Massachusetts Public Libraries

This page contains a list of public libraries in Massachusetts. If you do not see a listing for your local branch library there is a possibility that it might be part of a larger library system. It also might be listed under a different name.

These listings do not include government libraries or libraries at schools or universities. If you would like to add or update a library or if you would like to request some changes to our listings please let us know by using the contact us link at the bottom of this page.

AbingtonAbington Public Library600 Gliniewicz Way02351(781) 982-2139
ActonActon Memorial Library486 Main St.01720(978) 264-9641
ActonW. Acton Citizens Library21 Windsor Ave.01720(978) 264-9652
AcushnetRussell Memorial Library88 Main St.02743(508) 998-0270
AdamsAdams Free Library92 Park St.01220(413) 743-8345
AgawamAgawam Public Library750 Cooper Street01001(413) 789-1550
AlfordAlford Free Public Library5 Alford Center Road01230(413) 528-4536
AllstonHonan-Allston Branch300 North Harvard St.(617) 787-6313
AmesburyAmesbury Public Library149 Main St.01913(978) 388-8148
AmherstJones Library, Inc.43 Amity Street01002(413) 259-3090
AmherstMunson Memorial Library1046 South East Street(413) 256-4095
AmherstNorth Amherst Library8 Montague Road(413) 256-4099
AndoverMemorial Hall Library01810(978) 623-8401
AquinnahAquinnah Public Library1 Church St.02535(508) 645-2314
ArlingtonEdith M. Fox Library175 Massachusetts Avenue(781) 316-3198
ArlingtonRobbins Library700 Massachusetts Avenue02476(781) 316-3200
AshburnhamStevens Memorial Library20 Memorial Drive01430(978) 827-4115
AshbyAshby Free Public Library812 Main Street01431(978) 386-5377
AshfieldBelding Memorial Library244 Main St.01330(413) 628-4414
AshlandAshland Public Library66 Front St.01721(508) 881-0134
AssonetGuilford H. Hathaway Library6 North Main Street(508) 644-2385
AtholAthol Public Library568 Main St.01331(978) 249-9515
AttleboroAttleboro Public Library74 North Main Street02703(508) 222-0157
AuburnAuburn Free Public Library369 Southbridge St.01501(508) 832-7790
AuburndaleAuburndale Branch Library375 Auburn Street(617) 552-7158
AvonAvon Public Library280 West Main St.02322(508) 583-0378
AyerAyer Public Library26 East Main St.01432(978) 772-8250
BarnstableSturgis Library3090 Main St.02630(508) 362-6636
BarreWoods Memorial Library19 Pleasant St.01005(978) 355-2533
BecketBecket Athenaeum3367 Main Street, Route 801223(413) 623-5483
BedfordBedford Free Public Library7 Mudge Way01730(781) 275-9440
BelchertownClapp Memorial Library19 S. Main St.01007(413) 323-0417
BellinghamBellingham Public Library100 Blackstone Street02019(508) 966-1660
BelmontBelmont Public Library336 Concord Ave.02478(617) 489-2000
BelmontBenton Branch Library75 Oakley Road(617) 489-2000
BelmontWaverly Branch Library445 Trapelo Road(617) 489-2000
BerkleyBerkley Public Library3 North Main Street02779(508) 822-3329
BerlinBerlin Public Library23 Carter Street01503(978) 838-2812
BernardstonCushman Library28 Church St.01337(413) 648-5402
BeverlyBeverly Farms Branch Library24 Vine Street(978) 921-6066
BeverlyBeverly Public Library32 Essex St.01915(978) 921-6062
BillericaBillerica Public Library15 Concord Rd.01821(978) 671-0948
BlackstoneBlackstone Free Public Library86 Main St.01504(508) 883-1931
BlandfordPorter Memorial Library87 Main Street01008(413) 848-2853
BoltonBolton Public Library738 Main St.01740(978) 779-2839
BostonBoston Public Library700 Boylston Street02116(617) 536-5400
BostonKirstein Business Branch20 City Hall Avenue(617) 523-0860
BostonNorth End Branch Library25 Parmenter Street(617) 227-8135
BostonSouth End Branch Library685 Tremont Street(617) 536-8241
BostonWest End Branch Library151 Cambridge Street(617) 523-3957
BourneJonathan Bourne Public Library19 Sandwich Road02532(508) 759-0644
BoxboroughSargent Memorial Library427 Mass. Ave.01719(978) 263-4680
BoxfordBoxford Town Library10 Elm St.01921(978) 887-7323
BoxfordWest Boxford Library188 Washington Street(978) 352-7323
BoylstonBoylston Public Library695 Main St.01505(508) 869-2371
