South Carolina Public Libraries

This page contains a list of public libraries in South Carolina. If you do not see a listing for your local branch library there is a possibility that it might be part of a larger library system. It also might be listed under a different name.

These listings do not include government libraries or libraries at schools or universities. If you would like to add or update a library or if you would like to request some changes to our listings please let us know by using the contact us link at the bottom of this page.

AbbevilleAbbeville County Library System201 South Main Street29620(864) 459-4009
AikenAbbe Regional Library System314 Chesterfield Street Sw29801(803) 642-7575
AikenAiken County Library314 Chesterfield Street, Sw29801(803) 642-2023
AllendaleAllendale County Library158 Mcnair Street29810(803) 584-2371
AllendaleAllendale-Hampton-Jasper Regional Library158 Mcnair Street29810(803) 584-3513
AndersonAnderson County Library300 N Mcduffie Street29621(864) 260-4500
AndersonAnderson County Library - Westside Community Center Library1100 West Franklin Street(864) 260-4660
AndrewsGeorgetown County Library - Andrews Branch Library105 North Morgan Avenue29510(843) 545-3621
AynorHorry County Memorial Library - Aynor Library500 9th Ave.29511(843) 358-3324
BambergBamberg County Public Library3156 Railroad Avenue29003(803) 245-3022
BarnwellBarnwell County Public Library40 Burr Street29812(803) 259-3612
BatesburgLexington County Library - Batesburg-Leesville203 Armory Street29006(803) 532-9223
BeaufortBeaufort County Library311 Scott Street29902(843) 470-6504
BeltonAnderson County Library - Belton Branch Library91 Breazeale Street29627(864) 338-8330
BennettsvilleMarian Wright Edelman Public Library203 Fayetteville Avenue29512(843) 479-5630
BennettsvilleMarlboro County Library System200 John Corry Road29512(843) 479-5630
BethuneBethune Public Library206 Main Street29009
BishopvilleLee County Public Library System200 North Main Street29010(803) 484-5921
BlacksburgBlacksburg Library201 S. Rutherford Street29702(864) 839-2630
BlackvilleBarnwell County Public Library - Blackville Branch Library19420 Sol Blatt Avenue29817(803) 284-2295
BlufftonBeaufort County Library - Bluffton Branch Library120 Palmetto Way29910(843) 255-6490
BlythewoodRichland County Public Library - Blythewood Branch Library218 Mcnulty Road29016(803) 691-9806
Boiling SpringsSpartanburg County Public Library - Boiling Springs Branch Library871 Double Bridge Road29316(864) 578-3665
Calhoun FallsAbbeville County Library - Calhoun Falls Branch Library409 N. Tugaloo St.29628(864) 418-8724
CamdenKershaw County Library - Camden Branch Library1304 Broad Street29020(803) 425-1508
CamdenKershaw County Library System632 W. Dekalb Street Suite 10929020(803) 424-2352
CentralPickens County Library - Central-Clemson Branch Library105 Commons Way29630(864) 639-2711
ChapinLexington County Library - Chapin129 N.W. Columbia Avenue29036(803) 345-5479
CharlestonBerkeley County Library - Daniel Island2301 Daniel Island Drive29492(843) 471-2952
CharlestonCharleston County Main Library68 Calhoun Street29401(843) 805-6930
CharlestonCharleston County Library - James Island Branch Library1248 Camp Road29412(843) 795-6679
CharlestonCharleston County Library - John L. Dart Library1067 King Street29403(843) 722-7550
CherawMatheson Library227 Huger Street29520(843) 537-3571
ChesneeSpartanburg County Public Library - Chesnee Branch Library100 Pickens Avenue29323(864) 461-2423
