Maryland Public Libraries

This page contains a list of public libraries in Maryland. If you do not see a listing for your local branch library there is a possibility that it might be part of a larger library system. It also might be listed under a different name.

These listings do not include government libraries or libraries at schools or universities. If you would like to add or update a library or if you would like to request some changes to our listings please let us know by using the contact us link at the bottom of this page.

AberdeenAberdeen Branch21 Franklin Street(410) 273-5608
AbingdonAbingdon Branch Library2510 Tollgate Road21009(410) 638-3990
AccidentAccident Branch Library106 S. North Street21520(301) 746-8792
AccokeekPrince Georges County Memorial Library - Accokeek15773 Livingston Rd.20607(301) 292-2880
AnnapolisAnnapolis Area Library1410 West Street21401(410) 222-1750
AnnapolisAnne Arundel County Public Library Headquarters5 Harry S. Truman Parkway21401(410) 222-7371
AnnapolisBroadneck Branch1275 Green Holly Drive21401(410) 222-1905
AnnapolisEastport-Annapolis Neck Branch269 Hillsmere Drive21403(410) 222-1770
BaltimoreArbutus Library1581 Sulphur Spring Rd., Suite 10521227(410) 887-1451
BaltimoreBrooklyn Branch300 E. Patapsco Ave.21225(410) 396-1120
BaltimoreBrooklyn Park Branch1 East 11th Avenue21225(410) 222-6260
BaltimoreCanton Branch1030 S. Ellwood Avenue21224(410) 396-8548
BaltimoreCherry Hill Branch606 Cherry Hill Road21225(410) 396-1168
BaltimoreClifton Branch2001 N. Wolfe Street21213(410) 396-0984
BaltimoreEdmondson Avenue Branch4330 Edmondson Avenue21229(410) 545-7130
BaltimoreEnoch Pratt Free Library400 Cathedral Street21201(410) 396-5395
BaltimoreForest Park Branch3023 Garrison Boulevard21216(410) 396-0942
BaltimoreGovans Branch5714 Bellona Avenue21212(410) 396-6098
BaltimoreHamilton Branch5910 Harford Road21214(410) 396-6088
BaltimoreHampden Branch3641 Falls Road21211(410) 396-6043
BaltimoreHerring Run Branch3801 Erdman Avenue21213(410) 396-0996
BaltimoreLight Street Branch1251 Light Street21230(410) 396-1096
BaltimoreMobile Library Services1716 Merritt Blvd.21222(410) 887-7586
BaltimoreNorth Point Library1716 Merritt Blvd.21222(410) 887-7255
BaltimoreNorthwood Branch4420 Loch Raven Boulevard21218(410) 396-6076
BaltimoreOrleans Street Branch1303 Orleans Street21231(410) 396-0970
BaltimoreParkville-Carney Library9509 Harford Rd.21234(410) 887-5353
BaltimorePatterson Park Branch158 N. Linwood Avenue21224(410) 396-0983
BaltimorePennsylvania Avenue Branch1531 W. North Avenue21217(410) 396-0399
BaltimorePerry Hall Library9440 Belair Rd.21236(410) 887-5195
BaltimorePikesville Library1301 Reisterstown Rd.21208(410) 887-1234
BaltimoreReisterstown Road Branch6310 Reisterstown Road21215(410) 396-0948
BaltimoreRoland Park Branch5108 Roland Avenue21210(410) 396-6099
BaltimoreRosedale Library6105 Kenwood Ave.21237(410) 887-0512
BaltimoreSoutheast Anchor Library3601 Eastern Avenue21224(410) 396-1580
BaltimoreWalbrook Branch3203 W. North Avenue21216(410) 396-0935
BaltimoreWashington Village Branch856 Washington Boulevard21230(410) 396-1099
BaltimoreWaverly Branch400 E. 33rd Street21218(410) 396-6053
BaltimoreWhite Marsh Library8133 Sandpiper Circle21236(410) 887-5097
BaltimoreWoodlawn Library1811 Woodlawn Dr.21207(410) 887-1336
Bel AirBel Air Branch Library100 E. Pennsylvania Ave21014(410) 638-3151
BelcampHarford County Public Library1221-A Brass Mill Road21017(410) 575-6761
BeltsvillePrince Georges County Memorial Library - Beltsville4319 Sellman Rd.20705(301) 937-0294
BerlinWorcester County Library - Berlin220 North Main St.21811(410) 641-0650
BethesdaBethesda Branch Library7400 Arlington Rd.20814(240) 777-0970
BethesdaDavis Branch Library6400 Democracy Blvd.20817(240) 777-0922
