Utah Public Libraries

This page contains a list of public libraries in Utah. If you do not see a listing for your local branch library there is a possibility that it might be part of a larger library system. It also might be listed under a different name.

These listings do not include government libraries or libraries at schools or universities. If you would like to add or update a library or if you would like to request some changes to our listings please let us know by using the contact us link at the bottom of this page.

AltaSalt Lake County Library - Alta Reading Room84092(801) 943-4636
American ForkAmerican Fork City Library64 South 100 East84003(801) 763-3070
BeaverBeaver Public Library55 West Center Street84713(435) 438-5274
BicknellJuab County Bookmobile Library79 North 100 West84715(435) 425-3170
BicknellSevier County Bookmobile Library79 North 100 West84715(435) 425-3170
BicknellWayne County Bookmobile Library79 North 100 West84715(435) 425-3170
BlandingSan Juan County Library - Blanding Branch Library25 West 300 South84511(435) 678-2335
BountifulDavis County Library - South Branch (Bountiful)725 S Main St.84010(801) 295-8732
Brigham CityBrigham City Library26 East Forest Street84302(435) 723-5850
Castle DaleEmery County Library - Castle Dale Branch115 North 100 East84513(435) 381-2554
Cedar CityCedar City Public Library303 North 100 East84721(435) 586-6661
CentervilleDavis County Library - Centerville Branch45 S. 400 W.84014(801) 294-4054
ClearfieldDavis County Library - North Branch (Clearfield)562 S 1000 E84015(801) 825-6662
ClevelandEmery County Library - Cleveland Branch45 West Main(435) 653-2204
CoalvilleSummit County Library - Coalville Branch Library10 North Main84017(435) 336-3070
DeltaDelta City Library76 North 200 West84624(435) 864-4945
DeltaMillard County Bookmobile Library90 North 200 West84624(435) 864-2292
DraperSalt Lake County Library - Draper Library1136 East Pioneer Rd84020(801) 943-4636
DuchesneDaggett County Bookmobile Library130 South Center Street, Suite A84021(435) 738-2628
DuchesneDuchesne County Library130 S Center Street84021(435) 738-2800
Eagle MountainEagle Mountain Public Library1650 E. Stagecoach Run84005(801) 789-6623
East MillcreekSalt Lake County Library - East Millcreek Library2250 Evergreen Avenue(801) 943-4636
ElmoEmery County Library - Elmo Branch15 South 100 East84521(435) 653-2558
EmeryEmery County Library - Emery Branch100 North Center84522(435) 286-2474
EnochIron County Bookmobile Library4763 North Santa Fe Trail84721(435) 586-6715
EnterpriseWashington County Library - Enterprise Branch393 South 200 East84725(435) 878-2574
EphraimEphraim Public Library30 South Main Street84627(435) 283-4544
FairviewSanpete County Bookmobile Library75 South State Street84629(435) 427-9305
FarmingtonDavis County Library - Headquarters (Farmington)38 South 100 East84025(801) 451-2322
FerronEmery County Library - Ferron Branch55 North 200 West84523(435) 384-2637
FillmorePresident Millard Fillmore Library25 South 100 West84631(435) 743-5314
GarlandGarland Public Library86 West Factory Rd84312(435) 257-3117
GrantsvilleTooele County Bookmobile Library429 East Main Street84029(435) 884-3703
Green RiverEmery County Library - Green River Branch85 South Long St.84525(435) 564-3349
GunnisonGunnison Civic Library38 West Center Street84634(435) 528-3104
Heber CityWasatch County Library465 East 1200 South84032(435) 654-1511
HelperHelper City Library19 South Main Street84526(435) 472-5601
HerrimanSalt Lake County Library - Herriman Library5380 West Herriman Main Street84096(801) 943-4636
HuntingtonEmery County Library - Huntington Branch92 South Main84528(435) 687-9590
HuntsvilleWeber County Library - Ogden Valley Branch131 S 7400 E84317(801) 337-2660
HurricaneWashington County Library - Hurricane Branch36 South 300 West84737(435) 635-4621
HyrumHyrum Library50 West Main Street84319(435) 245-6411
KamasSummit County Library - Kamas Branch Library110 N. Main St84036(435) 783-4351
KanabKanab City Library374 North Main Street84741(435) 644-2394
KaysvilleDavis County Library - Kaysville Branch44 North Main84037(801) 544-2826
KearnsSalt Lake County Library - Kearns Library5350 South 4220 West84118(801) 943-4636
LaytonDavis County Library - Central Branch (Layton)155 N. Wasatch Dr.84041(801) 547-0729
LehiLehi City Public Library120 North Center Street84043(801) 768-7150
LewistonLewiston Public Library33 South Main Street84320(435) 258-5515
LoganLogan Library255 North Main Street84321(435) 716-9123
MagnaSalt Lake County Library - Magna Library2675 South, 8950 West84044(801) 943-4636
MantiManti City Library02 South Main Street84642(435) 835-2201
MapletonUtah County Bookmobile Library125 West 400 North84664(801) 489-4833
MidvaleSalt Lake County Library - Ruth Vine Tyler Library8041 S. Wood Street(55 W)84047(801) 943-4636
MilfordMilford Public Library400 South 100 West84751(435) 387-5039
MinersvilleMinersville Public Library40 West Main Street84752(435) 386-2267
MoabGrand County Public Library257 East Center St84532(435) 259-5421
MonroeMonroe Public Library55 North Main Street84754(435) 527-4019
MonticelloSan Juan County Bookmobile Library835 E Highway 66684535(435) 587-2335
MonticelloSan Juan County Library - Monticello Branch Library80 N Main84535(435) 587-2281
MorganMorgan County Library50 North 100 West84050(801) 829-3481
Mt. PleasantMt. Pleasant Public Library24 East Main Street84647(435) 462-3240