BraintreeThayer Public Library798 Washington Street02184(781) 848-0405
BrewsterBrewster Ladies Library Assoc.1822 Main Street02631(508) 896-3913
BridgewaterBridgewater Public Library15 South St.02324(508) 697-3331
BrightonBrighton Branch Library40 Academy Hill Road(617) 782-6032
BrightonFaneuil Branch Library419 Faneuil Street(617) 782-6705
BrimfieldBrimfield Public Libraryp.o. box 37701010(413) 245-3518
BrocktonBrockton Public Library System304 Main St.02301(508) 580-7890
BrocktonEast Branch Library54 Kingman Street(508) 580-7892
BrocktonWest Branch Library540 Forest Avenue(508) 580-7894
BrookfieldMerrick Public Library2 Lincoln Street01506(508) 867-6339
BrooklineBrookline Public Library361 Washington St.02445(617) 730-2370
BrooklineCoolidge Corner Branch Library31 Pleasant Street(617) 730-2380
BucklandBuckland Public Library30 Upper St.01338(413) 625-9412
BurlingtonBurlington Public Library22 Sears Street01803(781) 270-1690
ByfieldNewbury Town Library01922(978) 465-0539
CambridgeCambridge Public Library449 Broadway02139(617) 349-4040
CambridgeCambridge Public Library - Boudreau245 Concord Avenue02139(617) 349-4017
CambridgeCambridge Public Library - Central Square45 Pearl Street02139(617) 349-4010
CambridgeCambridge Public Library - Collins64 Aberdeen Avenue02138(617) 349-4021
CambridgeCambridge Public Library - Oconnell48 Sixth Street02141(617) 349-4019
CambridgeCambridge Public Library - Oneill70 Rindge Avenue02140(617) 349-4023
CambridgeCambridge Public Library - Valente826 Cambridge Street02141(617) 349-4015
CantonCanton Public Library786 Washington St.02021(781) 821-5027
CarlisleGleason Public Library22 Bedford Road01741(978) 369-4898
CarverCarver Public Library2 Meadowbrook Way02330(508) 866-3415
CentervilleCenterville Public Library585 Main St.02632(508) 790-6220
CharlemontTyler Memorial Libraryp. o. box 51801339(413) 339-4335
CharltonCharlton Public Library40 Main St.01507(508) 248-0452
ChathamEldredge Public Library564 Main St.02633(508) 945-5170
ChelmsfordChelmsford Public Library25 Boston Rd.01824(978) 256-5521
ChelseaChelsea Public Library569 Broadway02150(617) 889-8399
CheshireCheshire Public Library23 Depot Street01225(413) 743-4746
ChesterHamilton Memorial Library195 Route 2001011(413) 354-7808
ChesterfieldChesterfield Public Library408 Main Road01012(413) 296-4735
Chestnut HillPutterham Branch Library959 West Roxbury Parkway(617) 730-2385
ChicopeeAldenville Branch Library527 Grattan Street(413) 532-4248
ChicopeeChicopee Falls Branch Library216 Broadway(413) 592-1820
ChicopeeChicopee Public Library449 Front St.01013(413) 594-1800
ChicopeeFairview Branch Library373 Britton Street(413) 533-8218
ChilmarkChilmark Free Public Library522 South Rd.02535(508) 645-3360
ClarksburgClarksburg Town Library711 West Cross Road01247(413) 664-6050
ClintonBigelow Free Public Library54 Walnut St.01510(978) 365-4160
CohassetPaul Pratt Memorial Library35 Ripley Rd.02025(781) 383-1348
ColrainGriswold Memorial Library14 Main Rd.01340(413) 624-3619
ConcordConcord Free Public Library129 Main Street01742(978) 318-3300
ConcordLoring N. Fowler Library1322 Main Street(978) 318-3350
ConwayField Memorial Library1 Elm St.01341(413) 369-4646
CotuitCotuit Library871 Main St.02635(508) 428-8141
CummingtonBryant Free Library01026(413) 634-0109
CuttyhunkCuttyhunk Public Library19 Tower Hill Road02713(508) 990-7408
DaltonDalton Free Public Library462 Main Street01226(413) 684-6112
DanversPeabody Institute Library15 Sylvan St.01923(978) 774-0554
DartmouthDartmouth Public Libraries732 Dartmouth Street02748(508) 999-0726
DartmouthNorth Dartmouth Library1383 Tucker Road(508) 999-0728
DartmouthRussells Mills Library1205 Russells Mills Road(508) 999-0729
DedhamDedham Public Library43 Church St.02026(781) 751-9280
DedhamEndicott Branch Library257 Mount Vernon Street(781) 326-5339
DennisDennis Memorial Library Assoc.02638(508) 385-2255
DennisportDennis Public Library5 Hall St.02639(508) 760-6219
DightonDighton Public Library395 Main Street02715(508) 669-6421
DorchesterAdams Street Branch Library690 Adams Street(617) 436-6900
DorchesterCodman Square Branch Library690 Washington Street(617) 436-8214
