Oklahoma Public Libraries

This page contains a list of public libraries in Oklahoma. If you do not see a listing for your local branch library there is a possibility that it might be part of a larger library system. It also might be listed under a different name.

These listings do not include government libraries or libraries at schools or universities. If you would like to add or update a library or if you would like to request some changes to our listings please let us know by using the contact us link at the bottom of this page.

AdaAda Public Library124 S. Rennie74820(580) 436-8124
AllenAllen Public Library214 East Broadway74825(580) 857-2933
AltusAltus Public Library421 N. Hudson(580) 477-2890
AltusSouthern Prairie Library System421 N. Hudson73521(580) 444-4444
AlvaAlva Public Library504 Seventh Street73717(580) 327-1833
AnadarkoAnadarko Community Library215 W Broadway73005(405) 247-7351
AntlersAntlers Public Library104 S.E. 2nd Street74523(580) 298-5649
ApacheApache Public Library111 E. Evans73006(580) 588-3661
ArdmoreArdmore Public Library320 E Street Nw73401(580) 223-8290
ArdmoreChickasaw Regional Library System601 Railway Express73401(580) 223-3164
ArkomaArkoma Public Library101 Main Street74901(918) 875-3971
AtokaAtoka County Library215 East A Street(580) 889-3555
BarnsdallBarnsdall - Ethel Briggs Memorial Library410 S Fifth74002(918) 847-2118
BartlesvilleBartlesville Public Library600 S Johnstone74003(918) 338-4161
BeaverBeaver County Pioneer Library201 Douglas Ave73932(580) 625-3076
BethanyBethany Public Library3510 N Mueller(405) 789-8363
BixbyBixby Public Library20 E Breckenridge(918) 366-3397
BlackwellBlackwell Public Library123 West Padon74631(580) 363-1809
BlanchardBlanchard Public Library205 NE 10th Street73010(405) 485-2275
Boise CitySoutar Memorial Library7 South Ellis Ave.73933(580) 544-2715
BoswellBoswell Reading Center610 Valliant74727(580) 566-5866
BristowBristow - Montfort Allie Jones Mem Library111 W. 7th Ave74010(918) 367-6562
Broken ArrowBroken Arrow Library300 W Broadway(918) 251-5359
Broken ArrowSouth Broken Arrow Library3600 S Chestnut(918) 451-0002
Broken BowBroken Bow Public Library404 N. Broadway(580) 584-2815
BuffaloBuffalo Public Library11 E Turner73834(580) 735-2995
CarmenCarmen Public Library421 West Main Street73726(580) 987-2301
CarnegieCarnegie Public Library22 S Broadway73015(580) 654-1980
CatoosaCatoosa Public Library105 E Oak74015(918) 266-1684
ChandlerChandler Public Library1021 S Manvel74834(405) 258-3204
ChecotahChecotah - Jim Lucas Checotah Public Library626 W Gentry(918) 473-6715
ChecotahJim Lucas Checotah Public Library626 West Gentry74426(918) 473-6715
ChelseaChelsea Public Library618 Pine Street74016(918) 789-3364
CherokeeCherokee City- County Library123 South Grand73728(580) 596-2366
CheyenneCheyenne - Minnie R Slief Memorial Library200 S. Don Cearlock(580) 497-3777
CheyenneMinnie R Slief Library201 Don Cearlock Ave.73628(580) 497-3777
ChickashaChickasha Public Library527 Iowa Avenue73018(405) 222-6075
ChoctawChoctaw Library2525 North Muzzy(405) 390-8418
ClaremoreClaremore - Will Rogers Library1515 North Florence Ave74017(918) 341-1564
ClevelandJay C. Byers Memorial Library215 E. Wichita74020(918) 358-2676
ClintonBookmobile501 S. 28th St.73601(580) 323-0974
ClintonClinton Public Library721 Frisco(580) 323-2165
ClintonWestern Plains Library System501 S 28th Street73601(580) 323-0974
CoalgateCoal County Public Library115 W. Ohio(580) 927-3103
CollinsvilleCollinsville Library1223 Main(918) 596-2840
CordellCordell Public Library208 S College(580) 832-3530
CowetaCoweta Public Library120 East Sycamore74429(918) 486-6532
CrescentCrescent Community Library205 N. Grand73028(405) 969-3779
CushingCushing Public Library215 North Steele74023(918) 225-4188
DavisDavis Public Library209 E Benton(580) 369-2468
Del CityDel City Branch Library4509 S E 15(405) 672-1377
DeweyDewey - Tyler Memorial Library821 N Shawnee74029(918) 534-2106
