South Dakota Public Libraries

This page contains a list of public libraries in South Dakota. If you do not see a listing for your local branch library there is a possibility that it might be part of a larger library system. It also might be listed under a different name.

These listings do not include government libraries or libraries at schools or universities. If you would like to add or update a library or if you would like to request some changes to our listings please let us know by using the contact us link at the bottom of this page.

AberdeenAlexander Mitchell Library519 South Kline Street57401(605) 626-7997
AlcesterAlcester Public Library500 Dakota57001(605) 934-2601
AlexandriaAlexandria Public Library421 Main St57311(605) 239-4549
ArlingtonArlington Community Library306 S. Main Street57212(605) 983-5241
ArmourArmour-Carnegie Public Library915 Main St57313(605) 724-2743
AvonAvon Public Library116 N. Main Street57315(605) 286-3760
BalticBaltic Branch Librarypo box 326(605) 529-5415
Belle FourcheBelle Fourche Public Library905 5th Ave57717(605) 892-4407
BeresfordBeresford Public Library115 South Third Street57004(605) 763-2782
Big Stone CityGrant County Mini Library655 Walnut St(605) 862-8113
BisonBison Public Library300 W Carr St57620(605) 244-7252
BonesteelBonesteel Public Library502 Central Ave57317
BowdleReverend Martin Bieber Public Lib1075 3rd Ave N.57428(605) 285-6464
BrandonBrandon Branch Library305 S Splitrock Blvd(605) 582-2390
BristolBristol Community-School Library500 South Third Street(605) 492-3413
BrittonBritton Public Library759 7th St57430(605) 448-2800
BrookingsBrookings Public Library515 Third Street57006(605) 692-9407
BuffaloNorthwest Regional Library410 Ramsland St57720(605) 375-3835
BurkeBurke Public Library704 Main57523(605) 775-2373
CanovaCanova Public Library111 W Main57321
CantonCanton Public Library225 N Broadway57013(605) 987-5831
CarthageCarthage Public Library110 Main St.57323(605) 772-4435
CastlewoodCastlewood Public Librarypo box 13757223
CentervilleCenterville Community Library421 Florida57014(605) 563-2540
ChamberlainCozard Memorial Library110 E Lawler Ave57325(605) 234-4414
ChesterDelker Memorial Library400 4th St57016
ClarkEmil M Larson Library120 N Commercial57225(605) 532-5571
Clear LakeClear Lake City Library125 3rd Ave S57226(605) 874-2013
ColmanColman Branch Librarypo box 18
ColomeColome Branch Librarypo box 285
ColtonColton Branch Librarypo box 338(605) 446-3519
CorsicaPriscilla Club Library335 E Main St57328
CrooksCrooks Branch900 N West Ave(606) 543-5296
CusterCuster County Library447 Crook Street Suite 457730(605) 673-4803
De SmetHazel L Meyer Memorial Library114 1st Street57231(605) 854-3842
DeadwoodDeadwood Public Library435 Williams St57732(605) 578-2821
Dell RapidsDell Rapids Carnegie Public Library513 N Orleans57022(605) 428-3280
DelmontOpera Block Library57330
DolandSherwood Memorial Library204 Humphrey Dr N57436(605) 635-6955
Eagle ButteDakota Club Library219 Main57625(605) 964-7661
EdgemontEdgemont Public Library412 2nd Ave57735(605) 662-7712
Elk PointElk Point-Jefferson Community-School Li402 S Douglas57025(605) 356-5941
ElktonElkton Community Library508 Buffalo St57026(605) 542-4591
Ellsworth AfbHolbrook Library2650 Doolittle Drive57706(605) 385-1686
ErwinErwin Public Library
EstellineEstelline Public Library115 Main St N(605) 873-2721
