North Dakota Public Libraries

This page contains a list of public libraries in North Dakota. If you do not see a listing for your local branch library there is a possibility that it might be part of a larger library system. It also might be listed under a different name.

These listings do not include government libraries or libraries at schools or universities. If you would like to add or update a library or if you would like to request some changes to our listings please let us know by using the contact us link at the bottom of this page.

AdamsCarnegie Regional Library503 Briggs Ave., Adams, Nd 58210(701) 352-2754
AshleyAshley Public Library113 First Avenue Nw58413(701) 288-3510
BeachGolden Valley County Library54 Central Avenue58621(701) 872-4627
BeulahBeulah Public Library116 Central Avenue N58523(701) 873-2884
BismarckBismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library515 N 5th Street58501(701) 355-1480
BottineauBottineau County Library314 West 5th Street58318(701) 228-2967
BowmanBowman Regional Public Library18 Divide Street East58623(701) 523-3797
BuffaloMargaret Fraase Public Library204 Wilcox Ave N58011(701) 633-6315
CandoCando Community Library523 Main58324(701) 968-4549
CarringtonCarrington City Library55 Ninth Ave S58421(701) 652-3921
CasseltonCasselton Public Library702 1st Street North58012(701) 347-4861
CavalierCavalier Public Library106 West 2nd Ave South58220(701) 265-4746
CooperstownGriggs County Library902 Burrel Ave Se58425(701) 797-2214
CrosbyDivide County Public Library204 First Street Ne58730(701) 965-6305
Devils LakeLake Region Public Library423 7th Street Ne58301(701) 662-2220
DickinsonDickinson Public Library139 Third Street West58601(701) 456-7700
DrakeDrake Public Library5th Avenue Main Street, Drake, Nd 58736(701) 465-3686
Dunn Center NdDunn Center Public Library150 2nd Street West58626(701) 548-8400
EdgeleyEdgeley Public Library530 Main Street58433(701) 493-2769
EdgeleySouth Central Area Library530 Main Street58433(701) 493-2769
EllendaleEllendale Public Library67 1st Ave. South58436(701) 349-3852
EnderlinEnderlin Municipal Library303 Railway Street58027(701) 437-2953
FargoFargo Public Library102 North 3rd Street58102(701) 241-1493
FargoNorthport Library2714 Broadway, Fargo, Nd 58102(701) 476-4026
FargoSouthpointe Library3051 25th St S, Fargo, Nd 58103(701) 476-4040
FlasherFlasher Public Library104 5th Avenue East58535(701) 597-3127
FormanForman Public Library347 Main Street58032(701) 724-4032
Fort YatesSioux County Library300 Second Ave58538(701) 854-3481
GackleGackle Public Library302 Main58442(701) 485-3374
GarrisonGarrison Public Library32 South Main Street58540(701) 463-7336
GoodrichGoodrich Public Library122 Mckinley Ave., Goodrich, Nd 58444(701) 884-2632
GraftonCarnegie Regional Library49 West 7th Street58237(701) 352-2754
GraftonCarnegie Regional Library7th Griggs, Grafton, Nd 58237(701) 352-2754
Grand ForksGrand Forks Public Library2110 Library Circle58206(701) 772-8116
HankinsonHankinson Public Library315 Main Avenue S58041(701) 242-7929
HarveyHarvey Public Library119 East Tenth Street58341(701) 324-2156
HattonHatton School Public Library503 4th Street, Hatton, Nd 58240(701) 543-3455
HazenHazen Public Library203 East Main58545(701) 748-2977
HebronHebron Public Library606 Lincoln Avenue58638(701) 878-4110
HettingerAdams County Library103 N 6th Street58639(701) 567-2741
JamestownAlfred Dickey Public Library105 Third Street Se58401(701) 252-2990
JamestownStutsman County Library910 Fifth Street Se58401(701) 252-1531
KenmareKenmare Branch Library5 Ne 3rd, Kenmare, Nd 58746(701) 385-4232