DrumrightDrumright Public Library104 East Broadway74030(918) 352-2228
DuncanDuncan Public Library2211 N. Highway 8173533(580) 255-0636
DurantDurant - Robert L Williams Public Library323 West Beech74701(580) 924-3486
EdmondEdmond Branch Library10 S Boulevard(405) 341-9282
El RenoEl Reno Carnegie Library215 E Wade73036(405) 262-2409
Elk CityElk City Carnegie Library221 West Broadway73644(580) 225-0136
EnidEnid-Public Library Of Enid And Garfield Co120 West Maine73701(580) 234-6313
EufaulaEufaula Memorial Library301 South First St.74432(918) 689-2291
FairfaxFairfax Public Library158 East Elm74637(918) 642-5535
FairviewFairview City Library115 S. 6th73737(580) 227-2190
FrederickFrederick Public Library200 East Grand73542(580) 335-3601
Ft. GibsonFt. Gibson - Q.B. Boydstun Library200 Hickory(918) 478-3587
Ft. GibsonQ. B. Boydstun Library201 E. South Ave.74434(918) 478-3587
GearyGeary Public Library106 Main St73040(405) 884-2372
GlenpoolGlenpool Library730 E 141 St(918) 746-5190
GrandfieldGrandfield Public Library101 W 2nd73546(580) 479-5598
GroveGrove Public Library1140 Neo Loop(918) 786-2945
GuthrieGuthrie Public Library201 N Division73044(405) 282-0050
GuymonGuymon Public Library206 Nw 5th Street73942(580) 338-7330
HarrahHarrah Public Library1971 N Church Ave(405) 454-2001
HartshorneHartshorne Public Library720 Penn Avenue(918) 297-3471
HaskellHaskell - Rieger Memorial Library116 N Broadway(918) 482-3614
HaskellRieger Memorial Library116 North Broadway74436(918) 482-3614
HealdtonHealdton Community Library18 South 4th(580) 229-0590
HeavenerHeavener Public Library203 East Ave C(918) 653-2870
HennesseyHennessey Public Library525 S. Main73742(405) 853-2073
HenryettaHenryetta Public Library518 W. Main74437(918) 652-7377
HintonHinton - Norman Smith Memorial Library115 E Main73047(405) 542-6167
HobartHobart Public Library200 S Main73651(580) 726-2535
HoldenvilleHoldenville - Grace Pickens Public Library209 E 9th74848(405) 379-3245
HollisHollis Public Library201 W. Broadway(580) 688-2744
HominyHominy Public Library121 West Main74035(918) 885-4486
HookerHooker - Olive Warner Memorial Library111 S Broadway73945(580) 652-2835
HugoHugo - Choctaw County Public Library208 E Jefferson(580) 326-5591
HulbertHulbert Community Library210 North Broadway74441(918) 772-3383
HydroHydro Public Library518 S. Broadway73048(405) 663-2009
IdabelIdabel Public Library103 East Main74745(580) 286-6406
InolaInola Public Library15 North Broadway74036(918) 543-8862
JayDelaware County Library429 South 9th St.74346(918) 253-8521
JayJay - Delaware County Library429 So. 9th(918) 253-8521
JenksJenks Library523 West B St(918) 746-5180
JonesJones Library111 E. Main(405) 399-5471
KansasKansas Public Library200 West Tulsa Avenue74347(918) 868-5257
Kaw CityKaw City - J.A. Walker Memorial Library900 Morgan Square74641(580) 269-1317
KellyvilleKellyville Public Library230 E Buffalo74039(918) 247-3740
KingfisherKingfisher Memorial Library505 West Will Rogers73750(405) 375-3384
KiowaKiowa Reading Center7th And Harrison74553(918) 432-6279
KonawaKennedy Library Of Konawa700 W. South(405) 925-3662
KonawaKonawa - Kennedy Library Of Konawa701 West South Street74849(580) 925-3662
LangleyLangley Public Library325 Osage74350(918) 782-4461
LaverneLaverne Delphian Municipal Library122 W. Jane Jayroe Blvd73848(580) 921-7323
LawtonLawton Public Library110 S W 4th St73501(580) 581-3450
LindsayLindsay Community Library112 W Choctaw73052(405) 756-3449
Locust GroveLocust Grove Public Library715 E. Harold Andrews Blvd74352(918) 479-6585
LutherLuther Library310 Ne 3rd73054(405) 277-9967
MadillMadill City-County Library500 West Overton St73446(580) 795-2749
MangumMargaret Carder Library201 W. Lincoln St.73554(580) 782-3185
MannfordMannford Public Library101 Green Valley Park Rd74044(918) 865-2665
MariettaMarietta - Love County Library500 South Hwy 77(580) 276-3783
