Alaska Public Libraries

This page contains a list of public libraries in Alaska. If you do not see a listing for your local branch library there is a possibility that it might be part of a larger library system. It also might be listed under a different name.

These listings do not include government libraries or libraries at schools or universities. If you would like to add or update a library or if you would like to request some changes to our listings please let us know by using the contact us link at the bottom of this page.

AkiachakAkiachak School-Community Library1 Main Street99551(907) 825-3600
AkiakAkiak School-Community Library1 Kilbuck Road99552(907) 765-4631
Anaktuvuk PassNunamiut School-Community Library114 Illinois Avenue(907) 661-3226
Anchor PointAnchor Point Public Library72551 Milo Fritz Avenue99556(907) 235-5692
AnchorageAnchorage Public Library3600 Denali Street99503(907) 343-2975
AnchorageMountain View Branch Library150 South Bragaw Street99504(907) 272-8467
AnchorageMuldoon Branch Library5530 East Northern Lights Boulevard99504(907) 338-4590
AnchorageZ. J. Loussac Library3600 Denali Street99503(907) 343-2983
AndersonAnderson Village Library101 First Street99744(907) 582-2628
AniakAniak Public Library270 Riverfront Drive99557(907) 675-4435
AnvikAnvik Community-School Library1 Airport Road99558(907) 663-6348
AnvikBlackwell Community-School Library1 Airport Road99558(907) 663-6348
AtqasukMeade River School-Community Library4001 Kippi Street99791(907) 633-6315
BarrowTuzzy Consortium Library5421 North Star Street99723(907) 852-4050
BethelKuskokwim Consortium Library420 State Highway99559(907) 543-4516
Big LakeBig Lake Public Library3140 South Big Lake Road99652(907) 892-6475
CantwellCantwell Community Library1 School Road99729(907) 768-2372
ChiniakChiniak Public Library43318 Spruce Way99615(907) 486-3022
Coffman CoveCoffman Cove Community Library106 Denali Alley99918(907) 329-2233
Cold BayCold Bay Public Library10 Baranov Street99571(907) 532-2878
Cooper LandingCooper Landing Community Libraryp.o. box 51799572(907) 595-1241
CordovaCordova Public Library622 First Street99574(907) 424-6667
CraigCraig Public Library504 Third Street99921(907) 826-3281
DeeringIpnatchiaq Library59 Main Street99736(907) 363-2136
Delta JunctionDelta Community Library2291 Deborah Street99737(907) 895-4102
DillinghamDillingham Public Library306 D Street West99576(907) 842-5610
DouglasJuneau Public Libraries - Douglas Branch1016 3rd Street99824(907) 364-2378
EagleEagle Public Library2nd Amundsen99738(907) 547-2334
Eagle RiverChugiak-Eagle River Branch Library12400 Old Glenn Highway99577(907) 694-5284
EgegikEgegik Village Library289 Airport Way99579(907) 233-2211
ElimErnest Nylin Memorial Library50 Elim Loop99739(907) 890-3501
FairbanksFairbanks North Star Borough Public Library1215 Cowles Street99701(907) 459-1020
False PassFalse Pass Public Library182 Unimak Drive99583(907) 548-2233
GalenaCharles Evans Community-School Library299 Antoski Drive99741(907) 656-2489
GirdwoodGerrish (Girdwood) Branch Library250 Egloff Drive99587(907) 343-4024
GirdwoodScott And Wesley Gerrish Branch Library169 Hightower Street(907) 783-2106
GlennallenCopper Valley Community Libraryp.o. box 17399588(907) 822-5427
GraylingGrayling Community-School Libraryp.o. box 9099590(907) 453-5135
GustavusGustavus Public Library14 Gustavus Road99826(907) 697-2350
HainesHaines Borough Public Library111 Third Avenue South99827(907) 766-2545
HealyTri-Valley Community Library400 Suntrana Street99743(907) 683-2507
HollisHollis Public Libraryp.o. box 599950(907) 530-7112
Holy CrossHoly Cross Community-School Library210 Trailway Street99602(907) 476-7131
HomerHomer Public Library500 Hazel Avenue99603(907) 235-3180
HoonahEsther Greenwald Library366 Garteeni Highway99829(907) 945-3611
HopeHope Public Library18487 A Avenue99605(907) 782-3121
HyderHyder Public Library50 Main Street99923(250) 636-9148
IgiugigIgiugig Tribal Library1 Airport Road99613(907) 533-3211
JuneauJuneau Public Libraries - Downtown Branch Library292 Marine Way99801(907) 586-5249
JuneauJuneau Public Libraries - Valley Branch Library9105 Mendenhall Mall Road, 13499801(907) 789-0125
KaktovikHarold Kaveolook School-Community Library2001 Barter Avenue99747(907) 640-6626
KasilofKasilof Public Library58200 Sterling Highway99610(907) 252-4097
KenaiKenai Community Library163 Main Street Loop99611(907) 283-4378
