagCase Memorial Library911 Stetson Road04450(207) 884-8598
KenduskeagKenduskeag - Case Memorial Library911 Stetson Road(207) 884-8598
KennebunkKennebunk Free Library112 Main Street04043(207) 985-2173
KennebunkportGraves Memorial Library18 Maine Street04046(207) 967-2778
Kezar FallsParsonsfield Public Library(207) 625-4689
KingfieldWebster Free Library22 Depot Street04947(207) 265-2052
KitteryRice Public Library8 Wentworth Street03904(207) 439-1553
LebanonLebanon Town Library649 Center Road04027(603) 833-3318
LevantLevant Heritage Library3519 Union Street04456(207) 884-8988
LewistonLewiston Public Library200 Lisbon Street04240(207) 513-3004
LibertyIvan O. Davis-Liberty Library59 Main Street04949(207) 589-3161
LimerickLimerick Public Library55 Washington Street04048(207) 793-8975
LimestoneFrost Memorial Library238 Main Street(207) 325-4706
LimestoneRobert A. Frost Memorial Library42 Main Street04750(207) 325-4706
LimingtonDavis Memorial Library928 Cape Road04049(207) 637-2422
LincolnLincoln Memorial Library21 West Broadway04457(207) 794-2765
LisbonLisbon Library Dept28 Main Street04252(207) 353-6564
LivermoreLivermore Public Library22 Church Street04253(207) 897-7173
Livermore FallsTreat Memorial Library56 Main Street04254(207) 897-3631
Long IslandLong Island Community Library7 Gorham Street04050(207) 766-2530
LovellCharlotte Hobbs Memorial Library227 Main Street04051(207) 925-3177
LovellHill Memorial Librarybox 470(207) 928-2301
LovellLewis Dana Hill Memorial Library2079 Main Street04016(207) 928-2301
LubecLubec Memorial Library55 Water Street04652(207) 733-2491
LymanLyman Community Library10 John Street04002(207) 499-7114
MachiasMachias - Porter Memorial Library52 Court Street(207) 255-3933
MachiasPorter Memorial Library92 Court St04654(207) 255-3933
MadawaskaMadawaska Public Library393 East Main Street04756(207) 728-3606
MadisonMadison Public Library12 Old Point Avenue04950(207) 696-5626
Mars HillWalter T. A. Hansen Memorial Library10 Hansen Street04758(207) 429-9625
MattawamkeagMattawamkeag Public Library327 Main Street04459(207) 736-7013
Mechanic FallsMechanic Falls Public Library15 Elm Street04256(207) 345-9450
MercerMercer - Shaw Library(207) 587-2911
MercerShaw Public Library - Mercer77 Main Street04957(207) 587-2529
MexicoMexico Free Public Library134 Main Street04257(207) 364-3281
MilbridgeMilbridge Public Library22 School Street04658(207) 546-3066
MillinocketMillinocket Memorial Library5 Maine Avenue04462(207) 723-7020
MiloMilo Free Public Library4 Pleasant Street04463(207) 943-2612
Monhegan IslandMonhegan Memorial Library1 Library Lane04852(207) 594-0549
MonmouthCumston Public Library796 Main Street04259(207) 933-4788
MonroeMonroe Community Library8 Swan Lake Avenue04951(207) 525-3515
MonsonMonson Public Library10 Tenney Hill Road04464(207) 997-3785
Mount DesertSomesville Library Association116 Main Street04660(207) 244-7404
Mount VernonDr.Shaw Memorial Library344 Pond Road04352(207) 293-2565
NaplesNaples Public Library940 Roosevelt Trail04055(207) 693-6841
New GloucesterNew Gloucester Public Library379 Intervale Road04260(207) 926-4840
New PortlandNew Portland Community Library899 River Road04961(207) 628-6561
New SharonJim Ditzler Memorial Library37 Library Road04955(207) 779-1128
New VineyardNew Vineyard Public Library20 Lake Street04956(207) 652-2250
NewfieldNewfield Village Library-Reading Room637 Water Street04056
NewportNewport Public Library145 Main Street04953(207) 368-5074
NorridgewcockNorridgewock Free Public Library86 Sophie May Lane04957(207) 634-2828
North AnsonStewart Public Library37 Elm Street04958(207) 635-3212
North BerwickD.A. Hurd Library41 High Street03906(207) 676-2215
North BridgtonBridgton - North Bridgton Public Library(207) 647-8563
North BridgtonNorth Bridgton Public Library113 Waterford Rd04057(207) 647-8563
North HavenNorth Haven Public Library33 Main Street04853(207) 867-9797