DorchesterFields Corner Branch Library1520 Dorchester Avenue(617) 436-2155
DorchesterGrove Hall Branch Libary5 Crawford Street(617) 427-3337
DorchesterLower Mills Branch Library27 Richmond Street(617) 298-7841
DouglasSimon Fairfield Public Library290 Main Street01516(508) 476-2695
DoverDover Town Library56 Dedham St.02030(508) 785-8113
DracutMoses Greeley Parker Memorial Lib.28 Arlington St.01826(978) 454-5474
DudleyPearle L. Crawford Memorial Library1 Village Street01571(508) 949-8021
DunstableDunstable Free Public Library588 Main St.01827(978) 649-7830
DuxburyDuxbury Free Library77 Alden Street02332(781) 934-2721
East BostonEast Boston Branch Library276 Meridian Street(617) 569-0271
East BostonOrient Heights Branch Library18 Barnes Avenue(617) 567-2516
East BridgewaterEast Bridgewater Public Library32 Union St.02333(508) 378-1616
East BrookfieldEast Brookfield Public Library122 Connie Mack Drive01515(508) 867-7928
East DennisJacob Sears Memorial Library23 Center St.02641(508) 385-8151
East FalmouthEast Falmouth Branch Library310 East Falmouth Highway(508) 548-6340
East FreetownJames White Memorial Library5 Washburn Road02717(508) 763-5344
East LongmeadowEast Longmeadow Public Library60 Center Square01028(413) 525-5432
East WeymouthFranklin N. Pratt Library1400 Pleasant Street(781) 337-1677
EasthamEastham Public Library190 Samoset Road02642(508) 240-5950
EasthamptonEmily Williston Memorial Library9 Park St.01027(413) 527-1031
EastonFive Corners Library670 Depot Street(508) 230-8595
EdgartownEdgartown Free Public Library58 North Water St.02539(508) 627-4221
ErvingErving Center Branch12 E. Main St.(413) 422-2800
ErvingErving Public Library17 Moore St.01344(413) 423-3348
EssexT.O.H.P. Burnham Free Library30 Martin St.01929(978) 768-7410
EverettParlin Memorial Library410 Broadway02149(617) 394-2300
EverettShute Memorial Library781 Broadway(617) 394-2308
FairhavenMillicent Library45 Center St.02719(508) 992-5342
Fall RiverEast End Branch Library1386 Pleasant Street(508) 324-2709
Fall RiverFall River Public Library104 North Main St.02720(508) 324-2700
Fall RiverSouth Branch Library1310 South Main Street(508) 324-2708
FalmouthFalmouth Public Library300 Main Street02540(508) 457-2555
FitchburgFitchburg Public Library610 Main St.01420(978) 345-9635
FlorenceLilly Library19 Meadow St.01062(413) 587-1500
FloridaFlorida Free Public Library56 North County Road01247(413) 664-6023
FoxboroughBoyden Library10 Bird St.02035(508) 543-1245
FraminghamFramingham Public Library49 Lexington Street01702(508) 532-5570
FraminghamMcauliffe Branch Library10 Nicholas Road(508) 877-3636
FranklinFranklin Public Library118 Main Street02038(508) 520-4940
GardnerLevi Heywood Memorial Library55 West Lynde St.01440(978) 632-5298
GeorgetownPeabody Library01833(978) 352-5728
GilbertvilleGilbertville Public Library259 Main St.01031(413) 477-6312
GillSlate Memorial Library332 Main Road01376(413) 863-2591
GloucesterGloucester Lyceum Sawyer Free Lib2 Dale Ave.01930(978) 281-9763
GoshenGoshen Free Public Library42 Main Street01032(413) 268-7033
GraftonGrafton Public Library35 Grafton Common01519(508) 839-4649
GranbyGranby Free Public Library01033(413) 467-3320
GranvilleGranville Public Library2 Granby Road01034(413) 357-8531
Great BarringtonMason Library231 Main St.01230(413) 528-2403
GreenfieldGreenfield Public Library402 Main St.01301(413) 772-1544
GrotonGroton Public Library99 Main St.01450(978) 448-1167
GrovelandLangley Adams Library185 Main Street01834(978) 372-1732
HadleyGoodwin Memorial Library50 Middle Street01035(413) 584-7451
HadleyNorth Hadley Branch Library237 River Drive(413) 586-3031
HalifaxHolmes Public Library470 Plymouth St.02338(781) 293-2271
HampdenHampden Free Library625 Main St.01036(413) 566-3047
HancockTaylor Memorial Library733 Main Street01237(413) 738-5326
HanoverJohn Curtis Free Library534 Hanover St.02339(781) 826-2972
HansonHanson Public Library132 Maquan St.02341(781) 293-2151
HardwickPaige Memorial Library87 Petersham Road01037(413) 477-6704
HarvardHarvard Public Library4 Pond Rd.01451(978) 456-4114