MurrayMurray Public Library166 East 5300 South84107(801) 264-2574
NephiNephi Public Library21 East 100 North84648(435) 623-1312
New HarmonyWashington County Library - New Harmony Branch34 South 2900 East84757(435) 867-0065
NewtonNewton Town Library51 South Center Street84327(435) 563-9283
North LoganNorth Logan City Library475 East 2500 North84341(435) 755-7169
OgdenWeber County Library2464 Jefferson Avenue84401(801) 337-2617
OgdenWeber County Library - Law Library2464 Jefferson Ave.84401(801) 337-2645
OgdenWeber County Library - North Branch475 E 2600 N84414(801) 337-2650
OgdenWeber County Library - Pleasant Valley Branch5568 S Adams Ave.84405(801) 337-2690
OrangevilleEmery County Library - Orangeville Branch125 South Main84537(435) 748-2726
OremOrem Public Library58 North State Street84057(801) 229-7050
PanguitchGarfield County-Panguitch City Library25 South 200 East84759(435) 676-2431
PanguitchKane County Bookmobile Library25 South 200 East84759(435) 676-2431
PanguitchPiute County Bookmobile Library25 South 200 East84759(435) 676-2431
Park CityPark City Library1255 Park Avenue84060(435) 615-5600
Park CitySummit County Library6505 North Landmark Drive 10084098(435) 615-3902
ParowanParowan Public Library16 South Main Street84761(435) 477-3491
PaysonPayson City Library66 South Main Street84651(801) 465-5220
Pleasant GrovePleasant Grove Public Library30 East Center Street84062(801) 785-3950
PricePrice City Library159 East Main Street84501(435) 636-3188
ProvidenceCache County Bookmobile Library15 North Main Street84332(435) 752-7881
ProvoProvo City Library550 North University Avenue84601(801) 852-6651
RandolphRich County Bookmobile Library5 North Main Street84064(435) 793-2122
RichfieldRichfield Public Library83 East Center Street84701(435) 896-5169
RichmondRichmond Public Library38 West Main Street84333(435) 258-5525
RivertonSalt Lake County Library - Riverton Library12877 South 1830 West84065(801) 943-4636
RooseveltDuchesne County Library - Roosevelt Branch Library70 W Lagoon84066(435) 722-4441
RoyWeber County Library - Southwest Branch1950 W 4800 S84067(801) 337-2670
SalinaSalina Public Library90 West Main Street84654(435) 529-7753
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake City Public Library210 East 400 South84111(801) 524-8200
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake City Public Library - Anderson-Foothill1135 South 2100 East84108(801) 594-8611
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake City Public Library - Chapman577 South 900 West84104(801) 594-8623
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake City Public Library - Corinne And Jack Sweet455 F Street (9th Avenue)84103(801) 594-8651
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake City Public Library - Day-Riverside1575 West 1000 North84116(801) 594-8632
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake City Public Library - Sprague2131 South 1100 East84106(801) 594-8640
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County Library - Calvin S. Smith Library810 East 3300 South84106(801) 943-4636
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County Library - Holladay Library2150 East Murray-Holladay Rd84117(801) 943-4636
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County Library - Whitmore Library2197 East Fort Union Boulevard84121(801) 943-4636
Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County Library System2197 East Fort Union Blvd.84121(801) 943-4636
SandySalt Lake County Library - Sandy Library10100 South Petunia Way84092(801) 943-4636
SantaquinSantaquin City Library20 West 100 South84655(801) 754-3030
SmithfieldSmithfield Library25 North Main Street84335(435) 563-3555
South JordanSalt Lake County Library - South Jordan Library10673 South Redwood Road84095(801) 943-4636
South Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County Library - Columbus Library2530 South 500 East84106(801) 943-4636
Spanish ForkSpanish Fork Public Library49 South Main Street84660(801) 804-4480
SpringdaleWashington County Library - Springdale Branch126 Lion Blvd.84767(435) 772-3676
SpringvilleSpringville Public Library50 South Main Street84663(801) 489-2720
St. GeorgeWashington County Library - Santa Clara Branch1099 North Lava Flow Drive84770(435) 986-0432
St. GeorgeWashington County Library - St. George Main Branch88 West 100 South84770(435) 634-5737
SyracuseDavis County Library - Northwest Branch (Syracuse)1875 South 2000 West84075(801) 825-7080
TaylorsvilleSalt Lake County Library - Taylorsville Library4870 South 2700 West84118(801) 943-4636
TooeleTooele City Public Library128 West Vine Street84074(435) 882-2182
TremontonTremonton City Library210 North Tremont Street84337(435) 257-2690
VernalUintah County Library155 East Main Street84078(435) 789-0091
WashingtonWashington County Library - Washington Branch220 N 300 E84780(435) 627-2706
WellingtonCarbon County Bookmobile Library150 West Main Street (Rear)84542(435) 637-0638
West JordanSalt Lake County Library - Bingham Creek Library4834 West 9000 South84081(801) 943-4636
West JordanSalt Lake County Library - West Jordan Library1970 West 7800 South84084(801) 943-4636
West Valley CitySalt Lake County Library - Hunter Library4740 West 4100 South84120(801) 943-4636
West Valley CitySalt Lake County Library - West Valley Library2880 West 3650 South84119(801) 943-4636
WillardBox Elder County Bookmobile Library80 West 50 South84340(435) 723-2261