BethesdaLittle Falls Branch Library5501 Massachusetts Ave.20816(240) 773-9520
BethesdaSpecial Needs Library6400 Democracy Blvd.20817(240) 777-0960
BivalveBivalve Station Library21814(410) 873-2472
BladensburgPrince Georges County Memorial Library - Bladensburg4820 Annapolis Rd.20710(301) 927-4916
BowiePrince Georges County Memorial Library - Bowie15210 Annapolis Road20715(301) 262-7000
BowiePrince Georges County Memorial Library - South Bowie15301 Hall Road20721(301) 850-0475
BrandywinePrince Georges County Memorial Library - Baden13603 Baden-Westwood Road20613(301) 888-1152
BrunswickBrunswick Branch Library915 North Maple Avenue(301) 600-7250
BurtonsvilleMarilyn J. Praisner Library (Fairland)14910 Old Columbia Pik20866(240) 773-9460
CambridgeDorchester County Public Library303 Gay Street21613(410) 228-7332
CatonsvilleCatonsville Library1100 Frederick Rd.21228(410) 887-0951
CeciltonCecilton Branch Library215 East Main Street21913(410) 275-1091
CentrevilleQueen Annes County Free Library121 S Commerce Street21617(410) 758-0980
Charlotte HallCharlotte Hall Branch Library37600 New Market Road20622(301) 884-2211
Chesapeake BeachTwin Beaches Branch3819 Harbor Road20732(410) 257-2411
Chesapeake CityCecil County Public Library - Chesapeake City2527 Augustine Herman Highway(410) 996-1134
ChestertownKent County Public Library408 High Street21620(410) 778-3636
Chevy ChaseChevy Chase Branch Library8005 Connecticut Ave.20815(301) 986-4313
ClintonPrince Georges County Memorial Library - Surratts-Clinton9400 Piscataway Rd.20735(301) 868-9200
CockeysvilleCockeysville Library9833 Greenside Dr.21030(410) 887-7750
ColumbiaCentral Library10375 Little Patuxent Parkway21044(410) 313-7800
ColumbiaEast Columbia Branch Library6600 Cradlerock Way21045(410) 313-7700
ColumbiaHoward County Library6600 Cradlerock Way21045(410) 313-7750
CooksvilleGlenwood Branch Library2350 Route 9721723(410) 313-5577
CrisfieldCorbin Memorial Library4 E. Main Street21817(410) 968-0955
CroftonCrofton Area Branch1681 Riedel Road21114(410) 222-7915
CumberlandAllegany County Library System31 Washington St21502(301) 777-1200
CumberlandSouth Cumberland Library100 Seymour Street21502(301) 724-1607
CumberlandWashington Street Library31 Washington Street21502(301) 777-1200
DamascusDamascus Branch Library9701 Main Street20872(240) 773-9444
DarlingtonDarlington Branch Library1134 Main Street21034(410) 638-3750
DealeSouth County Branch5940 Deale-Churchton Road20751(410) 222-1925
DentonCaroline County Public Library100 Market Street21629(410) 479-1343
District HeightsPrince Georges County Memorial Library - Spauldings5811 Old Silver Hill Road20747(301) 817-3750
EastonTalbot County Free Library100 W. Dover St.21601(410) 822-1626
EdgewaterEdgewater Branch25 Stepneys Lane21037(410) 222-1538
EdgewoodEdgewood Branch Library629 Edgewood Road21040(410) 612-1600
EldersburgEldersburg Branch6400 Hemlock Drive21784(410) 386-4460
ElkridgeElkridge Branch Library6540 Washington Boulevard21075(410) 313-5088
ElktonCecil County Public Library - Elkton301 Newark Avenue21921(410) 996-5600
Ellicott CityMiller Branch Library9421 Frederick Road21042(410) 313-1950
EmmitsburgEmmitsburg Branch Library300 South Seton Avenue21727(240) 629-6329
EssexEssex Library1110 Eastern Blvd.21221(410) 887-0295
EwellEwell School20910 Caleb Jones Road21824(410) 425-5141
Fairmount HeightsPrince Georges County Memorial Library - Fairmount Heights5904 Kolb St.20743(301) 883-2650
FallstonFallston Branch Library1461 Fallston Road21047(410) 638-3003
FederalsburgFederalsburg Branch123 Morris Avenue21632(410) 754-8397
FinksburgFinksburg Branch2265 Old Westminster Pike21048(410) 386-4505
FrederickC.Burr Artz Public Library110 East Patrick Street21701(301) 694-1630
FrederickFrederick County Public Libraries110 East Patrick Street21701(301) 600-1613
