West Virginia Public Libraries

This page contains a list of public libraries in West Virginia. If you do not see a listing for your local branch library there is a possibility that it might be part of a larger library system. It also might be listed under a different name.

These listings do not include government libraries or libraries at schools or universities. If you would like to add or update a library or if you would like to request some changes to our listings please let us know by using the contact us link at the bottom of this page.

AldersonAlderson Public Library308 Walnut Ave.24910(304) 445-7221
Alum CreekAlum Creek Public Library25003(304) 756-9211
AnstedAnsted Public Library102 Oak St.25812(304) 658-5472
AshtonHannan Public Library6760 Ashton Upland Rd.25503(304) 743-6200
BakerEast Hardy Branch Public Library26801(304) 897-5544
BarboursvilleBarboursville Public Library728 Main St.25504(304) 736-4621
BarrettBarrett-Wharton Public Library25208(304) 247-6530
BeckleyRaleigh County Public Library221 N. Kanawha St.25801(304) 255-0511
BelingtonBelington Public Library512 Elliott Ave.26250(304) 823-1026
BelleRiverside Public Library1 Warrior Way, Suite 10425015(304) 949-2400
Berkeley SpringsMorgan County Public Library105 Congress St.25411(304) 258-3350
Big ChimneyElk Valley Branch Library4636 Pennsylvania Avenue25302(304) 965-3636
BlacksvilleClay Battelle Public Library6059 Mason Dixon Highway26521(304) 432-8531
BluefieldCraft Memorial Library600 Commerce Street24701(304) 325-3943
BradshawBradshaw Public Library24828(304) 967-5140
BranchlandBranchland Public Library4 Mile Road At State Route 1025506(304) 778-7315
BridgeportBridgeport Public Library1200 Johnson Avenue26330(304) 842-8248
BuckhannonCharles W. Gibson Public Library105 East Main Street26201(304) 472-2339
BuckhannonUpshur County Public Librarybox 48026201(304) 473-4219
BurlingtonBurlington Public Library26710(304) 289-3690
BurnsvilleBurnsville Public Library235 Kanawha Street26335(304) 853-2338
CameronCameron Public Library26033(304) 686-2140
Capon BridgeCapon Bridge Public Librarypo box 8826711(304) 856-3777
Center PointCenter Point Public Library26339(304) 782-2461
ChapmanvilleChapmanville Public Library299 Vance Street25508(304) 855-3405
CharlestonCross Lanes Public Library5449 Big Tyler Rd.25313(304) 776-5999
CharlestonKanawha County Public Library123 Capitol St.25301(304) 343-4646
CharlestonSissonville Branch Library1 Tinney Lane25312(304) 984-2244
ChesterLynn Murray Memorial Library601 Railroad Street26034(304) 387-1010
ClarksburgClarksburg-Harrison Co. Public Library404 W. Pike Street26301(304) 627-2236
ClayClay County Public Library614 Main Street25043(304) 587-4254
ClendeninClendenin Branch Library1 Cardinal St.25045(304) 548-6370
CowenCowen Public Library47 Mill Street26206(304) 226-5332
CraigsvilleCraigsville Public Library63 Library Lane26205(304) 742-3532
Cross LanesCross Lanes Branch Library5449 Big Tyler Road25313(304) 776-5999
DallasSand Hill Public Library26036(304) 547-5041
DelbartonMingo County Public Librarypo box 1025670(304) 475-2749
DunbarDunbar Branch Library301 12th St. Mall25064(304) 766-7161
DurbinDurbin Public Library26264(304) 456-3142
EleanorEleanor Branch Library203 Eleanor Circle25070(304) 586-4295
ElizabethDora Bee Woodyard Memorial Librarypo box 34026143(304) 275-4295
ElkinsElkins-Randolph Public Library416 Davis Ave26241(304) 637-0287
FairmontMarion County Public Library321 Monroe St.26554(304) 366-1210
FairviewFairview Public Library407 Main St.26570(304) 449-1021
Falling WatersNorth Berkeley Public Library2363 Nestle Quarry Road25419(304) 274-3443
FayettevilleFayetteville Public Library200 W. Maple Avenue25840(304) 574-0070
FollansbeeFollansbee Public Library844 Main Street26037(304) 527-0860
Fort AshbyFort Ashby Public Library26719(304) 298-4493
Fort GayFort Gay Public Library8608 R Broadway25514(304) 648-5338
FranklinPendleton County Public Library504 N. Main Street26807(304) 358-7038
French CreekJames Curry Public Librarybox 13526218(304) 924-6724
GassawayGassaway Public Library536 Elk Street26624(304) 364-8292
Gauley BridgeGauley Bridge Public Library286 Railroad St.25085(304) 632-2172
GilbertGilbert Public Library25621(304) 664-8886
