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Vital records in Kansas are not considered public records and don't have an unlock date after a certain time period like other states. Birth and death records are available from July 1 of 1911 to present for a $15 dollar search fee.

Kansas Department of Health and Enviroment
Office of Vital Statistics
1000 SW Jackson St # 120
Topeka, KS 66612-2221
(785) 296-1400

Birth Certificate Form (PDF)
Birth Certificate Form - Spanish (PDF)
Death Certificate Form (PDF)
Death Certificate Form - Spanish(PDF)

Marriage records are availabe from the state for occurances filed on or after May 1, 1913 while divorce decrees are only available from July 1, 1951 to present. Each search and certified copy is $15 dollars.

County Offices (PDF)
Marriage Certificate Form (PDF)
Marriage Certificate Form - Spanish (PDF)
Divorce Certificate Form (PDF)
Divorce Certificate Form - Spanish(PDF)

Adoption Records

Like the other vital records in Kansas, state law mandates that all preadoption records become sealed and confidential. A court order to open the original records is required of the adult age adoptee. Uncertified copies are available with a notarized request.

Adoption Clerk
1000 SW Jackson St # 120
Topeka, KS 66612-2221
(785) 296-1436

Sample Request (PDF)

Property Records

The local appraiser's office in conjunction with the GIS department has online maps of parcels for tax appraisal as well as having sales records, property history, and parcel sizes.

Johnson County Appraiser's Office
Sedgwick County Appraisal Map
Shawnee County Appraiser Maps
Wyandotte County Appraiser Maps
Douglas County Property Value Map