FrederickUrbana Regional Library9020 Amelung Street(301) 600-7000
FriendsvilleFriendsville Branch Library315 Chestnut Street21531(301) 746-5663
FrostburgFrostburg Library65 East Main Street21532(301) 687-0790
GaithersburgGaithersburg Branch Library18330 Montgomery Village Ave.20879(301) 840-2515
GaithersburgQuince Orchard Branch Library15831 Quince Orchard Rd.20878(240) 777-0200
GermantownGermantown Branch Library19840 Century Boulevard20874(240) 777-0110
Glen BurnieNorth County Area Library1010 Eastway21060(410) 222-6270
GlenardenPrince Georges County Memorial Library - Glenarden8724 Glenarden Pkwy.20706(301) 772-5477
GrantsvilleGrantsville Branch Library102 Parkside Dr.21536(301) 895-5298
GreenbeltPrince Georges County Memorial Library - Greenbelt11 Crescent Road20770(301) 345-5800
GreenmountNorth Carroll Branch2255 Hanover Pike21074(410) 386-4480
GreensboroNorth County Branch101 Cedar Lane21639(410) 482-2173
HagerstownWashington County Free Library100 S. Potomac St21740(301) 739-3250
Havre De GraceHavre De Grace Branch Library120 N. Union Ave.21078(410) 939-6700
HurlockHurlock Branch Library222 S. Main St.21643(410) 943-4331
HyattsvillePrince Georges County Memorial Library - Hyattsville6530 Adelphi Rd.20782(301) 985-4690
HyattsvillePrince Georges County Memorial Library System6532 Adelphi Road20782(301) 699-3500
Indian HeadPotomac Branch Library3225 Ruth B. Swann Drive20640(301) 375-7375
JarrettsvilleJarrettsville Branch Library3722 Norrisville Road21084(410) 692-7887
JoppaJoppa Branch Library655 Towne Center Dr.21085(410) 612-1660
KensingtonKensington Park Branch Library4201 Knowles Ave.20895(301) 897-2211
KensingtonNoyes Library For Young Children10237 Carroll Place20895(301) 929-5533
KitzmillerKitzmiller Branch Library288 W. Main Street21538(301) 453-3368
La PlataCharles County Public Library2 Garrett Avenue20646(301) 934-9001
La PlataLa Plata Branch2 Garrett Avenue20646(301) 934-9001
LansdowneLansdowne Branch500 Third Avenue21227(410) 887-5602
LargoPrince Georges County Memorial Library - Largo-Kettering9601 Capital Lane20774(301) 336-4044
LaurelMaryland City At Russett Branch3501 Russett Common20724(301) 725-2390
LaurelPrince Georges County Memorial Library - Laurel507 7th Street20707(301) 776-6790
LaurelSavage Branch Library9525 Durness Lane20723(410) 880-5980
LavaleAllegany County Bookmobile815 National Highway21502(240) 727-0745
LavaleBookmobile Headquarters815 National Highway21502(240) 727-0745
LavaleLavale Library815 National Highway21502(301) 729-0855
LeonardtownLeonardtown Branch Library23250 Hollywood Road20650(301) 475-2846
LeonardtownSt. Marys County Library23250 Hollywood Road20650(301) 475-2846
Lexington ParkLexington Park Branch Library21677 Fdr Blvd.20653(301) 863-8188
LinthicumLinthicum Branch400 Shipley Road21090(410) 222-6265
LonaconingGeorges Creek Library76 Main Street21539(301) 463-2629
LusbySouthern Branch20 Appeal Lane20657(410) 326-5289
MiddletownMiddletown Branch Library101 Prospect Street21769(301) 371-7560
MonktonHereford Library16940 York Rd.21111(410) 887-1919
Mount AiryMount Airy Branch705 Ridge Avenue21771(410) 386-4470
Mount RainierPrince Georges County Memorial Library - Mount Rainier3409 Rhode Island Ave.20712(301) 864-8937
New CarrolltonPrince Georges County Memorial Library - New Carrollton7414 Riverdale Rd..20784(301) 459-6900
North EastCecil County Public Library - North East106 West Cecil Avenue21901(410) 996-6269
OaklandOakland Branch Library6 N. Second Street21550(301) 334-3996
OaklandRuth Enlow Library Of Garrett County6 North Second Street21550(301) 334-3996
Ocean CityWorcester County Library - Ocean City10003 Coastal Highway21842(410) 524-1818
Ocean PinesWorcester County Library - Ocean Pines11107 Cathell Rd.21811(410) 208-4014