ChesterChester County Library100 Center Street29706(803) 377-8145
ChesterfieldChesterfield County Library System119 W. Main Street29709(843) 623-7489
ClintonClinton Public Library107 Jacobs Highway29325(864) 833-1853
CloverClover Public Library107 Knox Street29710(803) 222-3474
ColumbiaLexington County Library - Irmo6251 St. Andrews Road29212(803) 798-7880
ColumbiaRichland County Public Library1431 Assembly Street29201(803) 799-9084
ColumbiaRichland County Public Library - John Hughes Cooper Branch Library5317 N. Trenholm Road29206(803) 787-3462
ColumbiaRichland County Public Library - North Main Branch Library5306 North Main Street29203(803) 754-7734
ColumbiaRichland County Public Library - Northeast Regional Branch Library7490 Parklane Road29223(803) 736-6575
ColumbiaRichland County Public Library - Sandhills Branch Library1 Summit Parkway29229(803) 699-9230
ColumbiaRichland County Public Library - Southeast Regional Branch Library7421 Garners Ferry Road29209(803) 776-0855
ColumbiaRichland County Public Library - St. Andrews Regional Branch Library2916 Broad River Road29210(803) 772-6675
ConwayHorry County Memorial Library - Administration1008 5th Avenue29526(843) 248-1544
ConwayHorry County Memorial Library - Bucksport Library7657 Highway 701 South29527(843) 397-1950
ConwayHorry County Memorial Library - Conway Library801 Main Street29526(843) 915-7323
CowpensSpartanburg County Public Library - Cowpens Branch Library181 School Street29330(864) 463-0430
DarlingtonDarlington County Library System204 N. Main Street29532(843) 398-4940
DenmarkBamberg County Public Library - Denmark Branch Library19 Maple Avenue29042(803) 793-4511
DillonDillon County Library System600 East Main Street29536(843) 774-0330
DonaldsAbbeville County Library - W.M. Agnew Branch Library429 W. Main St29638(864) 379-8568
EasleyPickens County Library System304 Biltmore Road29641(864) 850-7077
EastoverRichland County Public Library - Eastover Branch Library608 Main Street29044(803) 353-8584
EdgefieldEdgefield County Public Library105 Court House Square29824(803) 637-4025
EdistoCharleston County Main Library - Edisto Branch Library1589 Hwy 17429438(843) 869-2355
Edisto IslandEdisto Beach Library71 Station Court29438(843) 869-2499
ElginKershaw County Library - Elgin Branch Library2652 Main Street29045(803) 438-7881
ElloreeOrangeburg County Library - Mentor Branch Library2621 Cleveland Street29047(803) 897-2162
EstillHampton County Library - Estill Branch Library276 West Third Street29918(803) 625-4560
FlorenceFlorence County Library System509 South Dargan Street29506(843) 662-8424
Folly BeachCharleston County Main Library - Folly Beach Library55 Center Street29439(843) 588-2001
Fort MillFort Mill Public Library1818 Second Baxter Crossing29708(803) 547-4114
Fountain InnGreenville County Library - Fountain Inn (Kerry Ann Younts Culp) Branch311 N. Main Street29644(864) 862-2576
GaffneyCherokee County Library300 East Rutledge Avenue29340(864) 487-2711
GastonLexington County Library - Gaston214 South Main Street29053(803) 791-3208
GeorgetownGeorgetown County Library405 Cleland Street29440(843) 545-3304
GilbertLexington County Library - Gilbert-Summit405 Broad Street29054(803) 785-5387
Goose CreekBerkeley County Library - Goose Creek Library325 Old Moncks Corner Road29445(843) 572-1376
Great FallsGreat Falls Library39 Calhoun Street29055(803) 482-2149
GreeleyvilleWilliamsburg County Library - Dr C. E. Murray Branch72 C. E. Murray Blvd.29056(843) 426-2381