GlasgowGlasgow Branch Library129 4th Avenue25086(304) 595-3131
GlenvilleGilmer Public Library214 Walnut Street26351(304) 462-5620
GraftonTaylor County Public Library200 Beech St.26354(304) 265-6121
GrantsvilleCalhoun County Public Library250 Mill Street North26147(304) 354-6300
Green BankGreen Bank Public Library24944(304) 456-4507
GuyandotteGuyandotte Branch Library203 Richmond Street25702(304) 528-5698
HamlinHamlin-Lincoln County Public Library7999 Lynn Avenue25523(304) 824-5481
HanoverHanover Public Library24839(304) 664-5580
HarmanPioneer Memorial Public Librarypo drawer 1326270(304) 227-4788
Harpers FerryBolivar-Harpers Ferry Public Library151 Polk Street25425(304) 535-2301
HarrisvilleRitchie County Public Library130 N. Court St.26362(304) 643-2717
HedgesvilleNaylor Memorial Library105 Potato Hill St.25427(304) 754-3949
HelvetiaHelvetia Public Librarypo box 1526224(304) 924-5063
HillsboroHillsboro Public Librarypo box 13224946(304) 653-4936
HintonSummers County Public Library201 Temple St25951(304) 466-4490
HundredHundred Public Librarypo box 45326575(304) 775-5161
HuntingtonCabell County Public Library455 9th Street25701(304) 528-5700
HuntingtonGallaher Village Branch Library368 Norway Avenue25705(304) 528-5696
HuntingtonWest Huntington Branch Library901 West 14th Street25704(304) 528-5697
HurricaneHurricane Branch Library410 Midland Trail25526(304) 562-6711
HurricanePutnam County Public Library4219 State Rt.3425526(304) 757-7308
IaegerIaeger Public Library24844(304) 938-3825
InwoodMusselman-South Berkeley Community Library126 Excellence Way25428(304) 229-2220
KenovaCeredo-Kenova Library1200 Oak Street25530(304) 453-2462
KenovaWayne County Public Library1200 Oak Street25530(304) 453-2462
KermitKermit Public Public Library103 Main St. (Behind City Hall)25674(304) 393-4553
KeyserKeyser-Mineral County Public Library105 N. Main Street26726(304) 788-3222
KingwoodKingwood Public Library205 West Main St26537(304) 329-1499
Left HandGeary Public Library1 Library Lane Suite 125251(304) 565-4608
LesageCox Landing Branch Library6363 Cox Lane25537(304) 733-3022
LewisburgGreenbrier County Public Library152 Robert W. Mccormick Drive24901(304) 647-7568
LoganLogan Area Public Library16 Wildcat Way25601(304) 752-6652
Lost CreekSouthern Area Public Librarypo box 28226385(304) 745-4865
MadisonBoone-Madison Public Library375 Main Street25130(304) 369-7842
ManBuffalo Creek Memorial Library511 E. Mcdonald Ave.25635(304) 583-7887
ManningtonMannington Public Library109 Clarksburg St.26582(304) 986-2803
MarlintonMcclintic Public Library500 Eighth Street24954(304) 799-6000
MarlintonPocahontas County Free Libraries500 Eighth Street24954(304) 799-6000
MarmetMarmet Branch Library9303 Oregon Avenue25315(304) 949-6628
MartinsburgMartinsburg-Berkeley Co. Public Library101 West King Street25401(304) 267-8933
MatewanMatewan Public Library25678(304) 426-6306
McmechenBenwood-Mcmechen Public Library201 Marshall St.26040(304) 232-9720
Meadow BridgeMeadow Bridge Public Library53 Klute St.25976(304) 484-7942
MiddlebourneTyler County Public Librarypo box 12426149(304) 758-4304
Mill CreekTygart Valley Public Librarypo box 51726280(304) 335-6277
MiltonMilton Branch Library1140 Smith St.25541(304) 743-6711
MontgomeryMontgomery Public Library507 Ferry St.25136(304) 442-5665
MoorefieldHardy County Public Library102 N. Main St.26836(304) 538-6560
MorgantownCheat Area Public Library121 Crosby Rd26508(304) 594-1020
MorgantownClinton District Public Library2005 Grafton Rd.26508(304) 291-0703
MorgantownMorgantown Public Library373 Spruce Street26505(304) 291-7425
MoundsvilleMoundsville-Marshall County Public Library700 Fifth Street26041(304) 845-6911
Mt. HopeMt. Hope Public Library500 Main St.25880(304) 877-3260
Mt. StormAllegheny Mt. Top Public Library26739(304) 693-7504
MullensMullens Area Public Library102 Fourth St.25882(304) 294-6687
NaomaMarsh Fork Public Library9802 Coal River Road25140(304) 854-2677
New CumberlandSwaney Memorial Library100 Court Street26047(304) 564-3471
New HavenNew Haven Public Library106 Main St.25265(304) 882-3252
New MartinsvilleNew Martinsville Public Library160 Washington Street26155(304) 455-4545
NitroNitro Public Library1700 Park Ave25143(304) 755-4432
NorthforkNorthfork Public Library24 Fieburch Ave.24868(304) 862-4541
