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Certificate Information

Birth and death certificate are available from either the Office of the State Registrar or from any local issuance office throughout the state. Unlike most states, the local offices are able to issue certificates from their county and any other county in the state if the record from 1997 or later. Each local office can provide same day service for walk in appointments while the state office only deals with mail and fax orders.

Minnesota Department of Health
Central Cashiering - Vital Records
P.O. Box 64499
St. Paul, MN 55164-0499

• Birth Certificates
• Death Certificates
• Birth Record Amendments

The Minnesota Department of Health does not issue any sort of verification or certificate regarding marriage, civil unions or divorce. All record searches must be done through the local county office in which the event was initially filed. Below is a complete list of local issuance offices throughout the state.

Local Issuance Offices

Adoption Records

Original birth records for adoptive parents are available from the district court in the county the adoption was filed. At age 19 the adoptee is able to get a non certified copy of the original birth certificate but must request for an affidavit of disclosure to get a certified copy. Birth parents maintain the right to receive the original birth certificate at any time and also have the right to allow or refuse issuance of the birth certificate to the adoptee.

Affidavit of Disclosure Form(PDF)

Property Records

Property records which show information regarding tax payments, property ownership, sales history and tax valuations are available from most major counties in a easy to search online application or website.

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