Wisconsin Public Libraries

This page contains a list of public libraries in Wisconsin. If you do not see a listing for your local branch library there is a possibility that it might be part of a larger library system. It also might be listed under a different name.

These listings do not include government libraries or libraries at schools or universities. If you would like to add or update a library or if you would like to request some changes to our listings please let us know by using the contact us link at the bottom of this page.

AbbotsfordAbbotsford Public Library203 First St.54405(715) 223-3920
AdamsAdams County Public Library569 N. Cedar St., Suite 153910(608) 339-4250
AlbanyAlbertson Memorial Library200 N. Water St.53502(608) 862-3491
AlgomaAlgoma Public Library406 Fremont St.54201(920) 487-2295
AlmaAlma Public Library312 N. Main St.54610(608) 685-3823
AltoonaAltoona Public Library1303 Lynn Ave.54720(715) 839-5029
AmeryAmery Public Library225 Scholl Ct.54001(715) 268-9340
AmherstLettie W. Jensen Public Library278 N. Main St.54406(715) 824-5510
AntigoAntigo Public Library617 Clermont St.54409(715) 623-3724
AppletonAppleton Public Library225 N. Oneida St.54911(920) 832-6173
AppletonOutagamie Waupaca Library System225 North Oneida Street54911(920) 832-6190
ArcadiaArcadia Free Public Library406 E. Main St.54612(608) 323-7505
ArgyleArgyle Public Library401 E. Milwaukee53504(608) 543-3113
ArpinLester Public Library Of Arpin8091 County Road E54410(715) 652-2273
AshlandNorthern Waters Library Service3200 East Lake Shore Drive54806(715) 682-2365
AshlandVaughn Public Library502 W. Main St.54806(715) 682-7060
AthensMarathon County Public Library - Athens221 Caroline St.54411(715) 257-7292
AugustaAugusta Memorial Public Library113 N. Stone St.54722(715) 286-2070
Baileys HarborDoor County Library - Mcardle Branch2392 Highway F54202(920) 839-2210
BaldwinBaldwin Public Library400 Cedar St.54002(715) 684-3813
Balsam LakeBalsam Lake Public Library404 Main St.54810(715) 485-3215
BangorJohn Bosshard Memorial Library1720 Henry Johns Blvd.54614(608) 486-4408
BarabooBaraboo Public Library230 Fourth Ave.53913(608) 356-6166
BarneveldBarneveld Public Library107 W. Orbison St.53507(608) 924-3711
BarronBarron Public Library10 N. 3rd St.54812(715) 537-3881
BayfieldBayfield Carnegie Public Library37 N. Broad St.54814(715) 779-3953
BayfieldRed Cliff Public Library88840 Church Road54814(715) 779-3764
Beaver DamBeaver Dam Community Library311 N. Spring St.53916(920) 887-4631
BellevilleBelleville Public Library130 S. Vine St.53508(608) 424-1812
BelmontBelmont Public Library220 Mound Ave.53510
BelmontJohn Turgeson Public Library220 S. Mound Ave.53510(608) 762-5137
BeloitBeloit Public Library605 Eclipse Blvd.53511(608) 364-2905
BentonBenton Public Library48 W. Main St.53803(608) 759-2665
BerlinBerlin Public Library121 W. Park Ave.54923(920) 361-5420
Big BendBig Bend Village Librarypo box 4053103(262) 662-3571
BirnamwoodBirnamwood Library337 S. Main54414(715) 449-3120
Black CreekBlack Creek Village Library507 S. Maple St.54106(920) 984-3094
Black EarthBlack Earth Public Library1210 Mills St.53515(608) 767-2400
Black River FallsBlack River Falls Public Library222 Fillmore St.54615(715) 284-4112
BlairBlair-Preston Public Library122 S. Urberg Ave.54616(608) 989-2502
BlanchardvilleBlanchardville Public Library208 Mason St.53516(608) 523-2055
BloomerG.E. Bleskacek Family Memorial Library1519 17th Ave.54724(715) 568-2384
BloomingtonBloomington Public Library453 Canal St.53804(608) 994-2531
BonduelBonduel Library117 1-2 W. Green Bay54107(715) 758-2267
BoscobelHildebrand Memorial Library1033 Wisconsin Ave.53805(608) 375-5723
Boulder JunctionBoulder Junction Public Library5386 Park St.54512(715) 385-2050
BoycevilleBoyceville Public Library903 Main St.54725(715) 643-2106
BrandonBrandon Public Library117 E. Main St.53919(920) 346-2350
BrillionBrillion Public Library326 N. Main St.54110(920) 756-3215
BrodheadBrodhead Memorial Public Library1207 25th St.53520(608) 897-4070
BrookfieldBrookfield Public Library1900 N. Calhoun Rd.53005(262) 782-4140