HarwichBrooks Free Library739 Main Street02645(508) 430-7562
Harwich PortHarwich Port Library 17502646(508) 432-3320
HatfieldHatfield Public Library39 Main St.01038(413) 247-9097
HaverhillHaverhill Public Library99 Main St.01830(978) 373-1586
HaydenvilleHaydenville Public Library136 Main Street(413) 268-7472
HeathHeath Free Public Library1 East Main Street01346(413) 337-4934
HinghamHingham Public Library66 Leavitt St.02043(781) 741-1405
HinsdaleHinsdale Public Library58 Maple St.01235(413) 655-2303
HolbrookHolbrook Public Library2 Plymouth St.02343(781) 767-3644
HoldenGale Free Library23 Highland St.01520(508) 829-0228
HollandHolland Public Library23 Sturbridge Rd.01521(413) 245-3607
HollistonHolliston Public Library752 Washington St.01746(508) 429-0617
HolyokeHolyoke Public Library335 Maple St.01040(413) 322-5640
HopedaleBancroft Memorial Library50 Hopedale Street01747(508) 634-2209
HopkintonHopkinton Public Library13 Main Street01748(508) 497-9777
HousatonicRamsdell Public Library1087 Main Street(413) 274-3738
HubbardstonHubbardston Public Library7 Main Street01452(978) 928-4775
HudsonHudson Public Library3 Washington Street At Wood Square01749(978) 568-9644
HullHull Public Library9 Main St.02045(781) 925-2295
HuntingtonHuntington Public Library7 East Main St.01050(413) 667-3506
HyannisHyannis Public Library Assoc.401 Main St.02601(508) 775-2280
Hyde ParkHyde Park Branch Library35 Harvard Avenue(617) 361-2524
Indian OrchardIndian Orchard Branch Library44 Oak Street(413) 263-6846
IpswichIpswich Public Library25 North Main St.01938(978) 356-6648
Jamaica PlainConnolly Branch Library433 Centre Street(617) 522-1960
Jamaica PlainJamaica Plain Branch Library12 Sedgwick Street(617) 524-2053
KingstonKingston Public Library6 Green Street02364(781) 585-0517
LakevilleLakeville Free Public Library4 Precinct St.02347(508) 947-9028
LancasterThayer Memorial Library717 Main St.01523(978) 368-8928
LanesboroughLanesborough Public Library83 North Main St. (Town Hall)01237(413) 442-0222
LawrenceLawrence Public Library51 Lawrence St.01841(978) 682-1727
LawrenceSouth Lawrence Branch Library135 Parker Street(978) 794-5789
LeeLee Library Association100 Main St.01238(413) 243-0385
LeicesterLeicester Public Library1136 Main St.01524(508) 892-7020
LenoxLenox Library Association18 Main St.01240(413) 637-0197
LeominsterLeominster Public Library30 West St.01453(978) 534-7522
LeverettLeverett Library75 Montague Road01054(413) 548-9220
LexingtonCary Memorial Library1874 Massachusetts Avenue02420(781) 862-6288
LexingtonEast Lexington Branch Library735 Massachusetts Avenue(781) 862-2773
LeydenRobertson Memorial Library849 Greenfield Road01301(413) 773-9334
LincolnLincoln Public Library01773(781) 259-8465
LittletonReuben Hoar Library41 Shattuck St.01460(978) 486-4046
LongmeadowRichard Salter Storrs Library693 Longmeadow St.01106(413) 565-4181
LowellPollard Memorial Library401 Merrimack St.01852(978) 970-4120
LowellSamuel S. Pollard Memorial Library401 Merrimack St.01852(978) 970-4120
LowellSenior Center Branch276 Broadway Street(978) 970-4120
LudlowHubbard Memorial Library24 Center Street01056(413) 583-3408
LunenburgLunenburg Public Library1023 Massachusetts Ave.01462(978) 582-4140
LunenburgRitter Memorial Library1023 Massachusetts Avenue01462(978) 582-4140
LynnLynn Public Library5 North Common St.01902(781) 595-0567
LynnfieldLynnfield Public Library18 Summer St.01940(781) 334-5411
MaldenLinden Branch Library141 Oliver Street(781) 397-7067
MaldenMalden Public Library36 Salem St.02148(781) 324-0218
ManchaugManchaug Branch Library2 Main Street(508) 476-7036
Manchester-By-The-SeManchester-By-The-Sea Pub. Library15 Union Street01944(978) 526-7711
ManometManomet Branch Library24 Manomet Point Road(508) 830-4185
MansfieldMansfield Public Library255 Hope Street02048(508) 261-7382
MarbleheadAbbot Public Library235 Pleasant St.01945(781) 631-1480
MarionElizabeth Taber Memorial Library8 Spring St.02738(508) 748-1252
MarlboroughMarlborough Public Library35 West Main St.01752(508) 624-6900
MarshfieldVentress Memorial Library02050(781) 834-5535