EurekaKathryn Schulkoski Public Library613 7th St57437(605) 284-2863
FaithFaith Public Library204 W Fifth St57626(605) 967-2262
FaulktonFaulk County Library810 Court St57438(605) 598-6236
FlandreauMoody County Resource Center610 West Community Drive57028(605) 997-3326
FrederickEmma Burnham Public Library403 Main St57441(605) 329-2241
FreemanFreeman Public Library322 S Main St57029(605) 925-7003
GarretsonGarretson Branch Librarypo drawer n(605) 594-6619
GaryGary Public Library1113 Summit Street57237(605) 272-5651
GettysburgPotter County Free Library106 E Commercial Ave57442(605) 765-9518
GregoryGregory Public Library112 East Fifth Street57533(605) 835-8531
GrotonWage Memorial Library209 N Main57445(605) 397-8422
HarrisburgHarrisburg Community Library600 S Cliff Ave57032(605) 743-2567
HartfordHartford Branch Library705 East 2nd(605) 528-3223
HeclaHecla Public Library206 Main Street57446(605) 994-2333
HighmoreHyde County Library107 Commercial Ave Se57345(605) 852-2514
Hill CityHill City Community Library488 Main St57745(605) 574-4529
Hot SpringsHot Springs Public Library2005 Library Drive57747(605) 745-3151
HowardHoward Public Library103 E Farmer Ave57349(605) 772-4761
HudsonHudson Public Library316 Wheelock57034(605) 984-2179
HumboldtHumboldt Branch Library3rd And Main(605) 363-3361
HurleyHurley Public Library603 Center Ave57036(605) 238-5680
HuronHuron Public Library521 Dakota Ave South57350(605) 353-8530
InteriorInterior Branch Librarypo box 24(605) 433-5768
IpswichM P Beebe Memorial Library120 Main57451(605) 426-6707
IreneIrene School-Community Library130 E State St57037(605) 263-3311
IsabelIsabel Branch Librarypo box 42
JavaJava Public Librarypo box 6757452(605) 649-6226
KadokaJackson County Librarypo box 36857543(605) 837-2689
KennebecKennebec Public Library203 S Main57544(605) 869-2207
KeystoneKeystone Town Library1101 Madill St57751(605) 666-4499
KimballKimball Public Library140 N Main Suite 10457355(605) 778-6690
KyleOglala Lakota College Library Resource Center3-Mile Creek Road57752(605) 455-6064
Lake AndesLake Andes Carnegie Library5th And Main57356(605) 487-7524
Lake PrestonLake Preston City Library225 N Main Ave57249(605) 847-4843
LangfordLangford Public Library306 Main St57454(605) 493-6690
LeadPhoebe Apperson Hearst Free Library315 W Main57754(605) 584-2013
LemmonLemmon Public Library303 1st Ave W57638(605) 374-5611
LennoxAshley Memorial City Library100 N Main(605) 647-2286
LennoxLennox Community Library208 W. 5th57039(605) 647-2203
LeolaLeola Public Library802 Main St57456(605) 439-3383
Long ValleyLong Valley Branch Library26840 Sd Highway 73(605) 462-6259
MadisonMadison Public Library209 East Center57042(605) 256-7525
MartinBennett County Library101 Main Street57551(605) 685-6556
MartyIhanktonwan Community-College Library200 S Main57361(605) 384-3997
MclaughlinMclaughlin Public Library324a Main St57642(605) 823-4590
MennoMenno Community-School Library414 5th Street57045(605) 387-5161
Midland SdMidland Community Library401 Russell St57552(605) 843-2158
MilbankGrant County Public Library207 E Park Ave57252(605) 432-6543
MillerHand County Library402 North Broadway57362(605) 853-3693
MissionSinte Gleska University Libraryp.o. box 10757555(605) 856-2355
MitchellMitchell Public Library221 N Duff Street57301(605) 995-8480
MobridgeA H Brown Public Library521 N Main Street57601(605) 845-2808
Mt VernonMt Vernon Public Library500 N Main57363(605) 236-5207