Brown DeerBrown Deer Public Library5600 W. Bradley Road53223(414) 357-0106
BrownsvilleBrownsville Public Library379 Main St.53006(920) 583-4325
BruceBruce Area Library102 W. River Ave.54819(715) 868-2005
BurlingtonBurlington Public Library166 E. Jefferson St.53105(262) 763-7623
ButlerButler Public Library12808 W. Hampton Ave.53007(262) 783-2535
CableForest Lodge Library13450 County Hwy M54821(715) 798-3189
CadottCadott Community Library331 N. Main St.54727(715) 289-4950
CambriaJane Morgan Memorial Library109 W. Edgewater St.53923(920) 348-4030
CambridgeCambridge Community Library200 S. Spring St.53523(608) 423-3900
CameronCameron Public Library603 Main St.54822(715) 458-2267
CampbellsportCampbellsport Public Library220 N. Helena53010(920) 533-8534
CashtonCashton Memorial Library720 Broadway St.54619(608) 654-5465
CassvilleEckstein Memorial Library1034 E. Dewey St.53806(608) 725-5838
Cedar GroveCedar Grove Public Library131 Van Altena Ave.53013(920) 668-6834
CedarburgCedarburg Public Library53012(262) 375-7640
CenturiaCenturia Public Library409 4th St.54824(715) 646-2630
ChetekCalhoun Memorial Library321 Moore St.54728(715) 924-3195
ChiltonChilton Public Library221 Park St.53014(920) 849-4414
Chippewa FallsChippewa Falls Public Library105 W. Central St.54729(715) 723-1146
Clear LakeClear Lake Public Library350 Fourth Ave.54005(715) 263-2802
ClintonClinton Public Library214 Mill St.53525(608) 676-5569
ClintonvilleClintonville Public Library75 Hemlock St.54929(715) 823-4563
CobbCobb Public Library109 S. Mifflin St.53526(608) 623-2554
ColbyColby Public Library211 W. Spence St.54421(715) 223-2000
ColemanColeman Library123 W. Main Street54112(920) 897-2400
ColfaxColfax Public Library613 Main St.54730(715) 962-4334
ColomaColoma Public Library155 S. Front St.54930(715) 228-2530
ColumbusColumbus Public Library223 W. James St.53925(920) 623-5910
Coon ValleyKnutson Memorial Library500 Central Ave.54623(608) 452-3757
CornellCornell Public Library117 N. Third St.54732(715) 239-3709
CrandonCrandon Public Library54520(715) 478-3784
CrivitzCrivitz Library606 Louisa Street54114(715) 854-7562
Cross PlainsRosemary Garfoot Public Library2107 Julius St.53528(608) 798-3881
Cuba CityCuba City Public Library108 N. Main St.53807(608) 744-2613
CudahyCudahy Family Library3500 Library Drive53110(414) 769-2246
CumberlandCumberland Public Library1305 2nd Ave.54829(715) 822-2767
DarienDarien Public Library47 Park St.53114(262) 882-5155
DarlingtonJohnson Public Library131 E. Catherine St.53530(608) 776-4171
De PereBrown County Library - Kress Family Branch Library333 N. Broadway54115(920) 448-4407
De PereOur Green Earth Branch Library54115(920) 833-7226
De SotoDe Soto Public Library111 S. Houghton St.54624(608) 648-3593
Deer ParkDeer Park Public Library112 Front St. W.54007(715) 269-5464
DeerfieldDeerfield Public Library12 W. Nelson St.53531(608) 764-8102
DeforestDeforest Area Public Library203 Library St.53532(608) 846-5482
DelafieldDelafield Public Library500 Genesee St.53018(262) 646-6230
DelavanAram Public Library404 E. Walworth Ave.53115(262) 728-3111
DenmarkBrown County Library - Denmark Branch Library450 North Wall Street54208(920) 863-6613
DickeyvilleBrickl Memorial Library500 East Avenue53808(608) 568-3142
DodgevilleDodgeville Public Library139 S. Iowa St.53533(608) 935-3728
DorchesterDorchester Public Library155 N. Second St.54425(715) 654-5959
DresserDresser Public Library117 S. Central Ave.54009(715) 755-2944
DrummondDrummond Public Library14990 Superior St.54832(715) 739-6290
DurandDurand Community Library604 7th Ave. E.54736(715) 672-8730
EagleAlice Baker Memorial Public Library820 E. Main St.53119(262) 594-2800
Eagle RiverWalter E. Olson Memorial Library203 N. Main St.54521(715) 479-8070
East TroyEast Troy Lions Public Library3094 Graydon Ave.53120(262) 642-6262
Eau ClaireIndianhead Federated Library System1538 Truax Blvd54703(715) 839-5082
Eau ClaireL.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library400 Eau Claire St.54701(715) 839-5001
EdgarMarathon County Public Library - Edgar224 S. 3rd Ave.54426(715) 352-3155