Marstons MillsMarstons Mills Public Library2160 Main St.02648(508) 428-5175
MashpeeMashpee Public Library100 Nathan Ellis Hghwy.02649(508) 539-1435
MattapanMattapan Branch Library10 Hazelton Street(617) 298-9218
MattapoisettMattapoisett Public Library7 Barstow St.02739(508) 758-4171
MaynardMaynard Public Library77 Nason St.01754(978) 897-1010
MedfieldMedfield Memorial Library468 Main Street02052(508) 359-4544
MedfordMedford Public Library111 High St.02155(781) 395-7950
MedwayMedway Public Library26 High St.02053(508) 533-3217
MelroseMelrose Public Library69 West Emerson St.02176(781) 665-2313
MendonTaft Public Library18 Main St.01756(508) 473-3259
MerrimacMerrimac Public Library86 West Main St.01860(978) 346-9441
MethuenNevins Memorial Library305 Broadway01844(978) 686-4080
MiddleboroughMiddleborough Public Library102 North Main St.02346(508) 946-2470
MiddlefieldMiddlefield Public Library188 Main Road01243(413) 623-6421
MiddletonFlint Public Library1 South Main St.01949(978) 774-8132
MilfordMilford Town Library80 Spruce Street01757(508) 473-2145
Mill RiverNew Marlborough Town Library1 Mill River -Great Barrington Road01230(413) 229-6668
MillburyMillbury Public Library128 Elm St.01527(508) 865-1181
Millers FallsMillers Falls Library23 Bridge Street(413) 659-3801
MillisMillis Public Library25 Auburn Road02054(508) 376-8282
MillvilleMillville Free Public Library169 Main St.01529(508) 883-1887
MiltonEast Milton Branch Library354 Edge Hill Road(617) 698-1733
MiltonMilton Public Library476 Canton Ave.02186(617) 698-5757
Monroe BridgeMonroe Public Library3b School St.01350(413) 424-7776
MonsonMonson Free Library Reading Room2 High Street01057(413) 267-3866
MontagueMontague Center Library17 Center Street(413) 367-2852
MontereyMonterey Public Library452 Main Rd.01245(413) 528-3795
MontgomeryGrace Hall Memorial Library161 Main Rd.01085(413) 862-3894
Mount WashingtonMount Washington Public Library01258(413) 528-1798
NahantNahant Public Library15 Pleasant St.01908(781) 581-0306
NantucketNantucket Atheneum1 India Street02554(508) 228-1110
NatickMorse Institute Library14 East Central Street01760(508) 647-6520
NeedhamNeedham Free Public Library1139 Highland Ave.02494(781) 455-7559
New BedfordCasa Da Saudade58 Crapo Street(508) 991-6218
New BedfordFrancis J. Lawler Branch Library745 Rockdale Avenue(508) 991-6216
New BedfordHowland Green Library3 Rodney French Blvd.(508) 991-6212
New BedfordNew Bedford Free Public Library613 Pleasant Street02740(508) 991-6275
New BedfordWilks Library1911 Acushnet Avenue(508) 991-6214
New BraintreeNew Braintree Public Library45 Memorial Drive01531(508) 867-7650
New SalemNew Salem Public Library24 South Main Street01355(978) 544-6334
NewburyportAndrews Branch Library77 Purchase Street(978) 465-4430
NewburyportNewburyport Public Library94 State St.01950(978) 465-4428
NewtonNonantum Branch Library144 Bridge Street(617) 552-7163
NewtonNewton Free Library330 Homer Street02459(617) 796-1360
Newton CornerNewton Corner Branch Library126 Vernon Street(617) 552-7157
NorfolkNorfolk Public Library139 Main St.02056(508) 528-3380
North AdamsNorth Adams Public Library74 Church St.01247(413) 662-3133
North AndoverStevens Memorial Library345 Main Street01845(978) 688-9505
North AttleboroughRichards Memorial Library118 North Washington Street02760(508) 699-0122
North BrookfieldHaston Free Public Library161 Main Street01535(508) 867-0208
North ChelmsfordMackay Branch Library43 Newfield Street(978) 251-3212
North EastonAmes Free Library Of Easton, Inc.53 Main St.02356(508) 238-2000
North FalmouthNorth Falmouth Branch Library6 Chester Street(508) 563-2922
North GraftonNorth Grafton Branch6 Prentice Street(508) 839-4454
North OrangeMoore-Leland Library172 Athol Road(978) 575-0444
North ReadingFlint Memorial Library147 Park St.01864(978) 664-4942
North TruroTruro Public Library5 Library Lane02652(508) 487-1125
North WeymouthNorth Branch Library220 North Street(781) 340-5036
NorthamptonForbes Library20 West St.01060(413) 587-1011
NorthboroughNorthborough Free Library34 Main St.01532(508) 393-5025
NorthfieldDickinson Memorial Library115 Main Street01360(413) 498-2455