NewellNewell Public Library208 Girard57760(605) 456-2179
North Sioux CityNorth Sioux City Community Library504 River Drive57049(605) 422-2366
OnidaSully Area Library500 8th Street57564(605) 258-2133
ParkerParker Public Library115 N Main57053(605) 297-5552
ParkstonParkston Public Library110 W Main St57366(605) 928-7906
PhilipHaakon County Public Library140 S Howard57567(605) 859-2442
PierreR E Rawlins Municipal Library1000 E Church St57501(605) 773-7421
PlankintonPlankinton City Library404 E Davenport57368(605) 942-7600
PlattePlatte Public Library304 S Main57369(605) 337-9869
PreshoPresho Public Library108 Main57568(605) 895-2443
Rapid CityRapid City Public Library610 Quincy Street57701(605) 394-6139
RedfieldRedfield Carnegie Library5 East 5th Avenue57469(605) 472-4555
RevilloGrant County Mini Librarypo box 37
SalemMccook Central Hs Salem Public Library200 E Essex57058(605) 425-2264
ScotlandScotland Community Library711 4th St57059(605) 583-2340
SelbySelby Community-School Library108 East Dakota Street57472(605) 649-6307
Sioux FallsCaille Branch Library4100 Carnegie Cir(605) 367-7686
Sioux FallsOak View Branch Library3700 E 3rd St(605) 367-8060
Sioux FallsRonning Branch Library3100 E 49th St(605) 367-4607
Sioux FallsSiouxland Libraries201 North Dakota Ave57117(605) 367-8700
SissetonSisseton Memorial Library305 E Maple St57262(605) 698-7391
SissetonSisseton Wahpeton Community Collegepo box 68957262(605) 698-3966
SpearfishGrace Balloch Memorial Library625 North Fifth Street57783(605) 642-1330
SpencerHanson-Mccook Regional Library306 Main Street57374(605) 246-2740
SpringfieldEvelyn Lang Public Library605 8th St57062
StockholmGrant County Mini Library103 W Johnson Ave(605) 676-2460
StrandbergGrant County Mini Library
SturgisSturgis Public Library1040 2nd Street, Suite 157785(605) 347-2624
TeaTea Area Ms-Hscommunity Library500 W Brian57064(605) 498-0281
Timber LakeDewey County Library712 Main57656(605) 865-3541
TrippTripp Public Library102 E 2nd St57376(605) 935-6222
TyndallTyndall Public Library110 W 17th Ave57066(605) 589-3266
Valley SpringsValley Springs Branch Library401 Broadway Ave(605) 757-6264
VermillionVermillion Public Library18 Church Street57069(605) 677-7060
ViborgViborg Public Library110 N Main57070(605) 326-5481
WagnerWagner Public Library106 Sheridan Ave57380(605) 384-5248
WakondaWakonda Community Library202 Nebraska St57073(605) 267-2644
WallWall Community Library407 Main St57790(605) 279-2929
WatertownHamlin Codington Regional Library912 8th St Se57201(605) 753-1011
WatertownWatertown Regional Library160 6th St Ne57201(605) 882-6220
WaubayWaubay Public Library94 North Main St57273(605) 947-4748
WebsterWebster Public Library800 Main Street57274(605) 345-3263
WessingtonWessington Public Library240 Wessington St57381(605) 458-2596
Wessington SpringsWessington Springs Carnegie Library109 West Main57382(605) 539-1803
WhiteDeubrook Community Library100 School Ave57276(605) 629-1125
White LakeWhite Lake Community Library111 Main St57383(605) 249-2301
WhitewoodWhitewood Public Library1201 Ash St57793(605) 269-2616
WilmotWilmot Public Library123 Main57279(605) 938-5698
WinnerTripp County Library - Grossenburg Memorial442 Monroe Street57580(605) 842-0330
WoonsocketWoonsocket Community Library101 N 2nd57385(605) 796-1412
YanktonYankton Community Library515 Walnut57078(605) 668-5276