EdgertonEdgerton Public Library101 Albion St.53534(608) 884-4511
Egg HarborDoor County Library - Egg Harbor Branch7860 Highway 4254209(920) 868-2664
ElchoAntigo Public Library - ElchoP.O. Box 80054428(715) 275-3225
Elkhart LakeElkhart Lake Public Library40 Pine St.53020(920) 876-2554
ElkhornMatheson Memorial Library101 N. Wisconsin St.53121(262) 723-2678
EllsworthEllsworth Public Library312 W. Main St.54011(715) 273-3209
Elm GroveElm Grove Public Library13600 Juneau Blvd.53122(262) 782-6717
ElmwoodElmwood Public Library111 N. Main St54740(715) 639-2615
ElroyElroy Public Library501 Second Main St.53929(608) 462-2407
EltonAntigo Public Library - Elton54430(715) 882-3881
EndeavorEndeavor Public Library400 Church St.53930(608) 587-2902
EphraimDoor County Library - Ephraim Branch9996 Water St54211(920) 854-2014
EttrickEttrick Public Library15570 School St54627(608) 525-3408
EvansvilleEager Free Public Library39 W. Main St.53536(608) 882-2260
FairchildFairchild Public Library208 Huron St.54741(715) 334-4007
Fall CreekFall Creek Public Library122 E. Lincoln Ave.54742(715) 877-3334
FennimoreDwight T. Parker Public Library925 Lincoln Ave.53809(608) 822-6294
FennimoreSouthwest Wisconsin Library System1775 Fourth Street53809(608) 822-3393
Fish CreekDoor County Library - Fish Creek Branch4097 Main St54212(920) 868-3471
FlorenceFlorence County Library400 Olive Ave.54121(715) 528-3094
Fond Du LacFond Du Lac Public Library32 Sheboygan St.54935(920) 929-7080
FontanaFontana Public Library166 2nd Ave.53125(262) 275-5107
ForestvilleDoor County Library - Forestville Branch123 S Forestville Ave.54213(920) 856-6886
Fort AtkinsonDwight Foster Public Library102 E. Milwaukee Ave.53538(920) 563-7790
Fox LakeFox Lake Public Library117 W. State St.53933(920) 928-3223
FranklinFranklin Public Library9151 W. Loomis Rd.53132(414) 425-8214
FredericFrederic Public Library127 Oak St. W.54837(715) 327-4979
FremontNeuschafer Community Library317 Wolf River Drive54940(920) 446-2474
GalesvilleGalesville Public Library16787 S. Main St.54630(608) 582-2552
Gays MillsGays Mills Public Library205 Main St.54631(608) 735-4331
Genoa CityGenoa City Public Library126 Freeman St.53128(262) 279-6188
GermantownGermantown Community Librarypo box 67053022(262) 253-7760
GillettGillett Public Library200 E. Main St.54124(920) 855-6224
GilmanWestern Taylor County Public Library380 E. Main St.54433(715) 447-5486
GlendaleNorth Shore Library6800 N. Port Washington Rd.53217(414) 351-3461
Glenwood CityGlenwood City Public Library127 Pine St.54013(715) 265-7443
GraftonU.S.S. Liberty Memorial Public Library1620 11th Ave.53024(262) 375-5315
GrantonSamson Memorial Library107 W. 2nd St.54436(715) 238-5250
GrantsburgGrantsburg Public Library415 S. Robert St.54840(715) 463-2244
Green BayBrown County Library515 Pine St.54301(920) 448-4400
Green BayBrown County Library - Ashwaubenon Branch1060 Orlando Drive54304(920) 492-4913
Green BayBrown County Library - East Branch Library2255 Main Street54302(920) 391-4600
Green BayBrown County Library - Southwest Branch Library974 Ninth Street54304(920) 492-4910
Green BayBrown County Library - Weyers-Hilliard Branch Library2680 Riverview Drive54313(920) 448-4405
Green BayNicolet Federated Library System515 Pine Street54301(920) 448-4410
Green LakeCaestecker Public Library518 Hill St.54941(920) 294-3572
GreendaleGreendale Public Library5647 Broad St.53129(414) 423-2136
GreenfieldGreenfield Public Library7215 W. Cold Spring Road53220(414) 321-9595
GreenwoodGreenwood Public Library102 N. Main St.54437(715) 267-7103
Hales CornersHales Corners Public Library5885 S. 116th St.53130(414) 529-6150
HammondHammond Community Library850 Davis St.54015(715) 796-2281
HancockHancock Public Library114 S. Main St.54943(715) 249-5817
HartfordHartford Public Library115 N. Main St.53027(262) 673-8240
HartlandHartland Public Library110 E. Park Ave.53029(262) 367-3350
HatleyMarathon County Public Library - Hatley435 Curtis Avenue54440(715) 446-3537
HawkinsHawkins Area Library709 Main St.54530(715) 585-2311