MarlowMarlow - Garland Smith Public Library407 W Seminole73055(580) 658-5354
MaysvilleMaysville Public Library508 Williams73057(405) 867-4748
McalesterMcalester Public Library401 North Second(918) 426-0930
McalesterSoutheastern Public Library System Of Oklahoma401 N 2nd74501(918) 426-0456
MccurtainMccurtain Reading Center407 East Oak(918) 945-7107
McloudMcloud Public Library133 N. Main(405) 964-2960
MedfordMedford Public Library123 S Main73759(580) 395-2342
MeekerMeeker Public Library616 W. Carl Hubbell Boulevard74855(405) 279-1139
MiamiMiami Public Library200 N Main74354(918) 541-2292
Midwest CityMidwest City Library8143 E Reno(405) 732-4828
MooreMoore Public Library225 S Howard(405) 793-5100
MoundsMounds Public Library15 West 14th Street74047(918) 827-3949
Mtn. ViewMt View - Addie Davis Memorial Library301 N. 4th73062(580) 347-2397
MuldrowMuldrow Public Library711 West Shawntel Blvd.74948(918) 427-6703
MuskogeeEastern Oklahoma District Library System814 W Okmulgee74401(918) 683-2846
MuskogeeMuskogee Public Library801 West Okmulgee(918) 682-6657
MustangMustang Public Library1201 N. Mustang Rd.73064(405) 376-2226
NewcastleNewcastle Public Library900 North Carr(405) 387-5076
NewkirkNewkirk Public Library116 N Maple Ave74647(580) 362-3934
Nicoma ParkNicoma Park Library2240 Overholser(405) 769-9452
NobleNoble Public Library204 North 5th(405) 872-5713
NormanNorman Public Library225 N Webster(405) 701-2600
NormanPioneer Library System225 N Webster Ave73069(405) 701-2600
NowataNowata City-County Library224 South Pine74048(918) 273-3363
OkeeneOkeene Public Library215 N Main73763(580) 822-3306
OkemahOkemah Public Library301 South 2nd74859(918) 623-1915
Okla CityMetropolitan Library System300 Park Ave73102(405) 606-3725
Oklahoma CityBelle Isle Library5501 N. Villa(405) 843-9601
Oklahoma CityBook Centers1364 N E 3rd(405) 235-9223
Oklahoma CityCapitol Hill Branch Library334 S W 26(405) 634-6308
Oklahoma CityDowntown Branch Library131 Dean A Mcgee(405) 231-8650
Oklahoma CityDowntown Library300 Park Ave.73102(405) 231-8650
Oklahoma CityNorthwest Library5600 Nw 122nd73142
Oklahoma CityRalph Ellison Branch Library2000 N E 23(405) 424-1437
Oklahoma CitySouthern Oaks Library6900 S Walker(405) 631-4468
Oklahoma CityWright Library2101 Exchange Ave(405) 235-5035
OkmulgeeOkmulgee Public Library218 S Okmulgee74447(918) 756-1448
OwassoOwasso Library103 W Broadway(918) 591-4566
Pauls ValleyPauls Valley-Nora Sparks Warren Mem Library210 N Willow St73075(405) 238-5188
PawhuskaPawhuska Public Library1801 Lynn Avenue74056(918) 287-3989
PawneePawnee Public Library653 Illinois74058(918) 762-2138
PerkinsPerkins - Thomas-Wilhite Memorial Library101 E. Thomas74059(405) 547-5185
PerryPerry Carnegie Library302 N 7th St73077(580) 336-4721
PickensPickens Reading CenterP.O. Box 39674752(580) 241-5790
PiedmontPiedmont Public Library1129 Stout Street Nw73078(405) 373-9018
Ponca CityPonca City Library515 East Grand74601(580) 767-0345
PoteauBuckley Public Library408 Dewey(918) 647-3833
PraguePrague Public Library1619 W Main Street74864(405) 567-4013
PryorPryor Public Library505 East Graham74361(918) 825-0777
PurcellPurcell Public Library919 N 9th(405) 527-5546
QuintonQuinton Reading CenterP. O. Box 18074561(918) 469-2218
Red OakRed Oak Reading Center202 North Main74563(918) 754-2832
RinglingRingling - Gleason Memorial Library5th And Main St.73456(580) 662-2925
Rush SpringsRush Springs-Glover Spencer Memorial Library6th Blakely73082(580) 476-2108
SalinaSalina Public Library420 E Ferry Street74365(918) 434-8001
SallisawSallisaw - Stanley Tubbs Memorial Library101 E Cherokee(918) 775-4481
SallisawStanley Tubbs Memorial Library101 East Cherokee74955(918) 775-4481
Sand SpringsCharles Page Library551 E 4th St(918) 591-4585
Sand SpringsPratt Library3219 S 113th W Ave(918) 591-4595
SapulpaBartlett-Carnegie Sapulpa Public Library27 W Dewey74066(918) 224-5624
SayreSayre Public Library113 E Poplar73662(580) 928-2641