Kenny LakeKenny Lake Public Libraryhc60 box 22399573(907) 822-3015
KetchikanKetchikan Public Library629 Dock Street99901(907) 225-3331
KlawockKlawock Public Library615 North Park Street99925(907) 755-2261
KodiakKodiak Public Library612 Egan Way99615(907) 486-8686
KotzebueChukchi Consortium Library604 Third Street99752(907) 442-2410
KoyukKoyuk Public Libraryp.o. box 5306999753(907) 963-3441
Lake MinLake Minchumina Community Library123 Airport Way99757(907) 674-3211
McgrathMcgrath Community School Libraryp.o. box 24999627(907) 524-3843
MetlakatlaCentennial Library4th Milton Street99926(907) 886-6015
Moose PassMoose Pass Public Library200 Depot Road99631(907) 288-3111
Mountain VillageMountain Village Public Library1 Saint Marys Highway99632(907) 591-2970
NaknekMartin Monsen Regional Library101 Main Street99633(907) 246-4465
NenanaNenana Public Library201 East Second Street99760(907) 832-5812
NikolaiNikolai Community-School Libraryp.o. box 919099691(907) 293-2427
NinilchikNinilchik Community Library15850 Sterling Highway99639(907) 567-3333
NomeKegoayah Kozga Library223 Front Street99762(907) 443-6628
North PoleNorth Pole Branch Library601 Snowman Lane99705(907) 488-6101
NorthwayNorthway Community-School Libraryp.o. box 49699764(907) 778-2287
NuiqsutNuiqsut Trapper School-Community Library3310 3rd Avenue99789(907) 480-6712
OuzinkieOuzinkie Tribal Media Center130 Third Street99644(907) 680-2323
PalmerPalmer Public Library655 South Valley Way99645(907) 745-4690
PelicanPelican Public Library166 Salmon Way99832(907) 735-2500
PetersburgPetersburg Public Library12 South Nordic Drive99833(907) 772-3349
Pilot PointPilot Point Tribal Library2200 Main Street99649(907) 797-2208
Point HopeTikigak School-Community Library1837 Tikigak Avenue99766(907) 368-2662
Point LayKali School-Community Library1029 Ugruk Avenye99759(907) 833-2311
Port LionsJessie Wakefield Memorial Library207 Spruce Drive99550(907) 454-2288
RubyRuby Community Library10 Bobby Kennedy Sr. Way99768(907) 468-4432
Russian MissionRussian Mission Community-School Library2 School Drive99657(907) 584-5111
Saint PaulSt. Paul Island School-Community Library930 Tolstol Boulevard99660(907) 546-3324
Sand PointSand Point Community-School Library123 Red Cove Road99661(907) 383-2393
Scammon BayScammon Bay Public Library101 Askinuk Street99662(907) 558-5400
SelawikSelawik Davis Community-School Library119 Tundra Drive99770(907) 484-2142
SeldoviaSeldovia Public Library260 Seldovia Street99663(907) 234-7662
SewardSeward Community Library238 5th Avenue99664(907) 224-4008
ShagelukInnoko River Community-School Library101 Pine Street99665(907) 473-8206
SitkaKettleson Memorial Library320 Harbor Drive99835(907) 747-4021
SkagwaySkagway Public Library769 State Street99840(907) 983-2665
SoldotnaSoldotna Public Library235 North Binkley Street99669(907) 262-4227
South NaknekSouth Naknek Branch Library1 School Road99670(907) 246-6513
St. GeorgeSt. George Island School-Community Libraryp.o. box 90599591(907) 546-3324
SuttonSutton Public Library11317 North Jonesville Mine Road99674(907) 745-4467
SuttonSutton Public Library11317 N Jonesville Mine Rd99674(907) 745-4467
TakotnaTakotna Community Libraryp.o. box 752999675(907) 298-2212
TalkeetnaTalkeetna Public Library23151 South Talkeetna Spur Road99676(907) 733-2359
TananaTanana Community-School Library89 Front Street99777(907) 366-7211
Tenakee SpringsDermott Otoole Memorial Library707 West Tenakee Avenue99841(907) 736-2248
Thorne BayThorne Bay Public Library120 Freeman Drive99919(907) 828-3303
TogiakTogiak Public Library And Cultural Centerp.o. box 35399678(907) 493-5566
TokTok Community Libraryp.o. box 22799780(907) 883-5623
Trapper CreekTrapper Creek Public Library8901 East Devonshire Drive99683(907) 733-1546
TuluksakTuluksak School-Community Libraryp.o. box 11599679(907) 695-5636
UnalaskaUnalaska Public Library63 Eleanor Drive99685(907) 581-5060
ValdezValdez Consortium Library212 Fairbanks Street99686(907) 835-4632
WainwrightAlak Community-School Library567 Main Street99782(907) 763-2541
WasillaBig Lake Public Library3212 South Big Lake Road99654(907) 892-6475
WasillaWasilla Public Library391 North Main Street99654(907) 376-5913
Whale PassWhale Pass Community wwp99950(907) 846-5226
White MountainNaqiaksrat Libraryp.o. box 13099784(907) 638-3411
WillowWillow Public Library23557 West Willow Community Center99688(907) 495-7323
WrangellIrene Ingle Public Library124 Second Avenue99929(907) 874-3535