HaywardLac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa College Community Library13466 W. Trepania Rd.54843(715) 634-4790
HaywardSherman And Ruth Weiss Community Library10788 State Highway 27-7754843(715) 634-2161
Hazel GreenHazel Green Public Library1610 Fairplay53811(608) 854-2952
HillsboroHillsboro Public Library819 High Ave.54634(608) 489-2192
HolmenHolmen Area Library103 State Street54636(608) 526-4198
HolmenLa Crosse County Library103 State St.54636(608) 526-9600
HoriconHoricon Public Library404 E. Lake St.53032(920) 485-3535
HoriconMid-Wisconsin Federated Library System112 Clinton St.53032(920) 485-0833
HortonvilleHortonville Public Library102 W. Main St.54944(920) 779-4279
HudsonHudson Area Joint Library911 Fourth St.54016(715) 386-3101
HurleyHurley Public Library405 5th Ave. N.54534(715) 561-5707
HustisfordHustisford Community Library609 W. Juneau St.53034(920) 349-3463
IndependenceIndependence Public Library23688 Adams St.54747(715) 985-3616
IolaIola Village Library180 S. Main St.54945(715) 445-4330
Iron RidgeIron Ridge Public Library205 Park St.53035(920) 387-3637
Iron RiverEvelyn Goldberg Briggs Memorial Library68235 S. Main St.54847(715) 372-5451
JanesvilleArrowhead Library System210 Dodge St.53548(608) 758-6690
JanesvilleHedberg Public Library316 S. Main St.53545(608) 758-6600
JeffersonJefferson Public Library321 S. Main St.53549(920) 674-7733
Johnson CreekJohnson Creek Public Library125 Lincoln St.53038(920) 699-3741
JuneauJuneau Public Library250 N. Fairfield Ave.53039(920) 386-4805
KaukaunaKaukauna Public Library111 Main Ave.54130(920) 766-6340
KendallKendall Public Library110 E. South Railroad St.54638(608) 463-7103
KenoshaKenosha County Library SystemPO Box 141453141(262) 564-6383
KenoshaKenosha Public Library812 56th St.53141(262) 564-6324
KeshenaMenominee Tribal-County Librarypo box 109054135(715) 799-5212
KewaskumKewaskum Public Library206 First St.53040(262) 626-4312
KewauneeKewaunee Public Library822 Juneau St.54216(920) 388-5015
KielKiel Public Library511 Third St.53042(920) 894-7122
KimberlyKimberly--Little Chute Public Library515 W. Kimberly Ave.54136(920) 788-7515
KingstonMill Pond Public Library140 N. South St.53939(920) 394-3281
KohlerKohler Public Library333 Upper Road53044(920) 459-2923
La CrosseLa Crosse County Library - Campbell Branch Library2219 Bainbridge Street54603(608) 783-0052
La CrosseLa Crosse Public Library800 Main St.54601(608) 789-7100
La FargeLawton Memorial Library118 N. Bird St.54639(608) 625-2015
La PointeMadeline Island Public Library1 Library St.54850(715) 747-3662
La ValleLa Valle Public Library101 W. Main St.53941(608) 985-8383
Lac Du FlambeauBen Guthrie--Lac Du Flambeau Public Library622 Peace Pipe Road54538(715) 588-7001
LadysmithRusk County Community Library418 Corbett Ave. W.54848(715) 532-2604
Lake GenevaLake Geneva Public Library918 W. Main St.53147(262) 249-5299
Lake MillsL.D. Fargo Public Library120 E. Madison St.53551(920) 648-2166
LakewoodLakes Country Public Library15235 Hwy. 3254138(715) 276-9020
LancasterSchreiner Memorial Library113 W. Elm St.53813(608) 723-7304
Land O LakesLand O Lakes Public Library4242 Co. Hwy. B54540(715) 547-6006
LaonaEdith Evans Community Library5216 Forest Ave.54541(715) 674-4751
LenaLena Public Library200 E. Main St.54139(920) 829-5335
LivingstonAllen-Dietzman Public Library220 W. Barber Ave.53554(608) 943-6801
LodiLodi Womans Club Public Library130 Lodi St.53555(608) 592-4130
LomiraLomira Public Library1038 Main St.53048(920) 269-4115
Lone RockLone Rock Community Library234 N. Broadway53556(608) 583-2034
LowellLowell Public Library105 N. River St.53557(920) 927-5700
LoyalLoyal Public Library214 N. Main St.54446(715) 255-8189
LuckLuck Public Library301 S. Main St.54853(715) 472-2770
MadisonDane County Library Service201 W. Mifflin Street53703(608) 266-6388
MadisonMadison Public Library201 W. Mifflin St.53703(608) 266-6363
MadisonSouth Central Library System4610 South Biltmore Lane53718(608) 246-7970
ManawaSturm Memorial Library130 N. Bridge St.54949(920) 596-2252
