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The Tennessee Office of Vital Records is one of the few state agencies that archives and maintains the original birth, death, marriage and divorce records. Records can be requested in person, by mail or online. Local county offices may have computer systems that issue short form certificates for all vital records.

Short form copies cost $8 dollars and $5 dollars each additional copy. Long form copies are $15 and $5 dollars each additional copy. Some records before 1949 are not available in short copy.

Tennessee Vital Records
1st Floor, Central Services Building
421 Fifth Avenue, North
Nashville, TN 37243

Application for Birth Certificate (PDF)
Application for Death Certificate (PDF)
Application for Marriage Certificate (PDF)
Application for Divorce Certificate (PDF)

Adoption Records

Adoption records are available for indentifying information by eligible persons. All sealed records and post adoption records are available with a court order.

Department of Children's Services
Cordell Hull Building
Nashville, TN 37243

Release of Identifying Information - Before 03/16/1951 (PDF)
Release of Identifying Information - On or after 03/16/1951 (PDF)

Property Records

Most of the large counties in Tennessee have online tools to search parcel information such as GIS data maps, treasurer and appraisal information as well as other property data. The state Comptroller of the Treasury also maintains detailed information such as property address, sales records, gis map location, and building information.

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