Green SeaHorry County Memorial Library - Green Sea Floyds Library5331 Highway 929545(843) 392-0994
GreenvilleGreenville County Library - Anderson Road (West) Branch2625 Anderson Road29611(864) 269-5210
GreenvilleGreenville County Library - Augusta Road (Ramsey Family) Branch100 Lydia Street29605(864) 277-0161
GreenvilleGreenville County Library - Berea (Sarah Dobey Jones) Branch111 N. Highway 25 Bypass29617(864) 246-1695
GreenvilleGreenville County Library - Mauldin (W. Jack Greer) Branch800 W. Butler Road29607(864) 277-7397
GreenvilleGreenville County Library - Pelham Road (F.W. Symmes) Branch1508 Pelham Road29615(864) 288-6688
GreenvilleGreenville County Library System25 Heritage Green Place29601(864) 242-5000
GreenwoodGreenwood County Library System106 N. Main Street29646(864) 941-4650
GreerGreenville County Library - Greer (Jean M. Smith) Branch505 Pennsylvania Avenue29650(864) 877-8722
HamptonHampton County Library12 Locust Street29924(803) 943-7528
HanahanBerkeley County Library - Hanahan Library1274 Yeamans Hall Road29406(843) 747-5400
HardeevilleHardeeville Community Library37 Main Street29927(843) 784-3426
HartsvilleHartsville Memorial Library147 W. College Avenue29550(843) 332-5115
HemingwayGeorgetown County Library - Carvers Bay13048 Choppee Road29554(843) 545-3515
HemingwayWilliamsburg County Library - Hemingway306 North Main Street29554(843) 558-7679
Hilton Head IslandBeaufort County Library - Hilton Head Island11 Beach City Road29926(843) 255-6500
Holly HillOrangeburg County Library - Holly Hill8441 Old State Road29059(803) 496-7177
Honea PathAnderson County Library - Jennie Erwin318 Shirley Avenue29654(864) 369-7751
InmanSpartanburg County Public Library - Inman50 Mill Street29349(864) 472-8363
IrmoThe Link In Ballentine1321 Dutch Fork Road29063(803) 781-5026
IvaAnderson County Library - Iva Branch Library203 W. Cruette Street29655(864) 348-6150
JacksonAiken County Library - Jackson Branch Library106 Main Street29831(803) 471-3811
JeffersonFanny D. Lowry Memorial Library500 North Main Street29718(843) 658-3966
Johns IslandCharleston County Main Library - Johns Island Regional Library3531 Maybank Highway29455(843) 559-1945
JohnsonvilleJohnsonville Public Library252 South Georgetown Highway29555(843) 386-2052
JohnstonEdgefield County Public Library - Johnston Branch (Mobley Library)407 Calhoun Street29832(803) 275-5157
KershawLancaster County Library - Kershaw Branch Library3855 Fork Hill Road29067(803) 475-2609
KingstreeWilliamsburg County Library - Kingstree215 North Jackson Street29556(843) 355-9486
Lake CityLake City Public Library220 E. Main Street29560(843) 394-8071
Lake ViewLake View Library207 Main Street29563(843) 759-2692
Lake WylieLake Wylie Public Library185 Blucher Circle29710(803) 831-7774
LamarLamar District Library103 E Main Street29069(843) 326-5524
LancasterLancaster County Library System313 S. White St.29720(803) 285-1502
LandrumSpartanburg County Public Library - Landrum Branch Library111 Asbury Drive29356(864) 457-2218
LangleyAiken County Library - Midland Valley Branch Library9 Hillside Road29834(803) 593-7379
LattaLatta Library101 North Marion Street29565(843) 752-5389
LaurensLaurens County Library System1017 West Main Street29360(864) 681-7323
LexingtonLexington County Public Library System - Main5440 Augusta Road29072(803) 785-2600
LibertyPickens County Library - Sarlin Branch Library15 South Palmetto Street29657(864) 843-5805
Little RiverHorry County Memorial Library - Stephens Crossroad Branch Library107 Highway 57 North29566(843) 399-5541