Manitowish WatersFrank B. Koller Memorial Librarypo box 10054545(715) 543-2700
ManitowocManitowoc Public Library707 Quay St.54220(920) 683-4863
MarathonMarathon County Public Library - Marathon City515 Washington St.54448(715) 443-2775
MarinetteMarinette County Consolidated Public Library Service1700 Hall Ave.54143(715) 732-7570
MarinetteStephenson Public Library1700 Hall Avenue54143(715) 732-7570
MarionMarion Public Library120 N. Main St.54950(715) 754-5368
MarkesanMarkesan Public Library75 N. Bridge St.53946(920) 398-3434
MarshallMarshall Community Library605 Waterloo Rd.53559(608) 655-3123
MarshfieldMarshfield Public Library211 E. Second St.54449(715) 387-8494
MattoonMattoon-Hutchins Library311 Slate Av.54450(715) 489-3333
MaustonHatch Public Library111 W. State St.53948(608) 847-4454
MayvilleMayville Public Library111 N. Main St.53050(920) 387-7910
MazomanieMazomanie Free Library102 Brodhead St.53560(608) 795-2104
McfarlandE.D. Locke Public Library5920 Milwaukee St.53558(608) 838-9030
MedfordFrances L. Simek Memorial Library Medford400 N. Main St.54451(715) 748-2505
MellenLegion Memorial Library102 E. Bennett Ave.54546(715) 274-8331
MenashaElisha D. Smith Public Library440 First St.54952(920) 967-3660
Menomonee FallsMenomonee Falls Public Library53051(262) 532-8930
MenomonieMenomonie Public Library600 Wolske Bay Rd.54751(715) 232-2164
MequonFrank L. Weyenberg Library Of Mequon-Thiensville11345 N. Cedarburg Rd.53092(262) 242-2593
MercerMercer Public Library2648 W. Margaret St.54547(715) 476-2366
MerrillT.B. Scott Free Library106 W. First St.54452(715) 536-7191
MiddletonMiddleton Public Library7425 Hubbard Ave.53562(608) 831-5564
MilltownMilltown Public Library61 W. Main St.54858(715) 825-2313
MiltonMilton Public Library430 East High Street53563(608) 868-7462
MilwaukeeAtkinson Library1960 W. Atkinson Ave.53209(414) 286-3000
MilwaukeeBay View Library2566 S.Kinnickinnic Ave.53207(414) 286-3000
MilwaukeeCapitol Library3969 N. 74th St.53216(414) 286-3000
MilwaukeeCenter Street Library2727 W. Fond Du Lac Ave.53210(414) 286-3090
MilwaukeeCentral Library814 W. Wisconsin Ave.53233(414) 286-3000
MilwaukeeEast Library1910 E. North Ave53202(414) 286-3000
MilwaukeeForest Home Library1432 W. Forest Home Ave.53204(414) 286-3000
MilwaukeeMartin Luther King Library310 W. Locust St.53212(414) 286-3000
MilwaukeeMill Road Library6431 N. 76th St.53223(414) 286-3000
MilwaukeeMilwaukee County Federated Library System709 N. 8th Street53233(414) 286-3210
MilwaukeeMilwaukee Public Library814 W. Wisconsin Ave.53233(414) 286-3000
MilwaukeeTippecanoe Library3912 S Howell Ave.53207(414) 286-3000
MilwaukeeVillard Avenue Library3310 W. Villard Ave.53209
MilwaukeeWashington Park Library2121 N. Sherman Blvd.53208(414) 286-3000
MilwaukeeZablocki Library3501 W. Oklahoma Ave.53215(414) 286-3000
Mineral PointMineral Point Public Library137 High St.53565(608) 987-2447
MinocquaMinocqua Public Library415 Menominee St.54548(715) 356-4437
MondoviMondovi Public Library146 W. Hudson St.54755(715) 926-4403
MononaMonona Public Library1000 Nichols Rd.53716(608) 222-6127
MonroeMonroe Public Library925 16th Ave.53566(608) 328-7010
MontelloMontello Public Library128 Lake Ct.53949(608) 297-7544
MontfortMontfort Public Library102 E. Park St.53569(608) 943-6265
MonticelloMonticello Public Library512 E. Lake Ave.53570(608) 938-4011
MosineeMarathon County Public Library - Mosinee123 Main Street54455(715) 693-2144
Mount HorebMount Horeb Public Library105 Perimeter St.53572(608) 437-5021
MukwonagoMukwonago Community Library300 Washington Ave.53149(262) 363-6411
MuscodaMuscoda Public Library206 N. Wisconsin Ave.53573(608) 739-3182
MuskegoMuskego Public Librarypo box 81053150(262) 971-2100
NecedahNecedah Siegler Memorial Library217 Oak Grove Drive54646(608) 565-2253
NeenahNeenah Public Library240 E. Wisconsin Ave.54957(920) 886-6300
NeillsvilleNeillsville Public Library409 Hewett St.54456(715) 743-2558
NekoosaCharles Joann Lester Library100 Park St.54457(715) 886-7879
NekoosaLester Public Library Of Rome1157 Rome Center Drive54457(715) 325-8990
NeshkoroNeshkoro Public Library132 S. Main St.54960(920) 293-4026