NorthfieldField Library243 Millers Falls Road01360
NortonNorton Public Library68 E. Main Street02766(508) 285-0265
NorwellNorwell Public Library64 South St.02061(781) 659-2015
NorwoodMorrill Memorial Library33 Walpole St.02062(781) 769-0200
Oak BluffsOak Bluffs Public Library56r School Street02557(508) 693-9433
OakhamFobes Memorial Library4 Maple St.01068(508) 882-3372
OrangeWheeler Memorial Library49 East Main Street01364(978) 544-2495
OrleansSnow Library67 Main St.02653(508) 240-3760
OstervilleOsterville Free Library43 Wianno Avenue02655(508) 428-5757
OtisOtis Free Public Library48 Main St.01253(413) 269-0109
OxfordOxford Free Public Library339 Main St.01540(508) 987-6003
PalmerPalmer Public Library1455 North Main St.01069(413) 283-3330
PaxtonRichards Memorial Library44 Richards Ave.01612(508) 754-0793
PeabodyPeabody Institute Library82 Main St.01960(978) 531-0100
PeabodySouth Branch Library78 Lynn Street(508) 531-3380
PeabodyWest Branch Library603 Lowell Street(508) 535-3354
PelhamPelham Library2 South Valley Road01002(413) 253-0657
PembrokePembroke Public Library142 Center St.02359(781) 293-6771
PepperellLawrence Library15 Main St.01463(978) 433-0330
PeruPeru Library6 W. Main Road01235(413) 655-8650
PetershamPetersham Memorial Library23 Common St.01366(978) 724-3405
PhillipstonPhillips Free Public Library25 Templeton Road01331(978) 249-1734
PittsfieldBerkshire Athenaeum1 Wendell Ave.01201(413) 499-9480
PlainfieldShaw Memorial Library312 Main Street01070(413) 634-5406
PlainvillePlainville Public Library198 South St.02762(508) 695-1784
PlymouthPlymouth Public Library132 South Street02360(508) 830-4250
PlymptonPlympton Public Library248 Main St.02367(781) 585-4551
PrincetonPrinceton Public Library2 Town Hall Drive01541(978) 464-2115
ProvincetownProvincetown Public Library356 Commercial St.02657(508) 487-7094
QuincyAdams Shore Branch Library519 Sea Street(617) 376-1325
QuincyNorth Quincy Branch Library381 Hancock Street(617) 376-1320
QuincyThomas Crane Public Library40 Washington Street02269(617) 376-1300
QuincyWollaston Branch Library41 Beale Street(617) 376-1330
RandolphTurner Free Library02368(781) 961-0932
RaynhamRaynham Public Library760 South Main St.02767(508) 823-1344
ReadingReading Public Library64 Middlesex Ave.01867(781) 944-0840
RehobothBlanding Public Library124 Bay State Road02769(508) 252-4236
RevereRevere Public Library179 Beach St.02151(781) 286-8380
RichmondRichmond Free Public Library2821 State Road01254(413) 698-3834
RochesterJoseph H. Plumb Memorial Library17 Constitution Way02770(508) 763-8600
RocklandRockland Memorial Library20 Belmont St.02370(781) 878-1236
RockportRockport Public Library17 School Street01966(978) 546-6934
RoslindaleRoslindale Branch Library4238 Washington Street(617) 323-2343
RoweRowe Town Libraryp.o. box 45701367(413) 339-4761
RowleyRowley Public Library141 Main St.01969(978) 948-2850
RoxburyDudley Branch Library65 Warren Street(617) 442-6186
RoxburyDudley Literacy Center65 Warren St.(617) 859-2446
RoxburyEgleston Square Branch Library2044 Columbus Avenue(617) 445-4340
RoxburyParker Hill Branch Library1497 Tremont Street(617) 427-3820
RoyalstonPhinehas S. Newton Library19 On The Common01368(978) 249-3572
RussellRussell Public Library162 Main St.01071(413) 862-3102
RutlandRutland Free Public Library280 Main Street01543(508) 886-4108
SalemSalem Public Library370 Essex St.01970(978) 744-0860
SalisburySalisbury Public Library17 Elm Street01952(978) 465-5071
SandisfieldSandisfield Public Library23 Sandisfield Road01255(413) 258-4966
SandwichSandwich Free Public Library142 Main Street02563(508) 888-0625
SaugusSaugus Public Library295 Central St.01906(781) 231-4168
SavoySavoy Hollow Library720 Main Road01256(413) 743-4290
ScituateScituate Town Library85 Branch St.02066(781) 545-8727
SeekonkSeekonk Public Library410 Newman Ave.02771(508) 336-8230
SharonSharon Public Library11 North Main St.02067(781) 784-1578
SheffieldBushnell-Sage Library48 Main St.01257(413) 229-7004
ShelburneShelburne Free Public Library233 Shelburne Center Road01370(413) 625-0307
Shelburne FallsArms Library01370(413) 625-0306