OdentonWest County Area Library1325 Annapolis Road21113(410) 222-6277
OlneyOlney Branch Library3500 Olney-Laytonsville Road20832(301) 570-1232
OwingsFairview Branch8120 Southern Maryland Boulevard20736(410) 257-2101
Oxon HillPrince Georges County Memorial Library - Oxon Hill6200 Oxon Hill Rd.20745(301) 839-2400
PasadenaMountain Road Branch4730 Mountain Road21122(410) 222-6699
PasadenaRiviera Beach Branch1130 Duvall Highway21122(410) 222-6285
PerryvilleCecil County Public Library - Perryville500 Coudon Blvd.21903(410) 996-6070
Pocomoke CityWorcester County Library - Pocomoke City301 Market St.21851(410) 957-0878
Point Of RocksEdward F. Fry Memorial Library At Point Of Rocks1635 Ballenger Creek Pike(301) 874-4560
PoolesvillePoolesville Branch Library19633 Fisher Ave.20837(240) 773-9550
Port DepositCecil County Public Library - Port Deposit13 South Main Street21904(410) 996-6055
PotomacPotomac Branch Library10101 Glenolden Drive20854(240) 777-0690
Prince FrederickCalvert Library Prince Frederick850 Costley Way20678(410) 535-0291
Princess AnneSomerset County Library11767 Beechwood Street21853(410) 651-0852
RandallstownRandallstown Library8604 Liberty Rd.21133(410) 887-0770
ReisterstownReisterstown Library21 Cockeys Mill Rd.21136(410) 887-1165
Rising SunCecil County Public Library - Rising Sun111 Colonial Way21911(410) 658-4025
Rock HallRock Hall Branch Library5585 Main Street21661(410) 639-7162
RockvilleAspen Hill Library4407 Aspen Hill Rd.20853(240) 773-9410
RockvilleMontgomery County Public Libraries21 Maryland Ave., Suite 31020850(240) 777-0002
RockvilleRockville Branch Library21 Maryland Ave.20850(240) 777-0140
RockvilleTwinbrook Branch Library202 Meadow Hall Drive20851(240) 777-0240
SalisburyCentre Branch Library21801(410) 546-5397
SalisburyWicomico Public Library122 South Division Street21801(410) 749-3612
SevernProvinces Branch2624 Annapolis Road21144(410) 222-6280
Severna ParkSeverna Park Area Branch45 Mckinsey Road21146(410) 222-6290
Silver SpringLong Branch Library8800 Garland Ave.20901(240) 777-0910
Silver SpringSilver Spring Branch Library8901 Colesville Road20910(240) 773-9420
Silver SpringWhite Oak Branch Library11701 New Hampshire Ave.20904(301) 622-2492
Snow HillWorcester County Library - Snow Hill307 N Washington Street21863(410) 632-3495
St. MichaelsSt. Michaels Branch Library106 Fremont St.21663(410) 745-5877
StevensvilleKent Island Branch200 Library Circle21666(410) 643-8161
Takoma ParkTakoma Park Maryland Library101 Philadelphia Avenue20912(301) 891-7259
TaneytownTaneytown Branch10 Grand Drive21787(410) 386-4510
Temple HillsPrince Georges County Memorial Library - Hillcrest Heights2398 Iverson St.20748(301) 630-4900
ThurmontThurmont Branch Library11 Water Street21788(301) 271-7721
TilghmanTilghman Branch Library21374 Foster Avenue21671(410) 886-9816
TowsonBaltimore County Public Library320 York Road21204(410) 887-6100
TowsonLoch Raven Mini Library1046 Taylor Avenue21286(410) 887-4444
TowsonTowson Library320 York Rd.21204(410) 887-6166
Upper MarlboroPrince Georges County Memorial Library - Upper Marlboro14730 Main St.20772(301) 627-9330
WaldorfP.D. Brown Memorial Branch Library50 Village Street20602(301) 645-2864
WaldorfWaldorf West Branch
WalkersvilleWalkersville Branch Library57 West Frederick Street21793(301) 845-8880
WesternportWesternport Library66 Main Street21562(301) 359-0455
WestminsterBookmobile Services50 East Main Street21157(410) 386-4450
WestminsterCarroll County Public Library115 Airport Drive21157(410) 386-4500
WestminsterWestminster Branch50 East Main Street21157(410) 386-4490
WheatonWheaton Branch Library11701 Georgia Ave.20902(240) 777-0678
White HallNorrisville Branch Library5310 Norrisville Road21161(410) 692-7856
WhitefordWhiteford Branch Library2407 Whiteford Road21160(410) 638-3608