New BerlinNew Berlin Public Library15105 Library Lane53151(262) 785-4980
New GlarusNew Glarus Public Library319 2nd St.53574(608) 527-2003
New HolsteinNew Holstein Public Library2115 Washington St.53061(920) 898-5165
New LisbonNew Lisbon Memorial Library115 W. Park St.53950(608) 562-3213
New LondonNew London Public Library406 S. Pearl St.54961(920) 982-8519
New RichmondCarleton A. Friday Memorial Library155 E. First St.54017(715) 243-0431
NiagaraNiagara Library1029 Roosevelt Road54151(715) 251-3236
North Fond Du LacSpillman Public Library719 Wisconsin Ave.54937(920) 929-3771
North FreedomNorth Freedom Public Library105 N. Maple St.53951(608) 522-4571
North LakeTown Hall Librarypo box 15853064(262) 966-2933
NorwalkNorwalk Public Library101 Railroad St.54648(608) 823-7473
Oak CreekOak Creek Public Library8620 S. Howell Ave.53154(414) 764-4400
OakfieldOakfield Public Library130 N. Main St.53065(920) 583-4552
OconomowocOconomowoc Public Library200 South St.53066(262) 569-2193
OcontoFarnsworth Public Library715 Main St.54153(920) 834-7730
Oconto FallsOconto Falls Community Library251 N. Main St.54154(920) 846-2673
OdanahBad River Public Tribal Librarypo box 3954861(715) 682-7111
OgemaOgema Public Librarypo box 60354459(715) 767-5130
OmroCarter Memorial Library405 E. Huron St.54963(920) 685-7016
OnalaskaOnalaska Public Library741 Oak Avenue South54650(608) 781-9568
OneidaOneida Community Library201 Elm St.54155(920) 869-2210
OntarioOntario Public Library313 Main St.54651(608) 337-4651
OostburgOostburg Public Library213 N. 8th St.53070(920) 564-2934
OregonOregon Public Library256 Brook St.53575(608) 835-3656
OrfordvilleOrfordville Public Library203 W. Beloit St.53576(608) 879-9229
OsceolaOsceola Public Library102 Chieftain St.54020(715) 294-2310
OshkoshOshkosh Public Library106 Washington Ave.54901(920) 236-5210
OshkoshWinnefox Library System106 Washington Avenue54901(920) 236-5220
OsseoHauge Memorial Library50655 Charles St.54758(715) 597-3444
OwenOwen Public Library414 Central Ave.54460(715) 229-2939
OxfordOxford Public Library129 S. Franklin Ave.53952(608) 586-4458
PackwaukeePackwaukee Public Librarypo box 40653953(608) 589-5202
PalmyraPowers Memorial Library115 W. Main St.53156(262) 495-4605
PardeevilleAngie Williams Cox Public Library119 N. Main St.53954(608) 429-2354
Park FallsPark Falls Public Library121 N. Fourth Ave.54552(715) 762-3121
PepinPepin Public Library510 2nd St.54759(715) 442-4932
PeshtigoPeshtigo Library331 French Street54157(715) 582-4905
PewaukeePewaukee Public Library210 Main St.53072(262) 691-5670
PhelpsEleanor Ellis Public Library4495 Town Hall Rd.54554(715) 545-2887
PhillipsPhillips Public Library286 Cherry St.54555(715) 339-2868
Pine RiverLeon-Saxeville Township Librarypo box 24754965(920) 987-5110
PittsvillePittsville Community Library5291 Third Ave.54466(715) 884-6500
PlainKraemer Library Community Center910 Main St.53577(608) 546-4201
PlainfieldPlainfield Public Library126 S. Main St.54966(715) 335-4523
PlattevillePlatteville Public Library65 S. Elm St.53818(608) 348-7441
Plum CityPlum City Public Library611 Main St.54761(715) 647-2373
PlymouthPlymouth Public Library130 Division St.53073(920) 892-4416
Port WashingtonW.J. Niederkorn Library316 W. Grand Ave.53074(262) 284-5031
PortagePortage Public Library253 W. Edgewater St.53901(608) 742-4959
Poy SippiPoy Sippi Public Librarypo box 34554967(920) 987-5737
PoynettePoynette Area Public Library118 N. Main St.53955(608) 635-7577
Prairie Du ChienJoseph W. Emma L. Wachute Memorial Library125 S. Wacouta Ave.53821(608) 326-6211
Prairie Du SacPrairie Du Sac Public Library560 Park Ave.53578(608) 643-8318
PrescottPrescott Public Library800 Borner St. N.54021(715) 262-5555
Presque IslePresque Isle Community Library8306 School Loop Rd.54557(715) 686-7613
PrincetonPrinceton Public Library424 W. Water St.54968(920) 295-6777
PulaskiBrown County Library - Pulaski Branch Library222 W. Pulaski Street54162(920) 822-3220
RacineRacine Public Library75 Seventh St.53403(262) 636-9170
RandolphHutchinson Memorial Library228 N. High St.53956(920) 326-4640