Nutter FortNutter Fort Public Library1300 Buckhannon Pike26301(304) 622-7563
Oak HillFayette County Public Library531 Summit Street25901(304) 465-0121
Oak HillOak Hill Public Library611 Main St.25901(304) 469-9890
OceanaOceana Public Library24870(304) 682-6784
Paden CityPaden City Public Library114 S. 4th Avenue26159(304) 337-9333
ParkersburgParkersburg-Wood Co. Public Library3100 Emerson Av.26104(304) 420-4587
ParkersburgSouth Parkersburg Branch Library1713 Blizzard Drive26101(304) 428-7041
ParsonsFive Rivers Public Library301 Walnut St.26287(304) 478-3880
Paw PawPaw Paw Public Library250 Moser Avenue25434(304) 947-7013
PennsboroPennsboro Branch411 Main St.26415(304) 659-2197
PetersburgGrant County Public Library18 Mt. View Street26847(304) 257-4122
PeterstownPeterstown Public Library23 College Drive24963(304) 753-9568
PhilippiPhilippi Public Library102 S. Main St.26416(304) 457-3495
PiedmontPiedmont Public Library1 Childs Avenue26750(304) 355-2757
Pine GrovePine Grove Public Library1 Main St.26419(304) 889-3288
PinevillePineville Public Library24874(304) 732-6228
PinevilleWyoming County Public Librarypo box 13024874(304) 732-6228
PocaPoca Branch Library25159(304) 755-3241
Point PleasantMason County Public Library508 Viand Street25550(304) 675-0894
PrincetonPrinceton Public Library205 Center Street24740(304) 487-5045
QuinwoodQuinwood Public Library25981(304) 438-3011
RacineCoal River Branch Library494 John Slack Circle25165(304) 837-8437
RainelleRainelle Public Library312 7th Street25962(304) 438-3008
RavenswoodRavenswood Branch Library323 Virginia St.26164(304) 273-5343
RichwoodRichwood Public Library8 White Ave.26261(304) 846-6222
RipleyJackson County Public Library208 N. Church St.25271(304) 372-5343
RomneyHampshire County Public Library153 West Main Street26757(304) 822-3185
RonceverteRonceverte Public Library712 W. Main St.24970(304) 647-7400
RupertRupert Public Library602 Nicholas Street25984(304) 392-6158
Salt RockSalt Rock Branch Library25559(304) 733-2186
Shady SpringShady Spring District Library440 Flat Top Road25918(304) 763-2681
ShepherdstownShepherdstown Public Library100 East German Street25443(304) 876-2783
ShinnstonLowe Public Library40 Bridge St.26431(304) 592-1700
SistersvilleSistersville Public Library518 Wells Street26175(304) 652-6701
SophiaSophia Public Library103 First St.25921(304) 683-5990
South CharlestonSouth Charleston Public Library312 4th Avenue25303(304) 744-6561
SpencerRoane County Public Library110 Parking Plaza25276(304) 927-1130
St. AlbansSt. Albans Branch Library602 4th Street25177(304) 722-4244
St. MarysPleasants County Public Library101 Lafayette St.26170(304) 684-7494
SummersvilleSummersville Public Library6201 Webster Road26651(304) 872-0844
Summit PointSouth Jefferson Public Library49 Church Street25446(304) 725-6227
SuttonSutton Public Library450 4th St. C26601(304) 765-7224
Terra AltaTerra Alta Public Library701b East State Avenue26764(304) 789-2724
ThomasMountaintop Public Librarypo box 21726292(304) 463-4582
UnionMonroe County Public Library103 South Street24983(304) 772-3038
Valley HeadValley Head Public Librarypo box 9826294(304) 339-6071
ViennaVienna Public Library2300 River Rd.26105(304) 295-7771
WaltonWalton Public Library2 Cunningham Lane25286(304) 577-6071
WarWar Public Librarypo box 6824892(304) 875-4622
WaverlyWaverly Librarybox 28726184(304) 464-5668
Webster SpringsWebster-Addison Public Library331 S. Main Street26288(304) 847-5764
WeirtonMary H. Weir Public Library3442 Main Street26062(304) 797-8510
WelchMcdowell County Public Library90 Howard St.24801(304) 436-3070
WellsburgBrooke County Public Library945 Main Street26070(304) 737-1551
West UnionDoddridge County Public Library117 Court Street26456(304) 873-1941
WestonLouis Bennett Public Library148 Court Ave26452(304) 269-5151
WheelingHildebrand Memorial Library99 N. 17th St.26003(304) 277-1800
WheelingOhio County Public Library52 16th St.26003(304) 232-0244
White Sulphur SpringWhite Sulphur Springs Public Library203 W. Main St.24986(304) 536-1171
WhitesvilleWhitesville Public Library38175 Coal River Road25209(304) 854-0196
WilliamsonWilliamson Public Library101 Logan Street25661(304) 235-6029
WilliamstownWilliamstown Library201 W. 5th St.26187(304) 375-6052