KilldeerKilldeer Public Library101 High Street Nw58640(701) 764-5877
KindredKindred Public Library330 Elm Street58051(701) 428-3456
LakotaLakota City Library116 West B Avenue58344(701) 247-2543
LamoureLamoure Public School Library105 3rd Ave Se58458(701) 883-5396
LangdonCavalier County Library600 Fifth Avenue58249(701) 256-5353
LarimoreEdna Ralston Public Library116 1-2 Towner Avenue58251(701) 343-2181
LeedsLeeds Public Library221 Main Street West58346(701) 466-2930
LeonardWatts Free Library101 Third Street North58052(701) 645-2453
LidgerwoodLidgerwood City Library15 Wiley Ave N58053(701) 538-4669
LintonHarry L. Petrie Public Library101 Ne First58552(701) 254-4737
LisbonLisbon Public Library409 Forest Street58054(701) 683-5174
MaddockMaddock Community Library2nd Dakota58348(701) 438-2252
MandanMandan Public Library108 First Street Nw, Mandan, Nd 58554(701) 667-3256
MandanMorton Mandan Public Library609 W. Main St.58554(701) 667-5365
MaxMax Community Library215 Main Street58759(701) 679-2263
MayvilleMayville Public Library52 Center Avenue North58257(701) 788-3388
McVilleMcVille Community Library101 North Main Street58254(701) 322-5541
MichiganCarnegie Regional Library105 1st Street East, Michigan, Nd 58259(701) 259-2122
MilnorSatre Memorial Library528 5th Street58060(701) 427-5295
MinnewaukanMinnewaukan Public Library170 Main Street East58351(701) 473-5735
MinotMinot Public Library516 2nd Ave Sw58701(701) 852-1045
MinotWard County Public Library405 Third Avenue Se58701(701) 852-5388
MohallMohall Public Library115 Main Street West58761(701) 756-7242
MottMott Public Library202 E Third Street58646(701) 824-2163
New EnglandNew England Public Library726 Mckenzie Avenue58647(701) 579-4223
New RockfordNew Rockford Public Library10 8th Street N.58356(701) 947-5540
New TownNew Town Public Library103 Main Sooline Place58763(701) 627-4812
OakesOakes School Public Library804 Main Avenue58474(701) 742-3234
Park RiverPark River School Public Library605 6th Sreet W58270(701) 284-6116
ParshallParshall Public Library114 4th Ave Ne58770(701) 862-3775
PembinaPembina School City Library155 South Third Street58271(701) 825-6217
ReederAdams County Library(701) 853-2579
RiverdaleMclean-Mercer Regional Library216 Second St.58565(701) 654-7652
RoletteRolette Public Library1015 1st Avenue58366(701) 246-3849
RollaRolla Public Library14 First Street Se58367(701) 477-3849
RugbyHeart Of America Library201 W Third Street58368(701) 776-6223
StanleyStanley Public Library116 S Main Street, PO Box 24958784(701) 628-2223
StantonStanton Public Library312 Harmon Ave58571(701) 745-3235
SteeleKidder County Public Library115 West Broadway58482(701) 475-2855
TiogaWilliston Community Library210 N Main St., Tioga, Nd 58801(701) 774-8805
Turtle LakeTurtle Lake Public Library107 Eggert Street58575(701) 448-9170
UnderwoodUnderwood Public Library88 Lincoln Ave58576(701) 442-3441
Valley CityValley City Barnes County Public Library410 North Central Avenue58072(701) 845-3821
VelvaVelva Public School Library101 West 4th Street58790(701) 338-2022
WahpetonLeach Public Library417 2nd Ave N58075(701) 642-5732
WalhallaWalhalla Public Library1010 Central Ave58282(701) 549-3794
WashburnWashburn Public Library705 Main Ave58577(701) 462-8180
Watford CityMckenzie County Public Library112 Second Avenue Ne58854(701) 444-3785
West FargoWest Fargo Public Library109 Third Street East58078(701) 433-5460
WillistonWilliston Community Library1302 Davidson Drive58801(701) 774-8805
WishekWishek School Public Library100 Badger Street S58495(701) 452-2995