SeilingSeiling Public Library211 Main(580) 922-4259
SeminoleSeminole Public Library424 N Main74868(405) 382-4221
SentinelSentinel Public Library210 E. Main(580) 393-2244
ShattuckShattuck Public Library101 South Main73858(580) 938-5104
ShawneeShawnee Public Library101 N. Philadelphia(405) 275-6353
SkiatookSkiatook Library316 E Rogers(918) 596-2830
SperrySperry Library15 E Main(918) 591-4690
SpiroSpiro Public Library208 South Main(918) 962-3461
StiglerStigler Public Library402 Ne 6th(918) 967-4801
StillwaterStillwater Public Library1107 S. Duck74074(405) 372-3633
StilwellStilwell Public Library5 North 6th St.(918) 696-7512
StratfordStratford - Chandler-Watts Library340 N Oak74872(580) 759-2684
StroudStroud Public Library301 West 7th74079(918) 968-2567
SulphurSulphur - Mary E Parker Memorial Library500 West Broadway(580) 622-5807
TahlequahTahlequah Public Library120 South College74464(918) 456-2581
TalihinaTalihina Public Library(918) 567-2002
TecumsehTecumseh Public Library114 N Broadway(405) 598-5955
ThomasThomas - Hazel Cross Library115 W Broadway(580) 661-3532
TishomingoJohnston County Library116 West Main(580) 371-3006
TonkawaTonkawa Public Library216 N. Seventh74653(580) 628-3366
TryonTryon Public Library25 S Main St74875(918) 374-2220
TulsaBrookside Public Library1207 E 45th Place(918) 746-5012
TulsaCentral Library400 Civic Center(918) 596-7977
TulsaGenealogy Center2901 S Harvard(918) 746-5222
TulsaHardesty Regional Library8316 E 93rd St(918) 250-7307
TulsaHelmerich Library5131 E 91st St(918) 596-2466
TulsaHerman Kate Kaiser Library5202 S Hudson, Ave., Ste. B74135(918) 549-7542
TulsaJudy Z. Kishner Library10150 N. Cincinnati Ave.74073(918) 549-7577
TulsaKendall-Whittier Library21 S. Lewis(918) 596-7303
TulsaLibrary 51st7970 E 51st Street(918) 669-6770
TulsaMartin Regional Library2601 S Garnett(918) 669-6340
TulsaMaxwell Park Library1313 N Canton(918) 669-6055
TulsaNathan Hale Library6038 E 23rd(918) 669-6060
TulsaPeggy V. Helmerich Library5131 E. 91st St.74137(918) 549-7631
TulsaRudisill Regional Library1520 N Hartford(918) 596-7280
TulsaSchusterman-Benson Library3333 E 32nd Place(918) 746-5024
TulsaSuburban Acres Library4606 N Garrison(918) 591-4004
TulsaTulsa City-County Library System400 Civic Center74103(918) 596-7977
TulsaWest Regional Library2224 W 51st(918) 591-4366
TulsaZarrow Regional Library2224 W. 51st St.74107(918) 549-7683
ValliantMattie Terry Public Library311 North Johnson74764(580) 933-4883
ValliantValliant - Mattie Terry Library311 N Johnson(580) 933-4883
VillageVillage Public Library10307 N Penn(405) 755-0710
VinitaVinita Public Library215 W Illinois74301(918) 256-2115
WagonerWagoner City Public Library302 N. Main74467(918) 485-2126
WaltersWalters Public Library202 North Broadway73572(580) 875-2006
WarnerWarner Public Library207 8th St74469(918) 463-2363
Warr AcresWarr Acres Library5901 N W 63(405) 721-2616
WatongaWatonga Public Library301 N Prouty73772(580) 623-7748
WaurikaWaurika Public Library98th Meridian73573(580) 228-3274
WaynokaWaynoka Public Library1659 Cecil Street73860(580) 824-6181
WeatherfordWeatherford Public Library219 E Franklin(580) 772-3591
WestvilleJohn F. Henderson Public Library116 North Williams74965(918) 723-5002
WestvilleWestville - John F Henderson Public Library116 N. Williams(918) 723-5002
WetumkaWetumka Public Library202 N Main74883(405) 452-3785
WewokaWewoka Public Library118 W 5th74884(405) 257-3225
WilburtonLatimer County Public Library301 W. Ada Ave(918) 465-3751
WilsonWilson Public Library1087 U.S. Hwy. 70-A73463(580) 668-2486
WisterWister Public Library100 Highland Ave(918) 655-7654
WoodwardWoodward Public Library1500 Main73801(580) 254-8544
WynnewoodWynnewood Public Library108 N. Dean A Mcgee73098(405) 665-2512
YaleYale Public Library213 N Main74085(918) 387-2135
YukonMabel C. Fry Public Library500 W. Main(405) 354-8232
YukonYukon - Mabel C. Fry Public Library1200 Lakeshore Drive73099(405) 354-8232