SherbornSherborn Library4 Sanger St.01770(508) 653-0770
ShirleyHazen Memorial Library3 Keady Way01464(978) 425-2620
ShrewsburyShrewsbury Free Public Library609 Main St.01545(508) 842-0081
ShutesburyM. N. Spear Memorial Libraryp. o. box 25601072(413) 259-1213
SomersetSomerset Public Library1464 County St.02726(508) 646-2829
SomervilleEast Branch Library115 Broadway(617) 623-5000
SomervilleSomerville Public Library79 Highland Avenue02143(617) 623-5000
SomervilleWest Branch Library40 College Avenue(617) 623-5000
Souh AttleboroSouth Attleboro Branch Library609 Newport Avenue(508) 761-6232
South BostonSouth Boston Branch Library646 East Broadway(617) 268-0180
South BostonWashington Village Branch Library1226 Columbia Road(617) 269-7239
South ChathamSouth Chatham Public Libraryp. o. box 21802659(508) 430-7989
South DeerfieldTilton Library75 North Main St.01373(413) 665-4683
South DennisSouth Dennis Free Public Library389 Main St.02660(508) 394-8954
South EgremontEgremont Free Library1 Button Ball Lane01258(413) 528-1474
South GraftonSouth Grafton Branch Library71 Main Street(508) 839-3850
South HadleyGaylord Memorial Library47 College Street01075(413) 538-5047
South HadleySouth Hadley Public Library27 Bardwell St.01075(413) 538-5045
South HamiltonHamilton-Wenham Public Library14 Union St.01982(978) 468-5577
South NatickBacon Free Library58 Eliot Street01760(508) 653-6730
South WeymouthFogg Library1 Columbian Square(781) 337-0410
South YarmouthYarmouth Town Library Board312 Old Main Street02664(508) 760-4820
SouthamptonEdwards Public Library30 East Street01073(413) 527-9480
SouthboroughSouthborough Public Library25 Main St.01772(508) 485-5031
SouthbridgeJacob Edwards Library236 Main St.01550(508) 764-5426
SouthwickSouthwick Public Library95 Feeding Hills Rd.01077(413) 569-1221
SpencerRichard Sugden Public Library8 Pleasant Street01562(508) 885-7513
SpringfieldBrightwood Branch Library359 Plainfield Street(413) 263-6805
SpringfieldEast Forest Park122-124 Island Pond Road(413) 263-6836
SpringfieldMason Square Branch Library765 State Street(413) 263-6852
SpringfieldPine Point Branch Library204 Boston Road(413) 263-6855
SpringfieldSixteen Acres Branch Library1187 Parker Street(413) 263-6858
SpringfieldSpringfield City Library220 State St.01103(413) 263-6828
SterlingConant Free Public Library4 Meetinghouse Hill Road01564(978) 422-6409
StockbridgeStockbridge Library Association46 Main St.01262(413) 298-5501
StonehamStoneham Public Library431 Main St.02180(781) 438-1324
StoughtonStoughton Public Library84 Park St.02072(781) 344-2711
StowRandall Library19 Crescent Street01775(978) 897-8572
SturbridgeJoshua Hyde Public Library306 Main Street01566(508) 347-2512
SudburyGoodnow Public Library21 Concord Road01776(978) 443-1035
SunderlandGraves Memorial Library111 North Main Street(413) 665-2642
SunderlandSunderland Public Library20 School St.01375(413) 665-2642
SuttonSutton Free Public Library4 Uxbridge Road01590(508) 865-8752
SwampscottSwampscott Public Library61 Burrill St.01907(781) 596-8867
SwanseaSwansea Free Public Library69 Main St.02777(508) 674-9609
TauntonTaunton Public Library12 Pleasant Street02780(508) 821-1411
TempletonBoynton Public Library27 Boynton St.01468(978) 939-5582
TewksburyTewksbury Public Library300 Chandler Street01876(978) 640-4490
TollandTolland Public Library22 Clubhouse Rd.01034(413) 258-4201
TopsfieldTopsfield Town Library1 South Common Street01983(978) 887-1528
TownsendTownsend Public Library12 Dudley Road01469(978) 597-1714
Turners FallsMontague Public Libraries201 Avenue A01376(413) 863-3214
TyngsboroughTyngsborough Public Library25 Bryant Lane01879(978) 649-7361
TyringhamTyringham Free Public Library118 Main Road01264(413) 243-1373
UptonUpton Town Library2 Main Street(508) 529-6272
UptonUpton Town Library2 Main Street01568(508) 529-6272
UxbridgeUxbridge Free Public Library15 North Main St.01569(508) 278-8624
Vineyard HavenVineyard Haven Public Library200 Main Street02568(508) 696-4211
Vineyard HavenWest Tisbury Free Public Library1042 State Rd.02568(508) 693-3366