LobecoBeaufort County Library - Lobeco Public Library1862 Trask Parkway (Highway 21)29931(843) 255-6475
LorisHorry County Memorial Library - Loris Library4316 Main Street29569(843) 756-8101
LymanSpartanburg County Public Library - Middle Tyger Branch Library170 Groce Road29365(864) 439-4759
ManningClarendon County Library System215 N. Brooks St.29102(803) 435-8633
MarionMarion County Library System101 East Court Street29571(843) 423-8300
McbeeMcbee Depot Library96 West Pine Avenue29101(843) 335-7515
McclellanvilleCharleston County Main Library - Mcclellanville Branch Library222 Baker Street29458(843) 887-3699
MccormickMccormick County Library System201 Railroad Ave.29835(864) 852-2821
Moncks CornerBerkeley County Library1003 Hwy. 5229461(843) 719-4223
Moncks CornerBerkeley County Library System100 Library St.29461(843) 719-4243
MullinsMullins Public Library210 N. Main Street29574(843) 464-9621
Myrtle BeachChapin Memorial Library400 14th Avenue North29577(843) 918-1275
Myrtle BeachHorry County Memorial Library - Socastee Branch Library141 707-Connector Road29588(843) 215-4700
New EllentonAiken County Library - New Ellenton Branch Library407 Main Street29809(803) 652-7845
NewberryHal Kohn Memorial Library1100 Friend Street29108(803) 276-0854
NewberryNewberry County Library System1300 Friend Street29108(803) 276-0854
NicholsNichols Library208 Floyd Street29581(843) 526-2641
Ninety SixGreenwood County Library - Ninety Six Branch Library118 Cambridge Street, S29666(864) 543-4749
NorthOrangeburg County Library - North Branch Library9316 North Road29112(803) 247-5880
North AugustaNancy Carson Library135 Edgefield Rd.29841(803) 279-5767
North CharlestonCooper River Memorial Library3503 Rivers Avenue29405(843) 744-2489
North CharlestonDorchester Road Regional Library6325 Dorchester Road29418(843) 552-6466
North Myrtle BeachHorry County Memorial Library - North Myrtle Beach Library910 1st Ave S29582(843) 915-5281
OlantaJohn M. Thomason Public Library (Olanta)210 East Hampton Street29114(843) 396-4287
OrangeburgOrangeburg County Library Commission510 Louis St29115(803) 531-4636
PacoletSpartanburg County Public Library - Tri-Pacolet Branch Library390 W. Main Street29372(864) 474-0421
PagelandPageland Community Library109 West Blakeney Street29728(843) 672-6930
PamplicoPamplico Public Library100 East Main Street29583(843) 493-5441
Pawleys IslandGeorgetown County Library - Waccamaw Branch Library24 Commerce Drive29585(843) 545-3623
PelionLexington County Library - Pelion206 Pine Street29123(803) 785-3272
PendletonAnderson County Library - Pendleton Branch Library650 S. Mechanic Street29670(864) 646-3045
PickensPickens County Library - Village Branch Library124 North Catherine Street29671(864) 898-5747
PiedmontAnderson County Library - Piedmont Branch Library1407 Highway 8629673(864) 845-6534
PowdersvilleAnderson County Library - Powdersville Branch Library4 Civic Court29642(864) 295-1190
RichburgLewisville Community Library3771 Lancaster Hwy29729(803) 789-7800
Ridge SpringRidge Spring Library636 Main Street29129(803) 685-2665
RidgelandJasper County Library451a Wilson Street29936(843) 726-7744
RidgewayFairfield County Library - Ridgeway Branch Library175 South Palmer Street(803) 337-2068
Rock HillYork County Library System138 East Black Street29730(803) 981-5833
SalemOconee County Public Library - Salem Branch Library5 Park Avenue29676(864) 944-0912
SaludaSaluda County Library System101 S Main Street29138(864) 445-4500