Random LakeLakeview Community Library112 Butler St.53075(920) 994-4825
ReadstownReadstown Public Library129 W. Wisconsin Ave.54652(608) 629-5465
RedgraniteRedgranite Public Library135 W. Bannerman Ave.54970(920) 566-0176
ReedsburgReedsburg Public Library370 Vine St.53959(608) 524-3316
ReesevilleReeseville Public Library216 S. Main St.53579(920) 927-7390
RhinelanderRhinelander District Library106 N. Stevens St.54501(715) 365-1070
Rib LakeRib Lake Public Library645 Pearl St.54470(715) 427-5769
Rice LakeRice Lake Public Library2 E. Marshall St.54868(715) 234-4861
Richland CenterBrewer Public Library325 N. Central Ave.53581(608) 647-6444
RioRio Community Library324 W. Lyons St.53960(920) 992-3206
RiponRipon Public Library120 Jefferson St.54971(920) 748-6160
River FallsRiver Falls Public Library140 Union St.54022(715) 425-0905
RobertsHazel Mackin Community Library107 W. Main St.54023(715) 749-3849
RochesterRochester Public Library208 W. Spring St.53167(262) 534-3533
Rock SpringsRock Springs Public Library101 First St.53961(608) 522-5050
RothschildMarathon County Public Library - Rothschild211 Grand Ave.54474(715) 359-6208
SalemCommunity Library24615 89th St.53168(262) 843-3348
Sand CreekClarella Hackett Johnson Public Librarypo box 15654765(715) 658-1269
Sauk CitySauk City Public Library515 Water St.53583(608) 643-8346
SaukvilleOscar Grady Public Library151 S. Main St.53080(262) 284-6022
SaynerPlum Lake Public Library239 State Hwy 15554560(715) 542-2020
ScandinaviaScandinavia Public Library349 N. Main St.54977(715) 467-4636
SeymourMuehl Public Library436 N. Main St.54165(920) 833-2725
SharonBrigham Memorial Library131 Plain St.53585(262) 736-4249
ShawanoShawano City-County Library128 S. Sawyer St.54166(715) 526-3829
SheboyganEastern Shores Library System4632 South Taylor Drive53081(920) 208-4900
SheboyganMead Public Library710 N. 8th St.53081(920) 459-3400
Sheboygan FallsSheboygan Falls Memorial Library330 Buffalo St.53085(920) 467-7908
Shell LakeShell Lake Public Library501 1st St.54871(715) 468-2074
ShioctonShiocton Public Library54170(920) 986-3933
ShorewoodShorewood Public Library3920 N. Murray Avenue53211(414) 847-2670
ShullsburgMccoy Public Library190 N. Judgement St.53586(608) 965-4424
Sister BayDoor County Library - Sister Bay-Liberty Grove Branch2323 Mill Road54234(920) 854-2721
SlingerSlinger Community Library220 Slinger Rd.53086(262) 644-6171
Soldiers GroveSoldiers Grove Public Library102 Passive Sun Dr., Solar Town Cen54655(608) 624-5815
SomersetSomerset Public Library208 Hud St.54025(715) 247-5228
South MilwaukeeSouth Milwaukee Public Library1907 10th Ave.53172(414) 768-8195
SpartaSparta Free Library124 W. Main St.54656(608) 269-2010
SpencerMarathon County Public Library - Spencer105 Park St.54479(715) 659-3996
SpoonerSpooner Memorial Library421 High St.54801(715) 635-2792
Spring GreenSpring Green Community Library230 E. Monroe St.53588(608) 588-2276
Spring ValleySpring Valley Public Librarypo box 21754767(715) 778-4590
St. Croix FallsSt. Croix Falls Public Library210 N. Washington St.54024(715) 483-1777
St. FrancisSt. Francis Public Library4230 S. Nicholson Ave.53235(414) 481-7323
StanleyD.R. Moon Memorial Library154 4th Ave.54768(715) 644-2004
StetsonvilleJean M. Thomsen Memorial Library105 N. Gershwin St.54480(715) 678-2892
Stevens PointPortage County Public Library1001 Main St.54481(715) 346-1544
StoughtonStoughton Public Library304 S. 4th St.53589(608) 873-6281
StratfordMarathon County Public Library - Stratford400 N. 4th Ave.54484(715) 687-4420
StrumStrum Public Library114 5th Ave. S.54770(715) 695-3848
Sturgeon BayDoor County Library107 S. 4th Ave.54235(920) 743-6578
Sturgeon BayDoor County Library - Sturgeon Bay Branch107 S 4th Avenue54235(920) 743-6578
Sun PrairieSun Prairie Public Library1350 Linnerud Drive53590(608) 825-7323
SuperiorSuperior Public Library1530 Tower Ave.54880(715) 394-8860
SuringSuring Area Public Library604 E. Main St.54174(920) 842-4451
SussexPauline Haass Public Library53089(262) 246-5180
TaylorTaylor Memorial Library420 2nd St.54659(715) 662-2310