WabanWaban Branch Library1606 Beacon Street(617) 552-7166
WakefieldLucius Beebe Memorial Library345 Main Street01880(781) 246-6334
WalesWales Public Library77 Main St.01081(413) 245-9072
WalpoleWalpole Public Library65 Common St.02081(508) 660-7340
WalthamWaltham Public Library735 Main St.02451(781) 314-3425
WareYoung Mens Library Association37 Main St.01082(413) 967-5491
WarehamWareham Free Library59 Marion Road02571(508) 295-2343
WarrenWarren Public Library934 Main St.01083(413) 436-7690
WarwickWarwick Free Public Library4 Hotel Road01378(978) 544-7866
WatertownEast Branch Library481 Mt. Auburn Street(617) 972-6441
WatertownNorth Branch Library265 Orchard Street(617) 972-6442
WatertownWatertown Free Public Library123 Main St.02472(617) 972-6431
WaylandWayland Free Public Library5 Concord Rd.01778(508) 358-2311
WebsterChester C. Corbin Public Library2 Lake St.01570(508) 949-3880
WellesleyFells Branch Library308 Weston Road(781) 237-0485
WellesleyHills Branch Library210 Washington Street(781) 237-0485
WellesleyWellesley Free Library530 Washington St.02482(781) 235-1610
WellfleetWellfleet Public Library55 West Main Street02667(508) 349-0310
WendellWendell Free Library2 Lockesvillage Rd.01379(978) 544-3559
West BarnstableWhelden Memorial Library2401 Meetinghouse Way02668(508) 362-2262
West BoylstonBeaman Memorial Public Library8 Newton St.01583(508) 835-3711
West BridgewaterWest Bridgewater Public Library80 Howard Street02379(508) 894-1255
West BrookfieldMerriam-Gilbert Public Library3 West Main St.01585(508) 867-1410
West DennisWest Dennis Free Public Library260 Main St.02670(508) 398-2050
West FalmouthWest Falmouth Library, Inc.575 West Falmouth Hghwy.02540(508) 548-4709
West HarwichChase Library Assoc., Inc.5 Main St.02671(508) 432-2610
West NewburyG. A. R. Memorial Library490 Main St.01985(978) 363-1105
West RoxburyWest Roxbury Branch Library1961 Centre Street(617) 325-3147
West SpringfieldWest Springfield Public Library200 Park St.01089(413) 736-4561
West StockbridgeWest Stockbridge Public Library9 Main St.01266(413) 232-0308
West WarrenWest Warren Library Association2370 Main Street01092(413) 436-9892
West YarmouthWest Yarmouth Library391 Main Street(508) 775-5206
WestboroughWestborough Public Library55 West Main St.01581(508) 366-3050
WestfieldWestfield Athenaeum6 Elm St.01085(413) 568-7833
WestfordJ. V. Fletcher Library50 Main St.01886(978) 692-5555
WesthamptonWesthampton Memorial Library3 South Road01027(413) 527-5386
WestminsterForbush Memorial Library118 Main St.01473(978) 874-7416
WestonWeston Public Library87 School Street02493(781) 893-3312
WestportWestport Free Public Library408 Old County Rd.02790(508) 636-1100
WestwoodIslington Branch Library280 Washington Street(617) 326-5914
WestwoodWestwood Public Library668 High St.02090(781) 326-7562
WeymouthTufts Library46 Broad St.02188(781) 337-1402
WhatelyS. White Dickinson Memorial Library202 Chestnut Plain Road01093(413) 665-2170
WhitinsvilleWhitinsville Social Library17 Church St.01588(508) 234-2151
WhitmanWhitman Public Library100 Webster Street02382(781) 447-7613
WilbrahamWilbraham Public Library01095(413) 596-6141
WilliamsburgMeekins Public Library2 Williams St.01096(413) 268-7472
WilliamstownDavid Joyce Milne Public Library1095 Main Street01267(413) 458-5369
WilmingtonWilmington Memorial Library175 Middlesex Ave.01887(978) 658-2967
WinchendonBeals Memorial Library50 Pleasant St.01475(978) 297-0300
WinchesterWinchester Public Library80 Washington St.01890(781) 721-7171
WindsorWindsor Free Public Library1890 Route 901270(413) 684-3811
WinthropWinthrop Public Library2 Metcalf Square02152(617) 846-1703
WoburnWoburn Public Library45 Pleasant St.01801(781) 933-0148
Woods HoleWoods Hole Public Library581 Woods Hole Rd.02543(508) 548-8961
WorcesterFrances Perkins Branch Library At Greendale470 West Boylston Street(508) 799-1687
WorcesterGreat Brook Valley Branch Library89 Tacoma Street(508) 799-1729
WorcesterWorcester Public Library3 Salem Square01608(508) 799-1655
WorthingtonWorthington Library1 Huntington Rd.01098(413) 238-5565
WrenthamFiske Public Library110 Randall Road02093(508) 384-5440