North JayJay-Niles Memorial Library983 Main Street04262(207) 645-4062
North MonmouthMonmouth - North Monmouth Public Library(207) 933-3010
North MonmouthNorth Monmouth Public Library132 North Main Street04265(207) 933-3010
Northeast HarborNortheast Harbor Library1 Joy Road04662(207) 276-3333
NorwayNorway Memorial Library258 Main Street04268(207) 743-5309
OaklandOakland Public Library18 Church Street04963(207) 465-7533
Ocean ParkOcean Park Memorial Library11 Temple Avenue04063(207) 934-1853
Ocean ParkOld Orchard Beach - Ocean Park Memorial Libbox 336(207) 934-1853
OgunquitOgunquit Memorial Library166 Shore Road03907(207) 646-9024
Old Orchard BeachLibby Memorial Library27 Staples Street04064(207) 934-4351
Old TownOld Town Public Library46 Middle Street04468(207) 827-3972
OronoOrono Public Library16 Goodridge Drive04473(207) 866-5060
OrringtonOrrington Public Library15 School Street04474(207) 825-4938
Orrs IslandOrrs Island Library1699 Harpwell Islands Road (Rt. 24)04066(207) 833-7811
OtisOtis Public Library132 Otis Road04605
OtisfieldHarrison - Bolsters Mills Village Library6 Big Hill Road(207) 583-6421
Owls HeadOwls Head Village Library31 South Shore Drive04854(207) 593-0302
OxfordFreeland Holmes Library109 Pleasant Street04270(207) 539-4016
PalermoPalermo Community Library2315 Route 304354(207) 993-6088
ParisHamlin Memorial Library16 Hannibal Hamlin Drive04271(207) 743-2980
ParisParis - Hamlin Memorial Library(207) 743-2980
ParkmanHarvey Memorial Library771 State Highway 15004443(207) 876-3730
ParsonsfieldKezar Falls Circulating Library11 Waddly Street04047(207) 625-2424
PattenVeterans Memorial Library30 Main Street04765(207) 528-2164
Peaks IslandPeaks Island Branch Library129 Island Avenue(207) 766-5540
PemaquidBristol Area Library619 Old County Road04554(207) 677-2115
PembrokePembroke Library221 Old County Road04666(207) 726-4745
PhillipsPhillips Public Library96 Main Street04966(207) 639-2665
PhippsburgAlbert F. Totman Library28 Parker Head Road04562(207) 389-2309
PittsfieldPittsfield Public Library110 Library Street04967(207) 487-5880
PolandRicker Memorial Library1211 Maine Street04274(207) 998-4390
PortlandBurbank Branch Library377 Stevens Avenue(207) 774-4229
PortlandMunjoy Branch Library195 North Street(207) 772-4581
PortlandPeaks Island Branch129 Island Avenue(207) 766-5540
PortlandPortland Public Library467 Congress Street04101(207) 871-1700
PortlandReiche Branch Library166 Brackett Street(207) 774-6871
PortlandRiverton Branch Library1600 Forest Avenue(207) 797-2915
Presque IsleMark And Emily Turner Memorial Library39 Second Street04769(207) 764-2571
PrincetonPrinceton Public Library40 Main Street04668(207) 796-5333
Prospect HarborDorcas Library28 Main Street04669(207) 963-4027
RangeleyRangeley Public Library7 Lake Street04970(207) 864-5529
RaymondRaymond Village Library3 Meadow Rd04071(207) 655-4283
ReadfieldReadfield Community Library1151 Main Street04355(207) 685-4089
RichmondIsaac F Umberhine Public Library86 Main Street04357(207) 737-2770
RocklandRockland Public Library80 Union St.04841(207) 594-0310
RockportRockport Public Library1 Limerock Street04856(207) 236-3642
RumfordRumford Public Library56 Rumford Ave.04276(207) 364-3661
SabattusTown Square Library1 Sabattus Mall(207) 375-6076
SacoDyer Library371 Main Street04072(207) 283-3861
SanfordGoodall Memorial Library952 Main Street04073(207) 324-4714
SangervilleSangerville Public Library1 Town Hall Ave04479(207) 876-3491
SargentvilleSargentville Library Assn653 Reach Road04673
ScarboroughScarborough Public Library48 Gorham Road04074(207) 883-4723
Seal HarborMount Desert - Seal Harbor Library(207) 276-5306
SearsmontSearsmont Town Library37 Main St. South04973(207) 342-5549
SearsportCarver Memorial Library12 Union Street04974(207) 548-2303
SebagoSpaulding Memorial Library282 Sebago Road04029(207) 787-2321