TheresaTheresa Public Library290 Mayville St.53091(920) 488-2342
ThorpThorp Public Library401 S. Conway Dr.54771(715) 669-5953
Three LakesEdward U. Demmer Memorial Library6961 W. School St.54562(715) 546-3391
TigertonTigerton Library221 Birch54486(715) 535-2194
TomahTomah Public Library716 Superior Ave.54660(608) 374-7470
TomahawkTomahawk Public Library300 W. Lincoln Ave.54487(715) 453-2455
TrempealeauShirley M. Wright Memorial Library11455 Fremont St.54661(608) 534-6197
Turtle LakeTurtle Lake Public Library114 Martin Ave. East54889(715) 986-4618
Two RiversLester Public Library1001 Adams St.54241(920) 793-8888
Union GroveGraham Public Library1215 Main St.53182(262) 878-2910
VeronaVerona Public Library500 Silent Street53593(608) 845-7180
VesperLester Public Library Of Vesper6550 Virginia St.54489(715) 569-4669
ViolaViola Public Library137 S. Main St.54664(608) 627-1850
ViroquaMcintosh Memorial Library118 E. Jefferson St.54665(608) 637-7151
WabenoWabeno Public Library4556 N. Branch St.54566(715) 473-4131
WalworthWalworth Memorial Library101 Maple Ave.53184(262) 275-6322
WashburnWashburn Public Library307 Washington Ave.54891(715) 373-6172
Washington IslandDoor County Library - Washington Island BranchRoute 1 Box 354246(920) 847-2323
WaterfordWaterford Public Library101 N. River St.53185(262) 534-3988
WaterlooKarl Junginger Memorial Library625 N. Monroe St.53594(920) 478-3344
WatertownWatertown Public Library100 S. Water St.53094(920) 262-4090
WaukeshaWaukesha County Federated Library System831 North Grand Avenue, Suite 22053186(262) 896-8080
WaukeshaWaukesha Public Library321 Wisconsin Ave.53186(262) 524-3680
WaunakeeWaunakee Public Library710 South St.53597(608) 849-4217
WaupacaWaupaca Area Public Library107 S. Main St.54981(715) 258-4414
WaupunWaupun Public Library123 S. Forest St.53963(920) 324-7925
WausauMarathon County Public Library300 N. First St.54403(715) 261-7200
WausauWisconsin Valley Library Service300 N First Street54403(715) 261-7250
WausaukeeWausaukee Library703 Main St., Suite 3,54177(715) 856-5995
WautomaWautoma Public Library410 W. Main St.54982(920) 787-2988
WauwatosaWauwatosa Public Library7635 W. North Ave.53213(414) 471-8484
WebsterBurnett Community Library7451 W. Main St.54893(715) 866-7697
West AllisWest Allis Public Library7421 W. National Ave.53214(414) 302-8501
West BendWest Bend Community Memorial Library630 Poplar St.53095(262) 335-5151
West SalemHazel Brown Leicht Memorial Library201 Neshonoc Road54669(608) 786-1505
WestboroWestboro Public Librarypo box 10054490(715) 427-5864
WestbyBekkum Memorial Public Library206 N. Main St.54667(608) 634-4419
WestfieldEthel Everhard Memorial Library117 E. 3rd St.53964(608) 296-2544
WeyauwegaWeyauwega Public Library301 S. Mill St.54983(920) 867-3742
White LakeAntigo Public Library - White Lake615 School Street54491(715) 882-8501
Whitefish BayWhitefish Bay Public Library5420 N. Marlborough Dr.53217(414) 964-4380
WhitehallWhitehall Public Library36245 Park St.54773(715) 538-4107
WhitewaterIrvin L. Young Memorial Library431 W. Center St.53190(262) 473-0530
Wild RosePatterson Memorial Library500 Division St.54984(920) 622-3835
Williams BayBarrett Memorial Library65 W. Geneva St.53191(262) 245-2709
WiltonWilton Public Library400 East St.54670(608) 435-6710
WinchesterWinchester Public Library2117 Lake Street54557(715) 686-2926
WinneconneWinneconne Public Library31 S. Second St.54986(920) 582-7091
WinterWinter Public Library5129 N. Main St.54896(715) 266-2144
Wisconsin DellsKilbourn Public Library620 Elm St.53965(608) 254-2146
Wisconsin RapidsMcmillan Memorial Library490 E. Grand Ave.54494(715) 423-1040
WitheeWithee Public Library504 Division St.54498(715) 229-2010
WittenbergWittenberg Library803 Cherry St.54499(715) 253-2936
WonewocWonewoc Public Library305 Center St.53968(608) 464-7625
WoodvilleWoodville Community Library124 Main St.54028(715) 698-2430
WrightstownBrown County Library - Wrightstown Branch Library615 Main Street54180(920) 532-4011
WyocenaWyocena Public Library165 E. Dodge St.53969(608) 429-4899