SanteeOrangeburg County Library - Santee Branch Library119 Dazzy Circle29142(803) 854-5300
SenecaOconee County Public Library - Seneca Branch Library300 E. South Second Street29678(864) 882-4855
SimpsonvilleGreenville County Library - Simpsonville (Hendricks) Branch626 NE Main Street29681(864) 963-9031
Society HillSociety Hill Branch Library473 S. Main Street29593(843) 378-0026
SpartanburgSpartanburg County Public Library - H. Carlisle Bean Law Library180 Magnolia Street, 3rd Floor29306(864) 596-2511
SpartanburgSpartanburg County Public Library - Westside Branch Library525 Oak Grove Road29301(864) 574-6815
SpartanburgSpartanburg County Public Library System151 S. Church Street29306(864) 596-3507
SpringfieldOrangeburg County Library - Springfield Branch Library210 Brodie Street29146(803) 258-1100
St. GeorgeDorchester County Library506 N. Parler Avenue29477(843) 563-9189
St. Helena IslandBeaufort County Library - St. Helena Branch Library1025 Sea Island Parkway29920(843) 255-6485
St. MatthewsCalhoun County Library900 F.R. Huff Drive29135(803) 874-3389
St. StephenBerkeley County Library - St. Stephen Library1104 South Main Street29479(843) 567-4862
Sullivans IslandCharleston County Main Library - Edgar Allen Poe-Sullivans Island Branch Library1921 Ion Avenue29482(843) 883-3914
SummervilleBerkeley County Library - Sangaree Library595 Sangaree Parkway29483(843) 695-1208
SummervilleGeorge H. Seago, Jr. Library, Summerville76 Old Trolley Road29485(843) 871-5075
SumterSumter County Public Library - South Sumter Branch337 Manning Avenue29150(803) 775-7132
SumterSumter County Public Library - Wesmark Branch180 W. Wesmark Boulevard29150(803) 469-8110
SumterSumter County Public Library System111 N. Harvin Street29150(803) 773-7273
Surfside BeachHorry County Memorial Library - Surfside410 Surfside Drive29579(843) 205-5280
SwanseaLexington County Library - Swansea199 N. Lawrence Ave.29160(803) 785-3519
TaylorsGreenville County Library - Taylors (Burdette) Branch316 W. Main Street29687(864) 268-5955
TimmonsvilleBaker Memorial Public Library (Timmonsville)298 West Smith Street29161(843) 346-2941
Travelers RestGreenville County Library - Travelers Rest (Sargent) Branch17 Center Street29690(864) 834-3650
TrentonEdgefield County Public Library - Trenton Branch Library117 Watson Road29847(803) 275-2538
UnionUnion County Library System300 East South Street29379(864) 427-7140
WalhallaOconee County Public Library501 W S Broad St29691(864) 638-4133
WalterboroColleton County Library System600 Hampton Street29488(843) 549-5621
Ware ShoalsGreenwood County Library - Ware Shoals Branch Library54 S. Greenwood Avenue29692(864) 456-2813
West ColumbiaLexington County Library - Cayce-West Columbia1500 Augusta Road29169(803) 794-6791
West ColumbiaLexington County Library - South Congaree - Pine Ridge Branch200 Sunset Drive29172(803) 785-3050
WestminsterOconee County Public Library - Westminster Branch Library112 W North Avenue29693(864) 647-3215
WhitmireWhitmire Memorial Library1510 Church Street29178(803) 694-3961
WilliamstonAnderson County Library - Lander Memorial Regional Library925 Greenville Drive29697(864) 847-5238
WillistonBarnwell County Public Library - Williston Branch Library5121 Springfield Road29853(803) 266-3027
WinnsboroFairfield County Library300 W. Washington Street29180(803) 635-4971
WoodruffSpartanburg County Public Library - Woodruff Branch Library270 E. Hayne Street29388(864) 476-8770
YorkYork Public Library21 East Liberty Street29745(803) 684-3751