SedgwickSedgwick Library Assn45 Main Street04676(207) 359-2177
ShapleighShapleigh Community Library607 Shapleigh Corner Road04076(207) 636-3630
ShermanSherman Public Library9 Church Street04776(207) 365-4882
SkowheganSkowhegan Public Library9 Elm Street04976(207) 474-9072
SolonCoolidge Library17 South Main Street04979(207) 643-2562
SolonSolon - Coolidge Library(207) 643-2562
South BerwickSouth Berwick Public Library37 Portland St.03908(207) 384-3308
South BristolRutherford Library2000 State Route 12904568(207) 644-1882
South ChinaSouth China Public Library247 Village St.04358(207) 445-3094
South ParisParis Public Library37 Market Square04281(207) 743-6994
South PortlandMemorial Branch Library155 Wescott Road(207) 775-1835
South PortlandSouth Portland Public Library482 Broadway04106(207) 767-7660
South ThomastonSouth Thomaston Public Library8 Dublin Rd04858(207) 596-0022
SouthportSouthport Memorial Library1032 Hendricks Hill Road04576(207) 633-2741
Southwest HarborSouthwest Harbor Public Library338 Main Street04679(207) 244-7065
SpringvaleSpringvale Public Library443 Main Street04083(207) 324-4624
St. AgathaLong Lake Public Library384 Main Street04772(207) 543-9395
StandishStandish - Richville Library743 Richville Road(207) 642-4698
Steep FallsSteep Falls Library1128 Pequawket Trail04085(207) 675-3132
StetsonStetson Public Library70 Village Road04488(207) 296-2020
SteubenHenry D. Moore Library22 Village Road04680(207) 546-7301
Stockton SpringsStockton Springs Community Library6 Station Street04981(207) 567-4147
StoningtonStonington Public Library64 Main Street04681(207) 367-5926
StrattonStratton Public Library88 Main Street04982(207) 246-4401
StrongStrong Public Library14 South Main St.04983(207) 684-4003
SullivanFrenchmans Bay Library1776 Us Highway 104664(207) 422-2307
Swans IslandSwans Island Public Library451 Atlantic Road04685(207) 526-4330
Tenants HarborJackson Memorial Library38 Main Street04860(207) 372-8961
ThomastonThomaston Public Library60 Main Street04861(207) 354-2453
TopshamTopsham Public Library25 Foreside Road04086(207) 725-1727
TurnerTurner Public Library98 Matthews Way04282(207) 225-2030
UnionVose Library343 Common Road04862(207) 785-4733
UnityDorothy W Quimby Library90 Quaker Hill Road04988(207) 948-3131
Van BurenAbel J.Morneault Memorial Library153 Main Street04785(207) 868-5076
VinalhavenVinalhaven Public Library6 Carver Street04863(207) 863-4401
WaldoboroWaldoboro Public Library958 Main Street04572(207) 832-4484
WarrenWarren Free Public Library282 Main Street04864(207) 273-2900
WashburnWashburn Memorial Library1290 Main Street04786(207) 455-4814
WashingtonGibbs Library40 Old Union Road04574(207) 845-2663
WaterfordWaterford Library Association663 Waterford Road04088(207) 583-2050
WatervilleWaterville Public Library73 Elm Street04901(207) 872-5433
WayneCary Memorial Library-Wayne17 Old Winthrop Road04284(207) 685-3612
WeldWeld Public Library25 Church Street04285(207) 585-2439
WellsWells Public Library1434 Post Road04090(207) 646-8181
West ParisWest Paris Public Library226 Main Street04289(207) 674-2004
WestbrookWalker Memorial Library800 Main Street04092(207) 854-0630
WestbrookWarren Memorial Library479 Main Street04092(207) 854-5891
WhitneyvilleWhitneyville Public Library51 School Street04654(207) 255-8077
WiltonWilton Free Public Library6 Goodspeed Street04294(207) 645-4831
WindhamWindham Public Library217 Windham Center Road04062(207) 892-1908
WinslowWinslow Public Library136 Halifax Street04901(207) 872-1978
Winter HarborWinter Harbor Public Library18 Chapel Lane04693(207) 963-7556
WinterportWinterport Memorial Library229 Main Street04496(207) 223-5540
WinthropBailey Public Library39 Bowdoin Street04364(207) 377-8673
WiscassetWiscasset Public Library21 High Street04578(207) 882-7161
YarmouthMerrill Memorial Library215 Main Street04096(207) 846-4763
YorkYork Public Library15 Long Sands Road03909(207) 363-2818